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Causes of Animal Overpopulation and The Importance of Addressing Them

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“The spay and neuter awareness campaign is just as important as the buckle up campaign, it saves lives” by Caesar Millan, a famous dog trainer for 25 years. Animal overpopulation occurs when an ecosystem is unable to support the existing wildlife because there are too many of a given species. Various of animals are seen on the streets of Miami, Florida, unattended from left and right. Animal overpopulation affects other animals and humans as well. If pet owners would be more responsible with their pet’s health by getting them neutered or spayed, or control their pet’s reproduction rate per year, then animal shelter rates would decrease, and no animals would wander around the streets, homeless in Miami, Florida.

Absence of nourishment

The lack of food for all types of animals happens when there is a interruption in the food chain due to animal overpopulation. “This is typically a cause-and-effect relationship. For example, in ecosystems where carnivores die out or become extinct, herbivores begin to grow in numbers”. Without the balance achieved from the predator-prey relationship, overpopulated herbivores will compete for the same plant species, causing scarcity, or wiping out the plant species entirely.

This unnatural parity harms the biological system and natural pecking order. At the point when an excessive number of a similar creature vie for a comparable sustenance source, many kick the bucket from starvation. Others are driven away from their normal territories looking for nourishment. So, lack of food plays a big part into animal overpopulation.


When overcrowded animals starve, their innate survival instincts cause them to wander around unnatural places in search of food. The result is creatures murdered on the expressway, property damage and human damage.“More than 1 million animals are killed each as they wander onto roads and highways, according to One Animal Family, a website that gathers data from animal organizations”. Creatures are forced to experience trash and murder ranch creatures because their regular environment can never reinforce them again.

The wanderings of animals of all kinds are also in danger for young children. It is known to be imperiled by mountain lions (panthers), wild dogs, and even coyotes for young children in Southern California. “In different pieces of the world, tigers have been known to take a human, grown-up or youngster. Lions have turned on singular people, too, and individuals demand that packs of wolves once assaulted people”. Bears beat and even start executing human beings so often that we recognize a hazard if people go meandering within an environment of bear.

Harmed biological systems

Overpopulated animals wreak havoc on the ecosystem and surrounding landscape. The overpopulation of deer throughout areas of the United States is destroying the forest and hindering the diversity of tree species. “Deer grazing promotes the spread of ferns, which block sunlight from other plants, thereby hindering growth in the forest”. Overpopulation can change the ecosystem’s entire structure. Deer have a sweet tooth for saplings, putting the timberland at risk of becoming a forestland on the grounds that overcrowded deer spend youthful trees. Deer brushing advances greenery spread, which squares daylight from various plants, thus hindering backwood advancement.

Statistics of uncontrolled birth

On the daily, animals are giving birth to their babies. They give birth to at least 5-6 babies at a time. Frequently, felines (cats) and dogs are put to sleep (euthanized) on the grounds were there are many more pets than reliable homes for them. “Number of cats and dogs born every day in the U.S.: 70,000 (nearly 3,000 born every hour or 50 born every minute) and the Number of stray cats and dogs living in the U.S.: 70 million”. They are not spayed or neutered, they continue to breed and promote the transmission of rabies and other illnesses that can negatively impact livestock and other domestic animals.

There are plenty of animals in some local shelters the same as the human society, and the shelters are overpopulated. This tends to cause many animals to be homeless without any care that leads to increasing numbers in the species, resulting in overpopulation of animals in the coming years. “Number of cats and dogs reclaimed by owners from U. S. shelters each year: 600,000-750,000 (10% of total entering shelters – 15–30% of dogs and 2–5% of cats)”. Several pets brought to the shelters are under the age of 18 months, indicating that most of the majority of animals added to the shelter were pups and kittens.

If there were more stringent laws that did something about this problem of overpopulation, there might be none today. It is very pathetic to think that these animals are euthanized by their only solution to this problem. Instead, they went the easiest and fastest way without trying to find homes for these animals and preferred to kill them. “According, to PETA, an unaltered female dog, and her offspring can produce 67,000 puppies in only six years. In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can produce an incredible 370,000 kittens”.

Animal extinction

The extinction of animals is the end of a species or group of organisms (taxon). “Local extinction rates are hard to predict because of the many factors involved, but a recent study did find one element that dependably predicted extinction — human population density. Areas with more people, the research found, had more endangered species”. Human population massive increase puts immense pressure on the raw materials of the earth. There are increasing amounts of people, and we need more and much more natural resources to function. We over-consume and end up leaving behind a proportionately large hole in the environment.

Spay and neuter

One of the most crucial things you can do for your pet is spaying and neutralizing your animal. For female dogs and cats, spaying is the surgery; neutering is for males. Various neutering and spaying clinics can give such significant medical services at an extraordinarily reduced value thanks to the liberality of our benefactors requested. For example, the Anti-Cruelty Society, that aims to give decent administrations to guarantee that people approach their animals with a high quality, progressive administration.

According to “Animal Population control” by American Humane it says, “American Humane encourages the veterinary profession to assist, whenever and however possible, in reducing the number of unwanted pets”. Its organization includes support for the neutralization of felines and dogs from public and private animal care and control agencies, which monitor the continued contribution of posterity to overpopulation of animals.

So as to put a stop to animal overpopulation, the central government should confine the quantities of animal raisers are permitted to reproduce every year. Since litter size changes, there would need to versatility, anyway the raiser would have a most remote point. Any reproducer who dropped out of consistence would have their approved repudiated and all animals removed and put in a haven for gathering. Such a reproducer would not have the alternative to get another license. The amount of animals open accessible to be acquired would be established on free market movement. If the amount of open animals was low, and solicitation was high, reproducers and pet vendors could charge more for each pet sold. An increasingly costly rate may moreover serve to dispose of people who were lukewarm about kid raising an animal and may by one way or another or another breeze up reestablishing their pet to a refuge.

Mandatory waiting

Require a mandatory 48-hour sitting tight period for anyone getting or obtaining a pet. At the point when an anticipated pet parent had picked a specific pet from an approved pet store (or from a protected house) they would balance an application and pay an apparent charge. Consequently, the pet vendor would give printed information on the yearly costs of pet thought and a summary of breed-unequivocal necessities. The buyer would leave without the animal and the pet store would run a criminal record confirmation to defend the buyer was not a prosecuted animal abuser. The pet would be determined to hold at the period of utilization. Following two days the buyer would be allowed to purchase the animal. If the buyer didn’t appear on the get date, the pet would again end up open to the all inclusive community and the pet store would be allowed to keep the application money.

Stray program

The central government ought to effectuate a the country over program to catch strays. Urban people group would be fined by the national government for fail to catch strays. From the outset, the focal government would back state and close by locale so they could add staff to others intentionally trap strays. Shockingly, the amount of stray animals euthanized during the underlying two years of this program would be high. Safe houses would be pressed; nevertheless, this concentrated effort would help end the costly and coldblooded cycle of stray, unwanted animals. After the basic catch of strays, the urban regions and state would supervise keeping up a no-stray approach. States that didn’t assent would be fined by the legislature.

In conclusion, if pet owners would do the right thing with their pets such as taking their health care more seriously then, animal overpopulation wouldn’t be such a big problem as it is now. It is important to address this problem with suggested solutions because it gets people to think that they can contribute to ending this worldwide problem, by just doing simple things.  

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