A Proposal to Address and Fix Illegal Immigration, Overpopulation, and Pollution: [Essay Example], 1178 words GradesFixer

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A Proposal to Address and Fix Illegal Immigration, Overpopulation, and Pollution

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A Modest Proposal

A proposal to fix one of the United State’s biggest issues which will also fix many other problems in the United States and worldwide, including but not limited to, improving our deteriorating economy, overpopulation, and pollution.

Today in the United States, there is an estimated 318.9 million people living here. And from those 318.9 million people, approximately 11.3 million of them are unauthorized immigrants according to a census done in 2014. These millions of illegal immigrants are causing our country to decline economically and socially. They are taking all of America’s best jobs, such as jobs in the fields and fast food restaurants. Additionally, all those that cross the border are dangerous felons that are a threat to our national security. They are rapists, drug dealers, gang members, kidnappers and murderers, just like Donald Trump says. These criminals are a huge factor in our crime rates; in fact they make up 27% of our criminals. They are also ruining our culture and are traumatizing our children. Our education system requires us to learn a foreign language during high-school or for college applications just because of all these illegal immigrants. Our children are wasting their valuable time learning another language when they could be learning about the history of art or how to sing better. The rest of the world should learn English, since it is, after all, the best language there is. Also, these people bring their cultures to the U.S., making the U.S. a big “melting pot”, where we are introduced to an array of cultures and lifestyles from all over the world. This causes the American culture, which everyone knows so well, to become lost and causes Americans to lose their identity.

To fix this national issue, I propose a solution that will not only fix our atrocious illegal immigration problem, but fix many other issues in the U.S. and in the world. It would fix issues such as our surplus population , world hunger, decrease the spread of infectious diseases on a global scale, get rid of international terrorism and make the United State’s economy the absolute best in the world.

The first thing that must be done, is that a wall has to be built around the United State’s borders, just like Trump said. It will certainly stop “coyotes” from moving packs of people across the U.S.-Mexico border, which is one of the main sources of illegal immigration. Now some may say that these immigrants, these criminals, will simply go around the wall just like the Mongols did with the Great Wall of China ,but this wall would also go around the perimeter of the U.S’s coasts. The people would lose sight of the oceans and access to the beaches, but they will understand that it is for the greater good of their country. If they truly want to be able to see the beaches, after the wall has been created, we can synthesize a beach in the middle of the country and call it ,”Made America Great Again” Beach. This wall ,that would encompass even the coasts, would be 25 feet tall and about 10 feet wide and it would be made using other countries’ resources, mainly Mexico’s because they are the main source of the problem. Mexico will agree to building it because ,after all, all countries want to keep their citizens inside their borders and not for them to migrate to other places for better opportunities.The only help that we would be willing to offer would be a small loan of one million. This wall would always be guarded, and the guards would have the order to kill on sight anything that is not authorized to be near a 1-mile radius of the border.

After the Great Wall of America has been built, we can then commence phase two ,”The Final Solution,” which would be to start a WWIII in order to get rid of the rest of the world, all 195 countries. This would completely end the issue for good because, logically, if there are no more people living outside of United States, then there would be no immigrants to migrate into the U.S. in the first place, legal or illegal, right? However, this has to come after building the Great Wall of America so that the U.S. does not use its own resources and money to build the wall. The U.S. would be very capable of starting and winning this WWIII. We are ,after all, a first-world country and a world power with the manpower and technology needed to do so. We know how to create super EMP bombs and have already proven that we are capable of bombing entire cities, such as in Japan’s bombings back in WWII.

The only difference would be that we would need a lot more bombs and that instead of neutralizing 220,000, we would neutralize about 7 billion people, which isn’t truly a large leap once one thinks about it, because why should we care about killing these people? If we are capable of killing one person without remorse, then we should not show remorse if we were to kill them all since they are all equal amongst themselves but not amongst Americans, right?

Killing everyone except those in the U.S. would, as I stated before, help solve many international problems and make the U.S. better as a whole. For one, we would be the most powerful country in the world and we would have an incomparable economy with the rest of world. Furthermore, all the resources in the world would be available to the U.S. which would help it’s citizens make more businesses. We would also have more oil available for us to burn and ,despite this, we would simultaneously decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the air. One of the countries with the highest greenhouse gas emissions is China, but with no one to work at their factories or drive their cars, their emissions would decrease by 100% as would the other big emitters such as European countries and India. In addition to this, there would no longer be a worry about a global surplus population or about humans reaching the carrying capacity for quite a while because as of now, we are about 2.7 billion people away from reaching our carrying capacity, but after this effective plan, we would be very far away from that carrying capacity, about 9.7 billion people away, in fact. World hunger would end as well in the aftermath of WWIII, which is considered the number 1 global problem, according to the European Union.

These are only a few of the countless problems that would be solved with my proposal. If anyone protests or blames the government for massacring billions of people, they will be doing so wrongfully. Their hatred should be best directed towards Mexico because they are to truly blame, just like Germany is to blame for WWI and WWII ,two truly horrible events in history that didn’t solve anything ,unlike my effective and reasonable proposal of building a wall around the U.S. and starting WWIII.

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