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Cities of The Future: Advantages and Disadvantages of Robots

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Disadvantages:
  3. Advantages:
  4. Conclusion:


Nowadays, robots are a useful tool to help us in our everyday life but they are not such as intelligent as the robots that will be created in the future. Robots can help us in chores/tasks such as cleaning the bathroom, teaching humans how to do something, guiding humans somewhere, providing services, etc. But, will the implementation of robots in modern cities be a good choice in the future? “As mega-cities rise and technology reshapes the urban landscape, how will these changes affect in life in modern cities?” In this written research report, I am going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of robots in future modern cities.

Currently, some cities around the world are implementing robots to do certain jobs such as police in Dubai. These police robots were being created in Barcelona, Spain. “By 2050, 68 percent of the total global population will live in cities, according to the United Nations,” moreover, there will be more robots working and functioning.


As a result of more robots working in the future, there is going to be less employment. More jobs will be automated. This problem will be a negative effect as more people will be looking for a job. Maybe, in the future, waiters in restaurants will be replaced by robots or/and workers dedicated to the world of construction may also be replaced by robots. The levels of unemployment will rise rapidly.

The big use of electricity. Robots need electricity in order to function. So, if there are more robots in cities in the future, more electricity will be used. As a result of more electricity used, electricity is going to be more expensive than nowadays. Although electricity is renewable energy, countries will need to spend money on building more electricity generators.

The daily maintenance of robots in cities cost money, so the State has to spend more money to keep the robots cleaned, to check if they work well, etc. For example, one robots can be a malfunction and the state/government has to pay money in order to fix it. Robots do not have common sense, so if they are broken they would not know how to repair themselves and they would continue to not function well.

There is also another problem with the maintenance of robots. The problem is that some people are not careful with the services the government/state provides us.

If something goes wrong with the chip of the robot something wrong could happen. This could affect product quality, the quality of service, etc. Or maybe even a robot can explode due to a malfunction and cause damage to someone. Robots in the future need to have security measures if something goes wrong. For instance, a robot which is not functioning very well and instead of collecting trash is now throwing trash into the sea.

”Robots can certainly handle their prescribed tasks, but they typically cannot handle unexpected situations.” For example, one robot is working as a cleaner but, suddenly, next to the robot there is two people fighting with each other. As the robot is programmed to only clean, it cannot handle certain situations and it would be cleaning while the two people are fighting.

As another result of robots working in modern cities in the future, people will not do much physical activity. People in the future will be resting at their houses while robots are working. People will also have many comforts and they will not need to leave home much.


Robots have more abilities than humans in certain jobs. For example, humans take four hours to clean a whole square while robots can take two hours. In addition to that, “robots are more precise than humans; they don’t tremble or shake as human hands. Robots have smaller and versatile moving parts which help them in performing tasks with more accuracy than humans.” As a result, the product will be of a higher quality than a product made by humans.

Robots have more strength than humans. Robots can perform tasks that require a lot of strength that humans cannot do. So maybe in the future, we can do certain works with unlimited strength thanks to robots.

The implementation of robots in modern cities would improve services because they would do them faster than humans. For example, in a restaurant, you could ask a robot if you could eat a pizza and the robot would prepare it in a few seconds. It would also improve the world of tourism because robots maybe in the future can translate directly from one native speaker to another person who is from another country. Transportation through cities will be faster due to robotics.

The increase of productivity. Robots do not get tired of doing tasks as a human does. A robot can work for hours or days straight and not get tired. But humans does et tired. A person with no experience can get tired rapidly. But it also depends on the type of work. If it is blue-collar work, such as construction, humans would get tired in hours. On the other and, if it is a white-collar work, such as doctors, humans could spend more time working than blue-collar workers. That is the reason why there are more robots in blue-collar works than in white-collar works. ”Using robotic automation to tackle repetitive tasks makes complete sense. “Robots are designed to make repetitive movements. Humans, also by design, are not.”

Robots are eco-friendly, which means that it does not harm the environment. That is positive because cities in the future are going to be greener than the actual cities. Robots use electricity which does not contaminate and it is renewable energy so that it is unlimited. The levels of pollution will decrease and people will not suffer from lung diseases. In general, the levels of high temperatures which are mainly from Greenhouse gases will get down as time passes by.

The high demand of robots in the future will make all people working in the world of robotics including robot engineers to earn more money because the State and all multinational companies all around the world would like to have robots in their workplaces to increase their productivity.

Another advantage of robots in modern cities is that new jobs will be created. Maybe, in the future, there could be a new job created which it would be named artificial intelligence engineer. This job will probably be created because robots in the future will need to interact with humans in order to do their jobs. As I said before, the jobs which will be created or related to robotics will be in high demand, so people working there will earn more money than in actual or normal jobs. Humans need to take advantage of robots in order to improve the quality of life.

-Robots in the future will be designed with artificial intelligence so that people can interact with them. That is a useful tool because if someone needs help to do something, the person can ask the robot for help. That is very comfortable for humans as they do not need to ask another person/human for help and it is more efficient and fast.


In conclusion, robotics in modern cities has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. Robotics provides a lot of opportunities in the development of modern cities. New technologies including robotics will be part of a citizen’s life. Thanks to robots the quality of life will be better in modern cities as they will make it easier to do tasks. I believe that humans should be careful in the future so that robots do not conquer the world. Robots are getting more intelligent and useful during the years, so the quality of life is going to increase notably. Robots in the future will get more accessible to buy because the price of robots will get down. Moreover, cities in the future will get smarter and more eco-friendly than cities in 2019. Robots will be good and positive for companies because they can increase their productivity. In my opinion, I think that robotics will improve people’s quality of life and will also make cities in the future more unpolluted. I also think that robots will help companies and people to earn more money. The implementation of robots in cities will be innovative and positive. 

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