Pro-choice Abortion Only in The First Trimester

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Updated: 22 November, 2023

Words: 1940|Pages: 4|10 min read

Updated: 22 November, 2023

Abortion, a topic continuously being mentioned in almost all political arguments but, abortion should not be up for debate, but for women to decide the fate of their unborn child. Abortion is the process which a fetus or “unborn child”, is terminated from the mother’s womb. A trimester is how many months or weeks the fetus has been carried in the mother’s womb. A woman’s pregnancy concludes three trimesters with each trimester being three months in each. There are various forms of abortion strictly depending on what trimester or weeks each fetus is currently in with each abortion giving different but similar side effects. Early Non-Surgical abortion, which is an oral pill given to a woman carrying at 2 to 10 weeks. Vacuum Aspiration, which is performed when the fetus and placenta is 2 to 12 weeks then which is then suctioned out, usually followed with scraping the uterus walls. Labor induction, this performed during weeks of 13 to 22, the Second trimester, drugs are given to induce labor to evacuate the unborn child, if the placenta does not come along with the child a vacuum is added to remove the remains. All three of the named medical procedures are some of the most common ways of abortion in today’s day and age. There is endless counts of ways abortion can be achieved, are some more “moral” than others? Yes, of course as one of the most looked down upon is “Partial Birth” Abortion. This procedure is also known as D&E (dilation and extraction), this takes place late pregnancy as the child is fully developed but is proceeded to be delivered feet first as the head of the child is still in the mother’s vaginal canal, as the child is not completely emerged from the canal is it still considered “unborn” giving the unborn child still no right to life. The Doctor performing the procedure proceeds to cut into the base of the spine and skull killing the now, half born child, as named “Partial Birth”. With the information provided, that is why abortion in the United States, should be legal up to only the first trimester.

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The Democrats of Vermont courageously shot down one of the most aggressive forms of abortion. As the democrats proceed with the win of state with this decision the democrats proudly stated, “shot down a proposed amendment to codify State law on the banned Partial-birth abortion procedure” In The state of Vermont, abortion is legal throughout all three trimester, including late term abortion or Partial-birth Abortion. With all forms of abortion previously being in easy access to soon to be mothers, the Republicans had the upper hand until late term abortion was completely removed from the state, giving Democrats ahead to what was previously voted by the Vermont House of Representatives. Previously, the Vermont House of Representatives voted 106 to 36 in favor of the Pro-Abortion law giving a woman freedom of choice during any of the three trimesters of the woman’s pregnancy. The law was described as unregulated, because of the very lenient regulation system surrounding the very pro-abortion leaned decision. As abortion laws are being developed, regulated, and passed throughout the country thru 1960 to Present day, The United States as a whole saw Vermont’s reasonable ban to Partial Abortion, becoming inspired, to continue to ban Partial-Birth nationwide, throughout every state in The United States.

It was banned in the United States as it is seen as a tragic, horrific, and an immoral way for a fully developed child to be ripped from its life just by a few inches before being completely born with his or hers own rights as a human being. A woman is aware of her pregnancy by the least 3 to 4 weeks, so why carryover through all three trimester, to eventually kill a fully developed child at 40 weeks? These people who carried out carrying this type of procedure, are truly a sinister breed, as the doctor and mother knew the then legal murder of a child that was being horrifically committed. Taking into consideration that the panel of house members during any decision dealing with abortion, are men, is it really the call of inexperienced men to decide why and how abortions are to be continued to proceeded? The answer is no, the naivety of being in the position of pregnancy is unattainable for any man. The people who should take the time of consideration or even to attempt to argue the fact of abortion or pregnancy is a woman, considering only a woman as an individual truly knows how it feels to face either the happiest moment of a person’s life or one of the most traumatic depending on the situation the woman is facing. Only women representatives should be able to attain any argumentative factors dealing with the woman reproductive system.

Pro-life is the side of abortion that decides to fight for the unborn child no matter the case believing abortion is drastic completely inhuman. In the abortion argument community there are cases that are considered “hard cases”, which concludes of rape, deformities, incest, life threatening births which could be a hand full of different types of things. One of the hardest cases the Pro-Life decides to use against the Pro-Choice is, Deformities. As stated by Tamara L. Roleff, author and pro-life an advocate, “...permitting abortion for fetal deformities translated to the theory that some lives are not worth living and no one has the right to say which individual is not worthy of life” if the fetus/unborn child is going to live in excruciating pain because of the formed deformities or abnormalities, is it really a life to be lived? A mild case of deformity or an abnormality, with no chronic pain, of course, is a life is worth living. If the deformities or abnormality that could possibly put the fetus at risk, can be identified during the first trimester, the decision for termination or to continue the pregnancy, can then be discussed between the doctor and the mother of the unborn child that is possibly at risk. As incest is highly illegal in most states, it is encouraged for abortion to be planned if an inestual couple were to become pregnant because of the high risks that unborn child could possibly face.

In the United States, a tremendous amount of studies were taken and combined through the years of 2013 through 2017 asking how as a whole, how American citizens feelings towards abortion. The first study while almost half of America sees all abortion, morally wrong. As the second study was a higher vote, the few of Americans strongly lean to as stated by Dave Andrusko, “...20% say it should totally be illegal” As only the few 20% deeply believe that abortion should be completely banned, should it truly be considered? In present day, legal abortion in the United States, has become ten times safer than giving birth at a hospital. If the United states were to take away abortion all together, the safety foundation for abortion would come tumbling down, as this protects the women from illegal underground abortions that could, considerably kill them if not performed correctly, creating a black market scene for abortion. The death rate of women in the United States would tremendously sky rocket as the safety net of abortion practices, have been removed. In Dave Andrusko’s United States studies it continued to state, “... the slight majority of Americans (54%) favor curtailing abortions rights saying abortion should be illegal or legal in only a few circumstances”, which put into other words, a majority of Americans believe abortion should become restricted and approved case by case. With the decision of restrictions on abortion, would not only bring the amount of late term abortions to an astoundingly low rate but also completely eliminate the abuse of power that can be used on an often bases by a multiple amount of women. With the bases to bases restriction, instead of completely removing legal abortion it still keep the security of a safe abortion for all women and the unborn fetus or child.

To proceed Dave Andrusko continued to collect the other side stating “the lesser of the vote 42% believe abortion should be continued unrestricted as the women should be allowed to second guess the fetus or the unborn child as the woman carries through her pregnancy, unlike the previous leading vote” with 42% coming very close to the previous majority vote as it was almost an even vote, abortion is to be seen as a woman’s right, as it is her body. If abortion all together were to have no single restriction the abuse over control would be a continuous problem in the United States. Restrictions play a majority of the part of abortion, with no restrictions in place that is when the naivety of abortion now has room into play as the woman considering abortion will continue to believe abortion is a form of birth control when it really is seen as a last resort option, giving no justice to the unborn child. Dave Andrusko continued with “[a]s 3 out of 10 Americans have a mix of views with the thought of any abortion as an injustice and morally wrong, but still believe abortion should be legal 50% of Americans believe as abortion should be legal as to proceed to say ‘ Legal only under certain circumstances’ ” Abortion in multiple regions has been looked down upon for years, as you are taking a potential life that could prosper, but it is also seen as acceptable case by case. In the United States the freedom of religion is endless as for it is a decision for an individual to make. Religion can and will constantly play a role on how Americans feel on abortion as it could make or break their religions standards, as it is being seen as taking an innocent life and soul away from the child.

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In the United States, a tremendous amount of studies were taken and combined through the years of 2013 through 2017 asking how as a whole, how American citizens feelings towards abortion. The Democrats of Vermont courageously shot down one of the most aggressive forms of abortion as it takes place during the last trimester of a woman’s pregnancy, partial birth abortion. Pro-life is the side of abortion that decides to fight for the unborn child no matter the case believing abortion is drastically completely inhuman, but in some extreme life threatening cases, abortion can be acceptable to one who identifies with pro-life. Abortion is a subject that at the end of the day, no one is truly solely pro-life or pro-choice, as it has many cons but also multiple pros as it does pose as a potential lifesaver with good intentions. With the information provided, that is why abortion in the United States, should be legal up to the first trimester.

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