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An Investigation into The Bermuda Triangle Hidden Secrets

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Bermuda (Devils) Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular area in the Atlantic Ocean bounded by Miami, Bermuda, and Puerto Rico. Many people believed that people, ships, and planes have mysteriously vanished in this area. The size of the triangle varies from 500,000 square miles. Some trace the mystery back to the time of Columbus. Bermuda Triangle estimates range from about 200 to no more than 8,000 distress calls in the area and that there have been more than 50 ships and 20 planes to go down in the Bermuda Triangle within the last century. Many people think Bermuda Triangle is made of Evil extraterrestrial, residue crystals from Atlantis, evil humans with anti-gravity devices or other weird technologies, and vile vortices from the fourth dimension. Strange magnetic fields and oceanic flatulence are favorites among the technically minded. Weather, bad luck, pirates, explosive cargoes, incompetent navigators, and other natural and human causes are favorites among skeptical investigators. Is Bermuda Triangle fact or fiction and how people react to the Bermuda Triangle (Devils Triangle).

The first appearance of the Bermuda Triangle was 1492. In that time, people were afraid of sailing. They didnt know any thing about other side of ocean. Christopher Columbus sailed through the area in 1492. It is reported that Columbus compass went bezerk and that he and his crew saw weird lights in the sky. When he was sailing, he saw a great flame of fire that crash into the ocean:

Columbus and crew also spotted a meteor hitting the water. It was not that uncommon to see shooting stars and the like. The meteor was noted in Columbus log mainly because of the size. Columbus also logged a report of seeing lights in the distance, on October 11. He called for one of his men, who also saw the light. When a third man finally came, the light had vanished.(Berlitz 202)

The light that appeared in sky was first appearance of the Bermuda Triangle. Bermuda Triangle could disappear things, but Bermuda Triangle also appeared things that it doesn?t exist. The Columbus? story may not be true because when he saw the light, the light could be anything. It could be lightning or the light from an island.

On December 5th 1945, five Navy TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers (Flight 19) mysteriously vanished while on a routine training mission. They were disappeared that rescue team couldnt find any evidence of Flight 19. The search for the planes continued for weeks, and even today the U.S. Navy has a standing order for crews to keep a look out for Flight 19. The military experts were completely baffled how could 27 men and six planes just disappear? (Kusche L. 204) Investigations to date have not produced scientific evidence of any unusual phenomena involved in the disappearances. Navy planes vanished on a training mission during a severe storm in 1945. The most logical theory is that lead pilot Lt. Charles Taylors compassed failed. The trainees planes were not equipped with working navigational instruments. The group was disoriented and simply ran out of fuel. No mysterious forces were likely to have been involved other than the mysterious force of gravity on planes with no fuel. One of the rescue planes blew up shortly after take-off, but this was likely due to a faulty gas tank rather than to any mysterious forces.

Bermuda Triangle could disappear airplanes and also the boats. Also, the size is not matter for the Bermuda Triangle. The Mary Celeste was a 103-foot Brigantine displacing 282 tons. It was found in 1982 about 400 miles off its intended course. Mary Celeste was floating and completely abandoned by the crew of the Dei Gratia on December 4, 1872. The Mary Celeste was sailing for Genoa on November 7, and the Dei Gratia was to head-out a week later for Gibraltar. The Dei Gratia sighted the ship sailing erratically. When the Captain went to investigate, he found that the only lifeboat had been launched. This story also might be not true because the lifeboat of the Mary Celeste was also missing; it is most probable that they abandoned the Mary Celeste during a storm that they wrongly guessed the ship could not weather. The ship itself was actually nowhere near the triangle.

The most shocking news about Bermuda Triangle was SS Marine Sulphur Queens disappearance. The tanker was last heard from on Feb. 3, 1963, when she routinely radioed her position. The message placed her near Key West in the Florida Straits. Three days later, Coast Guard searchers found a solitary life jacket bobbing in a calm sea 40 miles southwest of the tankers last known position. No other sign of the missing tanker or her 39-man crew has ever been found. (Kusche L. D. 284) As I figure out what was happen to SS Marine Sulphur Queen, I could see the absence of bodies might be explained by the fact that the waters are infested with sharks and barracuda. As for the tanker, she was carrying 15,000 long tons of molten sulphur contained in four metal tanks; each heated to 275 degrees Fahrenheit by a network of coils connected to two boilers. No one knows for sure whether she blew up, but it is a possibility. If gas escaped from the tanks and poisoned the crew, the radio officer may have not had time to send a distress call before being overcome. The slightest spark could have set the leaking sulphur afire in an instant. At the time of this happening officers on a Honduras flag banana boat reported to the Coast Guard that their freighter ran into a strong odor 15 miles off Cape San Antonio, the western tip of Cuba, The western tip of Cuba, just before dawn on February 3. They stated that the odor was acrid.

People whose living near the Bermuda Triangle they are living in the safe life. People who living in the Miami dont care about Bermuda Triangle. They are more concern about Hurricane that they are facing right now. When I interview A-Ra Ko who lived in Miami, I was surprise about she was not afraid of Bermuda Triangle. She told me that she was more fear to Hurricane than Bermuda Triangle. She lived 6 years in Miami and she told me that there are many planes that flying above the Bermuda Triangle. When she went to Miami, she had to across the Bermuda Triangle and she was not disappeared. I knew some people dont care about Bermuda Triangle because they cant see the Bermuda Triangle so they dont believe the existence of Bermuda Triangle.

About 200 incidents have been attributed to the triangle, so many planes and boats have disappeared with out a trace. Exactly what happened to the ships and aircraft is not known. There supposedly is some inexplicable force within it that causes ships and planes to vanish. A small boat could be sucked into the prop of a big tanker or swamped in a storm and never be seen again. The planes and boats could be disappeared anywhere. It was not the Bermuda Triangle that disappears the things. The planes and boats could lose by any effects except Bermuda Triangle. People were not scare about Bermuda Triangle because they have nature disaster like Hurricane, storms, earthquake, etc. that they have to face.

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