Comparative Crime and Punishment in England and Pakistan

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Published: Mar 18, 2021

Words: 3171|Pages: 7|16 min read

Published: Mar 18, 2021

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to Crime and Punishment
  2. A Comparative Study of England and Pakistan
  3. Crime and Punishment in Pakistan
  4. Factors Leading to Crime in Pakistan
    Types of Crime in Pakistan
    The Relationship Between Crime and Unemployment Rates in the Long Run and in the Short-run
  5. Crime and Punishment in England
  6. Types of Crime in England
    The Relationship Between Crime and Unemployment Rates in the Long Run and in the Short-run
  7. Crime Justification in England and Pakistan
  8. Conclusion

Introduction to Crime and Punishment

A crime can be portrayed as a corrupt demonstration that deserves of the state or some other specialists. In customary criminal law, crime had an all-inclusive acknowledged definition in spite of today, where there are variable definitions in regards to the demonstration. However, it very well may be especially seen as an offense that hurts both an individual and their locale, just as the general public and state they are put. Punishment can be named as an unfortunate result from an individual from an expert. It is the aftereffect of an obvious conduct submitted by a person. It might be ordered as acting naturally incurred despite the fact that it is for the most part required with self-compulsion. Settling on discipline might be the consequence of considering the crime committed. Through punishment, a few impacts, for example, anticipation of different violations can be caused. A few researchers contend that the only way of reducing crime is through punishment. In criminal justice, each crime can be seen as being punishable. Criminals might be punished in different ways including inability where criminals have separated from the general public; discouragement where the potential offenders are educated regarding the law; reprisal; reclamation; and restoration.

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Punishment may exceedingly achieve the instance of the death penalty that stretches out to prisons, sentencing laws and jails. Different types of punishments have been distributed. For example, revenge is defense by condemning, though the suffering punishment will discourage the criminal from committing the crime again. Punishment may now and again be lined up with recovery which tends to issues with crime (Robinson, 2008).

Countries implement the risk of criminal punishment by creating laws that administer the general public while giving the jurisdiction a chance to contain shifting discipline. However, punishment might be serious than planned or needed. Therefore, it is critical to think about how different countries explore around crime and punishment. Crime and punishment are different for England and Pakistan in different ways.

A Comparative Study of England and Pakistan

While England is arranged in the United Kingdom, it lays under the guidelines of its authorities. Each country including England has their courts and policy system divided into three sections, which incorporate Scotland, Northern Ireland, and the judicial system of England and Wales. The responsibility for a crime committed within the lands of England are divided to the Home office, the government department that pressures on the prevention and reduction of crime ; and to the Ministry of Justice that is in charge of the justice system in the UK including jails and courts. The most defenseless area in England for crime and punishment is Cleveland. Then again, crime and bad behaviours in Pakistan are exhibited in different forms. The common crime includes money laundering, drug trafficking, and blackmailing (Cilluffo, 2000). Some others may incorporate support in the black market, political violence, snatching, and terrorism. The country houses has different other terrorist organisations that challenge the region.

Crime and Punishment in Pakistan

There has been a quick rise in criminal activities in Pakistan that have prompted the financial aspects of crime. The idea of criminality in Pakistan is viewed as a making of distortion and discomfort in the very society that leads to instability and security issues for each community therein. Being a bad behaviour, crime is viewed as the attempt to get for nothing. In Pakistan, it is viewed as the commission of a demonstration that is prohibited by law. Crime might be found from the thought of the different parts of human science, criminology, geography, and demography. For example, unemployment is an issue that leads to wrongdoing in Pakistani regions. Many people who commit crime lead to barriers to the accomplishment of different aims. Criminals are probably going to rise when there are various rewards and when they are inclined to getting a charge out of regard in the network that they have a place. Crimes can be viewed as one negative externality that prompts incredible social and financial contribution on both the government and the citizens of a country like Pakistan. Different criminologists and economist states that the fact that there is a biased circulation of assets leads people adopting such uncontrollable activities. The Constitution of Pakistan of 1973 has different Islamic perspectives in the death penalty. Some non-Islamic data is included into the constitution regarding to crime and punishment. For example, the theft punishment is listed under Section 392 of Pakistan Penal Code-PPC while murder cases are included in section 302 of Pakistan Penal code.

Factors Leading to Crime in Pakistan

Either part of the world, either comprising of created or undeveloped nations are victims of injustice. Pakistan is a standout amongst the least developing country that is combined with violations as there is an great increase in reported crimes lately. In any case, the size of crimes has been increased by the factor of unemployment, an increased cost of living, the dividing gap between poor and rich people, the migration of people from less thick regions to populated places, as well as increased level or illiteracy. Moreover, the rates of crime can be identified with the informed and powerful people as they are for the most part on the run to generate wealth through illegal activities (Tyler and Fagan, 2008). Crime isn't described by groups of individuals or a community in the country. However, the many middle and high society people, just as the educated ones, are incredibly engaged with crimes. The official statistics of crimes in Pakistan demonstrate that inside and common criminal rates have been on the expansion paying little respect to the different policies and claims from their organizations. It might be considered as a disappointment or part of law enforcement agencies to have crime rates extremely high for a long time.

Types of Crime in Pakistan

The violations saw in Pakistan are of different categories including murder, thievery, burglary, robbery of cars, and harmless crimes. Different other crimes including bank frauds, tax avoidance, computer and credit card crimes, just as cell phones and online crimes characterise the region of Pakistan. Such crimes are viewed as collar crimes, which are committed by the people who have a place with the high social class in their occupations. The length of criminology can be dated back to history despite the fact that the research between crime and economics is restricted since there are methodical musings with respect to financial aspects concerning the impacts and involvement of crime in the economy. However, the increase in illegal activities has led to more economists thinking about the suggestions brought about by wrongdoing. The expanding rates of crimes in Pakistan have been an issue of thought for many scholars, policymakers, just as social masterminds.

The Relationship Between Crime and Unemployment Rates in the Long Run and in the Short-run

There has been an inactivity of crimes each day of the year. The essential goal is the consistent elimination of social activities and killings to society. There is a positive co-development between crimes and rates of unemployment either over the long run or in the short-run. The impacts of unemployment on property and violent crimes are fluctuated extensively. Property crimes will in general be a lot more grounded in the region. While referring to property violations, these could mean appropriating from shops, vehicles, bicycle thefts, and other related types of thefts. It is very conceivable that unemployment impacts are not quite the same as different violations. For example, it might be easier to commit crime for the people with high profile jobs, which is an implication that rates of unemployment could be in a negative co-development with specific crimes. Increase in unemployment chances can lead to the implication of lesser individuals in the development and lower money supplies. The lack of sufficient circulation money, just as the limited employment opportunities, will in general influence rates of unemployment, leading to more crimes directly. In Pakistan specifically, contribution in crimes is supported by the lack of panic of punishment. Different results of crimes include solid and negative co-development among crime rate and literacy both in the short and long runs. There has been more salary which implies better advantages for crimes and increasing in criminals. The princely territories in Pakistan are the most attractive areas for criminals because of the available opportunities for them. While unemployment is a leading cause of crime, it may not still be the main proportion of the circumstance of a labour market. A labour market can be viewed just like a circumstance where effects of crimes are estimated which involve the wage levels when unemployment condition is included.

Financial components can be recognized for their reasons for crimes in Pakistan. Furthermore, the concern or policies to keep crime rates at a slower pace and the prioritization of different laws for improving the viability of the economic condition of the country lead to increased crime rates. In the effort to reduce crime rates, the government should improve better business opportunities in different regions, which may lead to a reduction of unemployed people from the region. Besides, the expert of Pakistan should moderate neediness by dynamic investment in projects and undertakings just as offering the general population with different chances to develop their skills. The government should put its emphasis on the security sector, which should contain the police and law regulating authorities through the upgrade of incentives, profits, and allowance to relieve issues with bribery and let the people do their duties effectively and sincerely. The different laws and policies governing crime and punishment should be exacting and execution should be implemented. In the advancement of training, more mindfulness can likewise be made among the people, who may see the level of crime and punishment reduce in the region.

Pakistan is a country that does not thrive in terms of economics, cultural, social, technological, environmental, spiritual, and moral dimensions. It is consequently that wrongdoing rates in Pakistan have turned out to be progressively sorted out and different offenders know about the ground-breaking elites. The government has tried to control punishment and crime rates in Pakistan, however the corrupt authorities, poor implementation of policies and increased terrorist attacks have upset crime decrease rates. The lack of justice, just as impact on the ground-breaking legal executive, has likewise empowered crime in Pakistan.

Crime and Punishment in England

The criminal justice system can well be described principal however be hard to describe in practice. For England, it has been very hard to take note the numbers of offenders and the definite periods that the offenders serve in jail. The numbers in a national criminal justice system have been hard to decide since there are huge number of offenders and crimes included and the country is a diversified one. Every wrongdoer in England can be followed through different stages in a criminal justice system through unique magic numbers. William Blackstone of England added to making the Commentaries on the Laws of England which was coordinated into the laws of the provinces in regards to crime and punishment. The government was associated with new roles, for example, the Welfare State since 1906 that gave security and wellbeing to residents. The laws made added to the changing of attitudes including banning race separation and sex.

Types of Crime in England

Property theft, for example, vehicle burglary and shoplifting in England just as assault and manslaughter are progressively pervasive contrasted with Pakistan. The crimes related to rape, manslaughter, theft, and attack have led to a condition of upsetting the nation. The chances of finding an offender as being liable in court or one being sentenced to custody is on a decrease in England for crimes and punishments in regards to robbery and vehicle theft.

The Relationship Between Crime and Unemployment Rates in the Long Run and in the Short-run

Many Different individual crimes in England and different other countries, for example, Wales don't include delayed reflections. The circumstances that lead to violent and criminal activities are named to be past decision, and the substitute activities are known to exist for different debates with respect to settlement. In spite of the connection between crime rates and unemployment in Pakistan, the relationship in England is with the end goal that there is a negative relationship among authorization and rates of offense. The authorities have had little to act upon in isolating the general systems in the region. Rates of detainment can be utilized as proportions of discouragement in England and somewhat, can be identified with crimes dependent on weakening. The people who keep on committing crimes are detained in England, however that can't be viewed as a proportion of the decrease in crime rates, like Pakistan. The debilitating impact of detainment in England is reliant on the versatility of criminals, which for the most part involve their responsive capacity to the return crimes.

Britain includes numerous people who are unable to work because of their illiteracy skills, which might be either temporary or permanently. It is hence that they are for the most part dismissed by recruiting department of different organisations in the country. Accordingly, there is additionally the failure of the industrialist creation mode to produce more work and wealth for the region. The strain leads to a legitimacy crisis combined with lawbreakers. These issue population for the most part will in general separate themselves from the agreed to be under the standard of law. In this way, they are viewed as being potential criminals for the regions, prompting dangers to social law, control, and order.

The numerous problem populations England has must be smothered or checked for them to safeguard a social authority. The criminal justice system is versatile and can expand into the zones that were not under jurisdiction. The system is increasingly arranged contrasted with that of Pakistan regarding parachuting forces into the extended territories. The criminal justice system is, in this way, capacitive of increasing rates of fear and prosecution in the region, and be eager to blind the disregards for policies. The capacity of the system is a first-line protection that is accessible to the powerful in England.

There is additionally an ability to understand the connection between unemployment and detainment in manners, for example, buying in to trick accounts where there might be fracture and dispiriting by the amazing. Increment in unemployment is viewed as an impression of the pervasive economic crisis and can be joined by increments in the seriousness of national compulsion, which includes the rate of imprisonment close by the length of remains in jail. However, the incorporation of imprisonment isn't viewed as an assurance to react to any ascents in crimes yet only an inspired reaction to the risk of crimes that is displayed by the potential criminals in the number of inhabitants in the underestimated people. Despite the fact that saw in an unexpected way, it can't be denied that there is a plausibility of expanding crimes rates because of rates of joblessness. The rates of joblessness can be seen to affect the rate of imprisonment and the seriousness of punishment.

The conventional, sociological and philosophical impression of criminals is invalid in England and Wales. Numerous criminals don't include themselves in unruly behaviour since they are sick or deviant. In any case, they vary by the way that they are settling on decisions that are fairly not quite the same as that of the major population. A good theory of criminal conduct is what can abstain from numerous other theories just as mental deficiencies. In any case, a few abnormalities may wind up infamous.

The present economic theory in England is what depends on the suspicion that different natives may play out their picked represents the expansion of their utilities gave they have the likelihood of contributing time and assets to them. In criminal justice, crime can be seen as a venture as it is a business-arranged economic activity that is performed for financial biases. The majority of the people in England are not considered as criminals but rather are they who move all through illegal activities concerning their difference in circumstances. A potential criminal may think about different approaches to perform crimes to have better lifestyle. England for the most part, hence, thinks about the time and asset limitations while assessing for crime and punishment. The way that England follows an economic theory as an expansion to proposing balanced conduct gives them a chance criminal activity evaluation. The total capability of approach authorization assets request can, along these lines, be viewed as the capacity of crime rate contrasted with the single relationship with unemployment in Pakistan.

Crime Justification in England and Pakistan

Justification of the capital punishment has been a noticeable element even in England with its execution talks. These justifications are given by pastors, who put together their choices with respect to sacred writings. In spite of Pakistani devotees who don't base their religious ethics with God, England has constantly considered its type of criminal justice similar to a moral, moral one that liaises with the laws given by God. Be that as it may, however, the supports in Pakistani are intense as the country can't be seen thinking about the arrival of offenders yet the death penalty. One can't discover clear pictures that rise up out of authentic writing of patterns in nature and the prevalence of crimes both in England and Pakistan as the nations have distinctive criminal justice system. The degree of the capital punishment from differing offenses did not co-stretch out with the vases where capital punishment was perpetrated. Current criminology and the present criminal justice system in the both countries can be found as comprising liberal elitism. The criminal conduct of the disparate population in the both countries can be developed as governed by similar however Special Forces.

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As analyzed in this essay, crime and punishment have been apparent in the most criminal justice system including Pakistan and England. These nations have had different stages of punishment to reduce crime. The both countries have had increases in criminal activities but have had notable differences in the underlying factors that have led to immoral acts. The principle issue with Pakistan is Unemployment, a condition that incurs and increase crime. Different financial factors, for example, education are also contributors to crime in Pakistan. Being a country that does not thrive well compared with England in terms of economics, cultural, social, technological, and environmental factors. Anyway such cases are minimal for England. The main trouble with England is the qualification of the Criminal Justice system due to the enormous numbers of offenders and crimes included. Property theft is the top crime revealed for England with different discipline identified with debilitation. While Pakistan manages Unemployment, England manages an authorization as the factor towards Crime and punishment. Besides, the social, technological, and philosophical components obvious in Pakistan are invalid for England as the decisions for crime commitment is identified with the lack of interest with the main population. England takes into consideration for justification of crime, a factor that makes qualification of crime rates troublesome.

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