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Analysis of The Possible Causes for The Mysterious Events in The Bermuda Triangle

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There are many wonders in the world that we had seen throughout Earth’s creation. But as there are wonders, mysteries also created as human knows more about life. We see these mysteries as supernatural, and could be the work of a higher being. Bermuda Triangle is one of them. According to UCSB Geography, it was one of the most popular ports at the time, with a large amount of ships going in and out. Their mystery involved lost of ships and airplanes for over 100 years. One of the first cases was Flight 19 in 1950. It was believed that the flight leader saw some supernatural events when he flew past Bermuda. And multiple more cases like this where they would always have the same end, disappeared. Most of the incidents happened were unexplainable, which create a question of what people actually saw before they vanish. It is such an intrigue questions that even though there are Bigfoot or Aliens out there, being rumour and floating around as something that really have not been seen by most people. Bermuda Triangle always stays the same, hiding and waiting to be explained by science. Of course there are theory such as mini black hole, time portal, alien abduction and stuff like that, there are still not enough evidence to actually convince people who believe in science. But there are still scientific theories out there. To be proven as a cause for the event of Bermuda Triangle. There have to be evidences that satisfy as to be multiple-source, reliable and reasonable. The top three candidates believed as the cause of Bermuda Triangle would be Methane, Geographic, and The Weather.

To start it off, Methane is a very flammable chemical in science. Due to that fact, accidents in Bermuda Triangle could be easily cause by a methane explosion. Methane was discovered in the year of 1700s, have a form of gas, and can be easily discover. They are used for common daily activity such as gas cooking gas, illuminating, use for battery, …etc. With just a concentration of Methane flying in the air, explosion could easily happen. Since the ocean are full with mineral, according to the article “Is the Bermuda Triangle Really Dangerous” written by Mindy Weisberger “ In March 2015, research detailed a collection of craters in the Barents Sea off the coast of Norway. These ‘blowouts’ happened when warming ocean temperatures led pressure to build up and methane to be released from gas hydrates, the solid icelike substance formed by gases combined with frozen water”. This could very much be the cause of the disappearance.

However, there are still a lot of holes in this theory. These informations are pretty much fact and they are very accurate. But using another location and having a record of thousands of years ago does not help reinforcing the evidence. Also in the same article, according to Carolyn Ruppel, a research geophysicist and chief of the U.S. Geological

‘But while slow methane leakage is common in the ocean, large-scale blowouts like those that may have taken place when the ice age wound to a close haven’t been recorded since, she said”. This pretty much still a probability. But I think that this theory would be the least likely to happen.

For the second reason, those incident could possibly caused by some mechanical mistakes or out of gas, leading to thos airplane being lost at the bottom and could never be found. The ocean takes up more than 75% of the Earth body. However, according to National Ocean Service, we still have not discovered 10% of the ocean. Specifically in the U.S, we don’t even scratch half of it (National Ocean Service). The rest at the bottom is still an unknown world to human being. From the same story of Flight 19, “Another Navy aircraft with a 13-person crew that was sent to search for the missing Flight 19 also never returned. Rosenberg said the Flight 19 pilots likely became lost and then ran out of gas. If they crashed, the heavy planes probably would have broken up on impact and sank”.

After consideration, based on how the story does match up within 2 sources. I could say that the evidence is very reliable. However, about being logical, I don’t think so. There are two reasons why:

First, we have to think about where the Bermuda Triangle is at. There are 3 piece of land that made up the location. Airplanes could easily land down and refill their fuel.

Second, being a military survey airplane and a rescue operation, the chance of somebody messed up to check their fuel or any problem within the machine is less likely. They all have to get through training in order to do this kind of missions. I don’t think that this reason is strong enough for the conclusion. Still, there is a very low chance of this being happen.

The last possibility is the weather. As we all know, weather technology in our current generation is very advance, we can predict the weather with an accuracy of more than 80%, and could see one or two week ahead before any storm could even form. Giving ships a chance to avoid them by returning to land or port near the location. However, our ancestor does not even know that such technology even exist. According to “Hurricanes make Devil’s Triangle dangerous” written by Ken Kaye which published in 201, expert Jim Lushine said that “In the past five decades, 79 hurricanes, including 26 major ones, have churned through the triangle. This year alone, six hurricanes have done so, the most recent being Hurricane Gonzalo, which struck Bermuda on Oct. 17”. This is the most debatable theory right now in my opinion. As there were no information of what could come next, pilots or ship’s captain cannot aware of any danger coming their way. Terrible accident could easily happen with just bad weather along.

About if this theory may be true or not, I can say that at least 50% of mysterious events happened because of the weather. The evidences are also very convincing. After multiple data checking using “Bermuda’s Climate, Weather & Hurricane conditions”, I found that they are roughly accurate but it does not impact the authenticity of the evidence. I don’t see the evidence as anything near being bias. And last of all, the evidence being shown is very logical. The sea is always a dangerous place to be around, counting the depth of the bottom, and adding with the unpredictable weather of the ocean harsh weather. We have a terrible combination for any vehicles travel by sea. Even though, we have advance technology, any accidents could still happen. Compare to the past, there are even greater chance of getting hit by heavy wind or lightning and fell into the depth of the ocean.

After carefully examining each theory based on how much it had been used, reliable and how logical they are. I think that “The weather” play a big part of building this mystery of the Triangle. It is because we are living in the 21st century, everything is explained using science and our human brain. The Weather is the most logical conclusion. Not only they can be explained easily, we have multiple evidences to shows that because of bad weather, anything could happen. For example, we believed that our technology is more superior than anything. But with just a bad weather, an entire flight could even be delayed. Link back to Bermuda, where 76 storms had hit during the past 5 decades, the chance of transportation vehicle disappearing into the sea it not that uncommon. So finish it off, The Devil Triangle mysteries may still be an unknown to us. But there are still thing that can be explain if we look at it more normally instead of putting things in a supernatural way. Weather is something that we still researching and understanding, and that is why these incidents can happen. I honestly don’t think it is something supernatural. But as we don’t accept any fact given, it willl always be a mystery.


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