Caffeine Island Coffeehouse Review

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About this sample


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Published: Sep 19, 2019

Words: 3118|Pages: 7|16 min read

Published: Sep 19, 2019

Caffeine Island Coffeehouse is a new chain cafe with the trending grab-and-go service located along major expressways in Malaysia. Caffeine Island Coffeehouse propose a brand new grab-and-go business idea as it is more time saving for those who are rushing for work, classes or even on their travel journey. As a newly opened chain cafe, we view our presence is welcoming in Malaysia and aim to serve our customers better than others by offering them the highest quality of services and food. Identifying the main objectives, developing marketing strategy and selecting the right target market are crucial in the process of successfully achieving the goals set by the organization as well as securing resources for the survival of a company. Therefore, a comprehensive marketing research plan plays an essential role in the promotion process as it significantly affects the operations of our cafe. The detailed marketing research plan will be further analyzed and explained in this report to ensure the success of Caffeine Island Coffeehouse during our promotion period. Setting the objectives of our market research help to define the exact results we want to achieve therefore using the smart approach in objective setting will ensure the creation of verifiable pathways towards a certain objective with definite milestones and an estimation of its attainability. Firstly, the objectives of our marketing research are to increase brand awareness, brand recognition, brand image, brand reputation and market penetration. As a new chain cafe, promoting our brand to the communities and building a loyal customer base is the core part of brand awareness.

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Caffeine Island Coffeehouse could make use of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more in order to expand our brand presence and reach to a wide targeted audience. The consumption of social networking sites is rapidly growing in Malaysia therefore digital media is the fastest way to build awareness of our cafe. We pride ourselves in continually offering our customers with more convenience grab-and-go service in this era of globalization. Malaysia’s very own grab-and-go cafe “Caffeine Island Coffeehouse” put our customers at the first place and guarantee them a delicious and healthy homemade “on-the-go” food everytime they choose Caffeine Island Coffeehouse. We are pleased to hear from our customers as a recognition of our commitment to offering the communities freshly made food & beverages. Caffeine Island Coffeehouse takes advantages of these free of charge platforms to engage with the online users by posting interesting, eye-catching visual content and keep it updated to inform the customers about the ongoing promotions. We will work with some local charitable organizations for getting our name out of the crowd such as sponsoring underprivileged children healthy meals and this would definitely help Caffeine Island Coffeehouse become a valued brand in Malaysia. By aiding the charitable homes, it is not only a perfect opportunity to advertise our brand but also at the same time support the underprivileged communities.

Collaborating with these organizations is one of the marketing strategies of our cafe to increase visibility and recognition in the local market. The concept of grab-and-go was created for those busy people who are living in the cities and it is gradually becoming a trend in the past few years yet it is still new to Malaysian. Establishing a positive brand image is the vital part of our promotion plan which will help to boost up the confidence level of consumers through our brand story. Caffeine Island Coffeehouse aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among Malaysians thus we focus on offering our customers with organic meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is to ensure they are on the right path to healthy living despite their busy schedule.

Building and maintaining a good reputation is the key to success in a business. This research assists us to measure our reputation against competitors. Other than grab-and-go, Caffeine Island Coffeehouse provides guests with a contemporary cafe dining service in a comfortable atmosphere. Collecting responses from the consumers provides an opportunity for us to understand what is their expectations and how could we improve our services at this particular stage. We promise to serve our customers with an unique dining experience and earn their loyalty by showing our core values in the future. Through the market penetration process, our marketing team able to determine the consumer behaviour in that particular area and this would help Caffeine Island Coffeehouse to distinguish our own business styles from the competitors and create a new marketplace. Researching these aspects allow us to gather reliable data about future business conditions and market demand which is beneficial for us to induce strategies, tactics in the most creative and efficient ways. Our cafe will be opening mostly at rest area or petrol stations along the highest traffic routes in Klang Valley such as DUKE, LDP and more to suit the demand of consumer base. Based on the objectives listed above, along with some suitable marketing strategies, Caffeine Island Coffeehouse could possibly gain success especially with our grab-and-go concept among all of the cafes in Malaysia. We will distribute a survey to all the customers that drop by Caffeine Island Coffeehouse and the selected area within Klang Valley where can be connected to many major highways to obtain their responses towards our products and services.

According to a study conducted by Iowa State University in 2012, it demonstrated this is the most common and direct methodology to improve our services based on the information that we collect from the participants. We are planning to achieve the results that match our hypothesis and get enough respondents to cooperate with our market research. From the survey questionnaires, we will be able to understand the level of customers’ satisfaction and their future expectations for this new chain cafe. Klang Valley has a good amount of people that are willing to spend a few minutes of their time to answer the questionnaires therefore it is easy to reach our respondents. By using the quantitative research method, our marketing team have designed a set of questions that mostly related to Caffeine Island Coffeehouse grab-and-go service. Excluding the demographic data, the questions in the questionnaires include open-ended questions and a linear scale to determine the feedback from our survey participants. The survey questions are measured by five points linear scale to know how likely would they recommend Caffeine Island Coffeehouse to their friends and how much they rate the food & services. At the end of the questionnaires, each participant is free to leave their comments or suggestions that could make our cafe better than others in terms of quality of services along with every bite of gourmet food. For each variable, we have constructed two to three questions to receive the overview of participants’ responses about their dining experience and recommendations toward the grab-and-go concept.

In order to ensure that all the responses are consistent, we provide some similar questions for each variable to determine the participants’ responses are valid for our market research. Some of the surveys will become invalid due to a small part of participants might not fill up the survey correctly. The questionnaires are only giving out to our customers and those who are living in Klang Valley. We will be sending out a few questionnaires to some participants to answer for the purpose of testing our questionnaires before we actually distribute the surveys in that particular area. In addition to that, we will be carrying out focus group sessions with a group of participants not more than 12 people in order to gauge their responses to the products and services. We can invite the people who often go to a cafe such as Starbucks Coffee, Espressolab, Dal.kom Coffee and others. By having a fruitful and productive discussion, our team will be able to determine the opinions of potential consumers in regards to their satisfaction or dissatisfaction towards our new cafe and identify customer’s attitudes or knowledge. We will be asking the questions related to our grab-and-go service as well as dine in experience during the conversation and all the participants have the responsibility to interact with each other regarding the topics given.

The use of several focus groups helps to smooth irregular group differences thus obtain the highest quality of outcomes. Focus group interview gives us tons of observational data to analyze where participants are free to express their own thoughts and perceptions throughout the discussion. At the same time, our marketing team will be using it as a reference in order to make an improvement on our product packaging, price, quality of food that served to the public and more. Customers interview is a powerful tool for exploratory research data collection. The debut of grab-and-go concept offers a wide range of balanced meals for customers all day which they can just grab the food and go anytime. According to research done by Consumer Trend Report in 2010, there are approximately 40% of consumers between 18-35 years old prefer grab-and-go meals and the consumer base will continue to grow in the following years.

Nowadays, the majority of Malaysians are looking for convenience service, healthy diet and reasonable pricing when they are in a rush and Caffeine Island Coffeehouse is the best choice in their daily lives. By interviewing the current and potential customers to investigate the popularity of grab-and-go concept cafe in Malaysia, we can collect relevant information about how the local market is reacting to our brand thus strategizing the business promotion plans for pre-launched services. With the up-to-date information on the latest market trends, Caffeine Island Coffeehouse able to position our brand within the market and take an opportunity to take advantage of external factors to increase the marketability of the brand in today’s ever-changing world. We are planning to conduct competitors analysis in order to gather first hand information regarding about what they are offering to the local market and how they market their products. Competitors analysis report plays a crucial role in the development of new chain cafe as it helps in adopting the best marketing strategy and has a significant effect on our market research. Through study on the current and potential competitors, it enables us to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses as well as improve from the current stage to meet customers’ needs and expectations. Many marketing types of researches were conducted to investigate the business environment, target customers’ behaviour and analyze the competitors.

The results of these studies would be extremely useful for an organization to determine their communication styles and medium to maintain a positive relationship with the specific target market. Before the startup of a business, creative marketing strategies should be employed by Caffeine Island House to attract new customers and explore the new marketplace. Pricing is as a strategic tool to make the customers feel interested on our cafe and willing to visit repeatedly. We investigate what types of menu our target customers truly want before startup the business and we also consider the cost of foods and types of the menu we are offering. A well-designed healthy menu with affordable price would surely lead to a great success of our business. In consideration of the location of our cafe, travellers and working adults will be our customer base thus we intend to offer two styles of dishes which are cheap and moderately-price for them. For example, the cheapest meal we offered on the menu is a sandwich and the moderately priced meal is a sandwich come with a small portion of salad.

Choosing a perfect location is an important factor before we start our business because the accessibility of the location is more likely to attract customers. We take into account our location so that people can find our outlets at many petrol stations and rest area located along the highways. When the people are craving for some light meals or need a bite to eat then Caffeine Island Coffeehouse will definitely be their choice where they can just get a sandwich and continue their journey. When it comes to the products, we serve our customers healthy and balanced meal made with garden-fresh produce such as sandwich, 80% veggie & 20% meats meals, five coloured meals come with different vegetables. With the grab-and-go service, they can enjoy these healthy meals to fulfil their daily nutrition needs. As part of our product strategies, we have proposed a marketing plan for gaining a new customer base and turning them into loyal customers. Loyalty program, known as a customer rewards program, is specially designed by Caffeine Island House to consumers who frequently make a purchase in any outlets. It is a must for a cafe operator to offer customer rewards program to capture a large share of consumers and make them feel valued by joining as a member. Signing up as a lifetime member allows them to receive exclusive gifts and attractive promotions.

Caffeine Island Coffeehouse offers point-based-membership program where customers are eligible to get the rewards whenever they have achieved a certain amount of points. For example, they will earn one point for every RM1 purchase of any food and beverages. Once they become a member, they can check their rewards by downloading an application and also they will be upgraded from welcome membership to premium or VIP membership when they spend RM300 and above. They can enjoy special privilege such as complimentary cash voucher for two people and redeem customized grab-and-go meal without minimum spend during their birthday month. There is no extra monthly or annual fee for our membership program and all the members can earn double points with any purchase on selected meals every Monday. Customer loyalty can actually boost up our sales performance and grow our business effectively. Besides point-based rewards for the members, we will be having weekly promotions for non-members as well. This considered as one of the brand-building methods in promoting our business to all the people out there. Offering the customers with buy-one-free-one deal once a week within 8am-11pm and 5pm-8pm to build the frequency of their visit.

For instance, every customer will enjoy special offers like 15% discounts on beverages with minimum purchase of RM30 in a single receipt on Friday with the tagline “TGIF”. Students will also get 10% off per transaction when they present their student ID at the counter. Developing a successful promotion plan helps to make more profit in a short period of time and compete with major competitors thus stand ahead among the intense competition in the cafe industry. Moreover, we will also provide seasonal deals on major public holidays in Malaysia such as Chinese New Year, Hari Raya and Deepavali. Free coffee and tea will be provided during these festive seasons for our customers when they are on their way back to hometown. People can get their free drinks only at selected rest area and petrol station located along PLUS highway. Not only that, we celebrate these holiday festivals with all of our customers by offering half price off on any items in the menu and fill their tummy with our freshly made healthy meals. One cannot succeed as a cafe operator in formulating strategies without knowing what the general society think of an organization. We opt for the most suitable communication channels to promote our cafe and market our new ventures in the digital age.

Based on the objectives of market research, Caffeine Island Coffeehouse aims to raise the awareness of the brand by listing on restaurant review sites such as Zomato and TripAdvisor. People will be able to click and view customers’ comments on our services online. On the other hand, we can also make our customers’ lives easier and time-saving where they can just order online and grab the food when they arrive at our drive-thru counter by showing the QR code.With social media, advertising works perfectly for a new startup business to achieve long-term customer relationships due to its high conversion rates and global outreach at an extremely low cost. Social networking sites are cheaper than traditional media such as billboards, television and newspapers because most of the social media platforms are available for free.

To illustrate, platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin are free to access, create profiles or even post information about the products or services. This enables the marketers to reach the targeted audience with little to no cash investment and essentially influence passive consumers to take action and become potential consumers. The internet is an amazing resource and social media is one way that can disseminate messages to a large group of people in a very short period. Social media marketing strategy is more cost-effective and cheaper than most traditional forms of advertisement. Although it is inexpensive, its global outreach and effectiveness is enhanced and not compromised.

Targeting the market helps an organization to reach the right audience, focus on potential consumers base and deliver specific content for the right market. Caffeine Island House targeted working adults aged ranging from 25 years old and above, who drive through major highways on their way to work, as our main consumer base. With the grab-and-go concept, we are able to provide the fastest and convenient service for our target customers during the morning rush hour as they can just grab their breakfast and go within 5 minutes. Secondly, we targeted travellers as our customer base as well. This is because some of them might use highways back to their hometown or going for travel like from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore or Thailand. Besides that, we will be targeting public transport drivers because they use expressways on a daily basis.

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In cooperation with public transport companies by providing employee benefits especially for their long-haul bus drivers in order to promote our brand concept to a wider audience. From this assignment, market research as a core aspect of the business operator’s job scope. It is essential to identify and understand the local market when a company want to promote a new business concept for the thriving of the brand name. Developing a marketing research helps an organization to determine the overall impact of its concept has on the communities. By going through various processes, it allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the local marketing environment and the responsibilities of a cafe owner. The brand image of Caffeine Island Coffeehouse as of now is considered positive and healthy and also being framed in a way where we emphasize healthy lifestyle among Malaysians. This report able to help a company to analyze and interpret all aspects of an organization's brand image so that strategies can be developed to further enhance its reputation and brand recognition in the near future. In general conclusion, market research assists a company to discover consumers’ insights better, identify potential opportunities and formulate appropriate marketing strategies.

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