Evaluation of The Factors Necessary to Control Incidents in Business World

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About this sample


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Published: Jan 15, 2019

Words: 2128|Pages: 5|11 min read

Published: Jan 15, 2019

In life, one will find that complications occur at some of the most inopportune times. For example, one might be unfortunate enough to be caught between impending deadlines or a rigorous work schedule. Getting involved in unfortunate incidents is almost inevitable, especially in the business world. To properly manage these unfortunate incidents, man has put in place specific systems and programs to minimize the amount of “accidents”. To decrease the amount of crimes that are committed around the world, man has constructed the police force as well other criminal justice facets. The individuals that are closely associated with modern medicine have developed some amazing solutions to several medical complications. In some cases, the systems that are designed to reduce complications, have complications within themselves. Most businesses have a department that specializes in the policies and procedures of proper conduct at the work place. This department is referred to as the “human resource department”. According to Inc. “A recent survey conducted on the national level by the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) discovered some of the biggest human capital challenges business face today” (Inc). These individuals specialize in making the employee work environment as functional as possible. In the work world, the human resource department is regarded “as the glue between what senior management wants to get done and the needs and development of the workforce” (Johnson & Wales University). Even though most employees are professional adults, there is still much that they have to learn, in terms of workplace etiquette. On some occasions, the employees are required to learn about specific systems that are implemented to perform tasks properly. Another obstacle that the human resources department must overcome is the fact that they need to acquire employees with a significant level of business competency. Because the human resources department is connected with several large companies and corporations, there are several social and economic challenges. “As the second of the biggest challenges for human resource management, leadership development needs to be a critical strategic initiative” (Villanova University). According to several human resources directors, some of the biggest challenges that the human resources department include lack of communication, creating fair programs for employees and choosing the right employees for specific careers.

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Humans are remarkable beings for their abilities to accurately get their points across. Sharing ideas as well as concerns allow individuals to generate reasonable solutions to common problems. However, this characteristic of the human ability would not be possible without one key factor. This factor connects the bridge between a fantastic idea and a feasible production of that idea. This factor is known as “communication” (Johnson and Wales University). Proper communication and intelligent dialogue does not always come across as simple. In the business world, “This can be a challenge for some leaders who are reluctant to share all organizational information”. Some leaders can sense a feeling of intimidation within themselves when trying to discuss certain principles found within a project. This is also known to be true in the business world. More specifically, there can be some serious elements of miscommunication in the human resource facet of business. The human resources department is not always available when necessary. More often than not, the physical location of a human resources department is not in the same vicinity of where the employees are located. As a result of this distance, many human resources directors have a difficult time communicating some principles. As a human resources director, there are going to be individuals that are deeply dependent upon the proper guidance and direction of their superiors. Sometimes, stepping outside of one’s comfort zone can be difficult. This is especially the case, when there is a new project to be discussed. The human resource department is constantly being bombarded with new employee based systems and frequently updated policies and procedures. According to Johnson and Wales University, a good human resources director must “Keep all followers fully informed on all aspects of the business if you want them to feel like partners versus just employees. Human resource directors are held at a high esteem when compared to their employees. According to Villanova University, “HR professionals are faced with being expected to provide the essential structures, processes, tools, and points of view to make the best selection and develop the future leaders of the organization” (Villanova University). The importance of communication is vital for success in the human world. Organization is also a vital tool in the business world. According to Formstack, “HR’s biggest challenge right now is creating processes that meet immediate needs but also align with strategic organizational goals. So, for instance, a common organizational goal is long-term employee engagement” (Formstack). In the human resources world, the use of communication is beyond necessary. In international business affairs, the use of communication is integral because of specific barriers, such as language and cultural differences. The human resources department constructs almost all of the etiquette used by a company. Without decent communication skills, the human resources director of any company would not be considered a quality asset to the company that they represent.

There is always a dramatic difference between the competency levels of separate individuals. It is a well-known fact that some individuals are more exceptional than others. In some cases this disparity in talent stems from genetics or natural intelligence. Some people have a large amount of emotional intelligence, as well as the propensity for spatial reasoning. In several instances, there are individuals that do not possess this skill set. Human beings are different in how they approach certain tasks. As a human resources director, they must recognize that fact. However, this fact does not limit individuals from having successful careers and decent qualities of life. This is generally the case for most facets of human life, but not always the case in the human resources world. The human resources department recognizes the differences of natural talent between individuals. The term natural talent refers to how well an employee can perform in the workplace. After this recognition, the directors of human resources need to create a minimum level of efficiency between the employees. If an employee is more proficient at communicating than their counterparts, the human resources department must recognize the potential in that person. According to Inc., “this is especially hard for small to medium size companies who tend to have thin HR departments, if any at all. Just keeping on top of the fast-changing requirements from taxes to healthcare is more than a full-time job that many businesses can't afford to maintain” (Inc). Just about every company that functions with a human resources department is required to generate different programs that set it aside from other companies. When a separate company brings a different business element to the table, the consumers that construct the integrity of that business will become attracted to the unique qualities of that company. In order “to meet or exceed all of these human resource management challenges, you'll need proven tools and strategies” (Villanova University). To get these different programs functioning properly, the human resources employees must reach a common level of understanding. Every individual in the company must work together to create a well-functioning system.

A good employee is an extremely subjective term used in not just the business world, but also the world of the consumers. “This level of due diligence is difficult to keep up with, considering the rest of the tasks a business owner has on his or her plate at any given time” (Inc). Appearances and presentation are often factors that increase the credibility of a company. For instance, customers are more attracted to the employees that act, look and sound professional. Formstack states, “ Winning talent is the number one challenge that organizations have to overcome today. It’s become a lot more complex than simply offering snacks and drinks. The talent pool is full of candidates who know what they want and exactly how much they can demand from a prospective employer” (Formstack). Naturally, people are more willing to associate themselves with things that are considered pleasant and non-threatening. All human beings are different as in how they react with one another. It is human nature to be precocious and spectacle towards certain things. Outside of human nature is the human resources department, and their ability to determine a good employee from a poor performing employee. According to Formstack, “The two most important things for HR to do to fix this is focus very hard on building an employer brand and come up with a strategy for attracting/engaging passive candidates. This is usually done by creating amazing content” (Formstack). When the company itself understands what it wants out of its employees, that company can then progress into finding the appropriate employees that fit that mold. For example, an employee that is more comfortable with talking to customers has more of an advantage than their counterpart, who might not be as tact. Some employees are better at organizing and reasoning, so they are valuable from a business and logistics stand point. Formstack goes on to say, “ A big part of building your employer brand is fixing issues within your culture, so that could help with the retention issue. Otherwise, just being honest and transparent and deliberately focusing on employee happiness will help with the retention issue” (Formstack). As a human resources director, there comes a point in which the director must use a level of empathy, and understand the minds of the consumers that they associate themselves with. It makes the role of the human resource director much less challenging when they have the correct employees working for the company. On the other side of the employee spectrum is the management position. These managers are the leaders outside of the human resources department, and their job is to properly run the monetary side of the business. However, just as there can be bad employees, there can be some incredibly poor managers. For instance, a manager that does not take their position seriously is more susceptible to allow their employees to “slack off”. The managers as well as the employees are representatives of the company that they work for. As human resources directors, they employees selected are directly correlated to the director that hired said employees. Just as a tool, a leader is only as good as their employees.

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Being human is perhaps one of the biggest challenges that humans face on a regular basis. On occasion, less desirable instances occur as a result of different factors. In some cases, these factors are dependent upon leaders of specific functions. According to Inc. “The reason internal operations is such a difficult thing to manage is because you aren't just counting products on a shelf, for example. You are managing people--and people are multi-dimensional. You can't treat them like objects” (Inc). In the business world, not every problem is a result of the employee. Lack of communication and distance between ideas can cause problems for all of the parties involved. Humans need to communicate properly with each other in order to solve specific issues. As a human resources director, there comes a time when they must completely get their point across in a clear and calm manner. Team work is also essential to a quality working environment. To get team work to function well, there must be a level of equality surrounding the basic employees. If all of the employees work together towards a common goal or focus, there is a larger chance of that company becoming successful. Choosing the correct employees for the appropriate jobs is also a discipline that human resources directors need to adhere to. Recognizing a quality employee or manager is vital to the success of a company. It is the human resources director’s job to properly select the employees for a specific position. They must see their employees as assets and integral parts of the company. Overall, in the human resources world, there will be challenges and trials that the human resources director must face. Some challenges may be harder to solve than others, but none are impossible to solve. One of the biggest tools that the human resources department has at its disposal in the ability to facilitate teamwork. Through proper teamwork, as well as communication, a team under the leadership of a human resources director is virtually unstoppable. Beyond this, there is something that all human resources department leaders must do. The human resources director must realize that all of the individuals involved in the company are human, and they deserve respect. In return, the employees will respect the human resources director. When the employees respect their leaders, the amount of challenges that occur in the business world are dramatically decreased.

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