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Abortions Should Be Legal: Persuasive Essay

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Abortions Should Be Legal: Persuasive Essay Essay

Is abortion morally wrong? Since the Roe vs. Wade case abortion has been highly heated debate in American society. Abortion is a complex issue with many people debating about whether it’s murder, inhumane, or just women using their rights. The process used to carry out the procedure successfully, and the various medical and health situations that support the abortion practice. While some people consider it a murder, this persuasive essay will prove that abortion laws need to remain intact because individuals have autonomy of body, it helps people who don’t have the resources to raise children, necessary in cases of rape, and it prevents dangerous backroom abortions.

An abortion is when the pregnancy of a woman is ended. There are two types of abortion. The first type is “the spontaneous abortion’, it occurs within the first two months.” It is frequently unknown also known as a “miscarriage” many doctors does not have the right information to pinpoint the exact cause. ‘Medical abortion’ is the second way to have a abortion which is considered the most safest way. Women are constantly belittled when it comes to doing what they want to their bodies and never really get to voice their opinions but are forced to follow laws enforced by governments. Women’s autonomy of body has become a problem now. According to the article “Abortion roars back a 2020 issue” Georgia has made a law called the “fatal heart’ law in which if at any time a heartbeat is found while doing a ultrasound the abortion can’t be done. It says “Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, signed legislation effectively banning in the state after six weeks of pregnancy — when a fetal heartbeat can be detected”. This especially attacks all women stripping their rights away from them for pro-decision. Since the end of time women have been seen as a naissance and have been following orders. When women received their own rights things started to change but it only lasted for a short time. Laws started to be made that were unjustified to women and took away their freedom of choice. In the BBC News it states “Abortion for the sake of the mother’s health including her mental abortion”. I agree with this because without allowing women to have a choice it leads to pain, and misery, and even more so if the child was from a rape, so they are mentally scarred. Why go through unnecessary pain?

Pro-choice contend t abortion is towards abortion and women’s rights should not be limited by governmental or religious authority. According to the article “Abortion on demand: A women’s right” it says “The right of women to control their own reproductive lives could easily be provided by the advanced technology of this society. And yet this society has consciously denied this right to women.” Women have always been treated unfairly and shoddy. Women are forced to continue life ridiculed which is morally unjustified. It also states “it sentences female population to a life of forced breeding or to suffer the consequences of social stigma, psychological and physical maiming or death.’ The pressure put on women when it comes to making decisions is deplorable. Did Susan B. Anthony fight for women’s equivalency for nothing? Pro-choice wipes away many problems. Women should decide what they want to do with their bodies because they are going to have to face the consequences to their actions in the end. We are entitled to our own opinions but we should force others to have to respect our thoughts just because we don’t like it. Pregnancy is a very serious matter it is about bringing another life into the world which requires a lot of planning and being able to be ready to raise another future doctor or artist into the world.

Abortion helps when people don’t have the resources necessary to care for the child because without shelter, food, and clothes the child will probably get ill and die. According to BBC News it states “Where pregnancy is the result of a crime such as crimes like rape, incest, or child abuse abortion for social reasons, including: poverty, and the mother unable to cope with the the child.” Why are mothers forced to keep the child knowing they don’t have the necessary components to care for the child and little to no help. Mental scarring also because a big issue leading to suicide and mental breakdowns for the mothers. According, to it states that women are “three times more likely to be below the poverty level two years later than women who were able to obtain abortions.” This directly relates to society problems because keeping the children they are most likely to end up in a shelter, or on the streets causing more deaths and crime, which makes both the child and mother suffer. Children are also more likely to end up in an orphanage having to grow up without a family. Many families struggle when it comes to supporting a baby because they struggle to support themselves with the amount of money they make. Women will continue to struggle and fight their rights we are slowly drifted apart from the sense that the government is still in full control and instead of standing up together we continue to belittle each other for expressing our rights. Abortion prevents many societal problems such as poverty. According to the National Abortion Federation “Many of the youngest women in this group (70% of those aged 13 or under) report having had sex forced on them. By the time they turn 20, about 40% of American women have been pregnant at least once. Many of these young women have little understanding of their bodies and have begun having sexual intercourse before knowing about ways to prevent pregnancy”. Young mothers are unable to deal with a child because they have little to no knowledge on what to do when the child is born because they have little to no experience. Abortion is not about wanting the child but knowing if they have the right necessity for caring for the child because if the child was born they mother is either going to have to give the child up for adoption which increases the rate of children in orphanages. Show Hope states “There are roughly 400,000 children in the US foster care system. Of that number, approximately 100,000 are waiting to be adopted.” Kids are constantly being placed in orphanages each year without any parents having no knowledge of what will happen on the near future. This impacts the children’s mental state of mind and how they are grown up without the love and care of their parents knowing that their parents have given them away not knowing why.

Teenagers with unplanned pregnancies face difficult choices. If a teen gives birth and keeps the baby, she will be much more likely than other young women. It states in Show Hope “Teenagers are most likely to drop out of school, receive inadequate prenatal care, rely on public assistance to raise her child, develop health problems; or have her marriage end in divorce.” Teenagers struggle just as much as adults because they are on their own because their parents don’t want to help them because they reject their children because they had a child. Many responsibilities come with taking care of a child therefore pregnancy needs to be planned and thoroughly thought through. Unplanned pregnancy without abortion leads to many more problems rather than solutions.

Clinical services is another issue because since so many people are against abortions they are petitioning a law to limit the services to continue with abortion procedures. According to USA TODAY “What the high court is more likely to do is whittle away at abortion rights by upholding laws and that imposes lesser restrictions on women seeking abortions or the doctors and clinics that provide them”. Abortion laws are being enforced adamantine which is slowly stripping away women’s rights. When women are backup up so far in a corner they have to find a way out so they start to turn to other options. Therefore back rooms were created which allowed women to have unsafe abortions procedures. “Approximately eight million more women per year suffer post abortion complications that can lead to short- or long-term consequences, including anemia, prolonged weakness, chronic inflammation of the reproductive tract and secondary infertility. Of the women who experience serious complications each year, nearly three million never receive treatment.” With the new abortion laws being enforced women will have to turn to many other places to get an abortion which will be unsafe and cause unnecessary deaths. It states “Laws in Louisiana and Missouri imposing restrictions on doctors and clinics.” Are we really going to go against the Roe vs. Wade court case? Why can’t women be in charge of their own bodies? Women will continue to fight for their rights and will continue to do so till change has become permanent. Women have always been treated unfairly and it is time to stop saying what will happen and take action in society. Change must happen because history will continue to repeat itself if something is not done. Women have suffered enough throughout history risking their lives to be treated so unfairly and get their rights stripped away from anyway from them. The rooms where illegal abortions were being taking place were unsanitary, unsafe, and gratuitous.

Before the Roe vs. Wade case abortions were done illegally and used very unsafe tools, and medicine to complete the surgical procedure such as hangers, scalding water, leeches, etc. consuming ergot, a fungus, which was especially effective at ending pregnancies, while at the same time bringing on gangrene, psychosis and death.

Many people are against abortion because they believe that abortion is murder and morally wrong because everyone deserves to have a life. As stated in  “The federal Unborn Victims of Violence Act, which was enacted ‘to protect unborn children from assault and murder,’ states that under federal law, anybody intentionally killing or attempting to kill an unborn child should ‘be punished for intentionally killing or attempting to kill a human being’. I agree to disagree with this statement because not having financial service is not an excuse for the death of a unborn child but if the fetus that does not yet have heartbeat is aborted then it’s not murder since the fetus is not fully grown.

The decision to terminate a pregnancy should generally lie with the women and the family. It is a private decision that should not be interfered with. Women should be able to determine when to have a child. If she deems it not yet time, she should be allowed to abort. It states in “Since abortion is an important aspect of women’s control over reproduction, barriers to abortion threaten women’s efforts to attain equality. The ensuing discussion rests upon 2 assumptions: That women want and need control over their reproductive capacity, and that women want personal access to abortion and desire the availability of abortion to women generally”. A woman actually kills nobody by aborting but rather prevents the fetus from any suffering when outside the womb. As children we are always told that we can be whoever we are and no one can stop us from reaching our goals but when it comes to deciding what to do with our own bodies it becomes an issue and we are put back into a dark place from all the shame and remarks from people in society. Why do we continue to put lies in children’s head just for it to be untrue in the future? Abortion is and will forever be a very strategic issue when it comes to people and their opinions but we should not be controlled and forced into a decision that affects you. 

To conclude this persuasive essay, women deserve and have equally fought for their right in society and no religious authority or government should tear that away from a person. Acceptance for someone’s own decision should be granted without them having being under pressure all the days of their life. 

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