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The Arguments Concerning Animal Testing

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Animal testing is a source which is favored among numerous researchers and public who is disagree about it and have some strong belief that why they are against it. It has some alternative names such as animal experimentation or animal research; it is suggesting a way to come up with the uniqueness in results about any specific product and medicine. This way of experiments is used on animals like mice, rabbits and monkeys to find cures of any harsh disease and human use products like cosmetic and many more. Some people are in favor that it is a positive development while other believes that animals are harmed by humans for sake of their life. In forth coming paragraphs I will discuss both points with some examples and my own view in the end of this argumentative essay. 

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To begin with, the positive side, in the history of medical science many researchers has used animals to gain impressive results such as Early Greek physician-scientists, such as Aristotle, (384 – 322 BC) and Erasistratus, (304 – 258 BC), Galen (129 – 199 / 217 AD) and Ibn Zuhr (Avenzoar) has introduced animal testing as a research source for testing medical ways before applying them to human patients. In addition, these days people who are in favor thinks testing medicine or other products on animals is important for mankind. For example, a pharmaceutical industry in US in 1937, has created ‘Elixir Sulfanilamide’ using diethylene glycol (DEG) which was poisonous for folks and without animal testing. However, the company’s main pharmacist and his colleague was unaware about it and they had started the sale of product. After some time, results had shown the deaths of more than hundred masses. Another incident happened between 1950s and 1960s with thalidomide. An effective tranquilizer and painkiller and were proclaimed a ‘wonder drug’ for lack of sleep, coughs, colds, and headaches. As per the reports it has inhibitory effects on morning sickness, and A great number carrying mothers took the drug to relieve these symptoms. As a result, in 46 countries more than 10,000 children were born with malformations or missing limbs (phocomelia, from the Greek meaning ‘limb’). 

Moreover, many positive outcomes are carried out from researches on these mammals as majority of them has similar DNA like human. It also offers many benefits to themselves likewise these researches can prevent to many species from extinction. To add more, millions of animal species are almost going to extinct. By doing experiments on them researcher also find the cure to save them from these diseases, such as rabies, tetanus, leukemia, distemper, parvo, anthrax and infectious hepatitis virus. This is the gift researcher are going to return them as being part for experiment which is helpful for both mankind and animals. Dozens of Vaccines and antibiotics are found for serval diseases both for humans and animals which is helpful save the life of everyone. For instance, in February 1997, for a dangerous disease of meningitis, researchers have developed a way which can fight Hemophilus influenzae type B (Hib). However, in 1993, in US, it had resulted in more than 800 children each year. With the help of mice and rabbit’s scientist has found the cure of disease and noticed a drastic decrease in this disease by 70 percent in U. K. and U. S. after two months of launch. 

On the other hand, many masses believe that many other steps can be taken to measure the outcomes of chemical testing and avoid the usage of animals. Also, Collins has come up with an argument that scientist should more focus on alternative sources to examine the accurate measure of any testing and animal testing is may lead to problems such as it is not able to develop new therapies, take more time to work, expensive and cannot predict exact efficacy of human beings. Many new technologies can be helpful for researches to answer crucial questions about the working of healthy and diseased tissues without subjecting whole animals to brutalize ways such as cell-culture systems and microanalytic technologies, improved understanding of signaling and metabolic pathways and more sophisticated modal systems. It’s a prediction that by 2050, we will see last animal use in laboratory, if all the nations contribute together to save animals. 

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Overall, I would like to say that using animal for testing new medicines and cosmetics have both merits and demerits, but I would suggest it is a positive growth for our world. Because, it is beneficial for both humans and animals to save our lives from unknown dangerous diseases that can make our world worst to live. Also, scientist ought to try to find alternatives that can provide accurate results of chemicals and medicines. 

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This essay is a decent attempt at an argumentative essay on the topic of animal testing. The essay has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion, but there are several areas where improvements can be made to enhance the quality of writing. The essay's organization could be improved by using subheadings or topic sentences to divide the different arguments and examples discussed. The essay also lacks a clear thesis statement that outlines the writer's position on animal testing. The writer should focus on using more varied and advanced vocabulary and sentence structures to create a more engaging and sophisticated essay.
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The essay starts with a clear introduction that provides a brief overview of animal testing and the writer's intention to discuss both sides of the argument. However, the body of the essay could benefit from clearer organization. It is difficult to discern when the writer is shifting from discussing the positive to the negative aspects of animal testing, and there is no clear transition between paragraphs. Using topic sentences or subheadings could help to clarify the essay's organization. The essay presents several arguments for and against animal testing, but it lacks a clear thesis statement that states the writer's position on the issue. The writer should focus on developing a clear and concise thesis statement that outlines their stance on the subject. The essay could also benefit from a more focused discussion of the topic, as some of the examples provided are not directly related to animal testing, such as the discussion of species extinction. The sentence structure in the essay is simple and repetitive, with a lack of variety in sentence length and structure. The writer should focus on using a more varied sentence structure to create a more engaging and sophisticated essay. The essay could also benefit from the use of more advanced vocabulary to enhance the quality of writing. The essay contains several grammatical errors, such as incorrect verb tenses, incorrect subject-verb agreement, and missing punctuation. The writer should proofread the essay carefully and focus on correcting grammatical errors to enhance the readability of the essay. The essay's voice is neutral, which is appropriate for an argumentative essay. However, the writer should focus on using a more formal tone and avoiding the use of contractions, as this would create a more academic style of writing. The essay provides a basic overview of the arguments for and against animal testing, but improvements can be made in terms of organization, focus, sentence structure, grammar, and voice. With some revisions and improvements in these areas, the essay could be improved to achieve a higher grade.
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