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Evangelicalism in America and The Second Great Awakening

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Evangelicalism has created a big role in shaping the American religion and culture. This development done through centuries is known as an important part of American history. This event occurred throughout a big part of American history occurring from the 17thto the 20thcentury. The 17th century started with groups forming to start a revolution to highlight the importance of evangelism and make sure that traditional Christian beliefs and protestant teachings towards the authority and the historicity of the bible. The 18thcentury is known as the great awakening. This was known as the upbringing of evangelicalism in the United States. After this occurred the 19thand 20thcentury where the second great awakening happened which lead to the evangelicals who ruled and the US cultural institutions. Evangelicalism is a way that ruled and transformed Christianity in the United States and changed the way Christianity is taught today.

The early American evangelicalism was formed by the Puritans in New England who was a group in the 16th and 17th centuries were everyone believed that everyone needed to have their meaning to the Bible, this was the common belief with most Protestants. Similar to the evangelicals, the Puritans had a belief in being born again or having a spiritual rebirth which meant a new form of the human spirit from the holy spirit. For a convert to get accepted into the church, they have to show their conversation in a form of conversion narrative which is to agree and follow the church covenant. This is a declaration made up for members who are made up of duties towards God and the church is outlined where the convert has to agree to get into the church membership. This time in history formed what the evangelicalism group as a whole which later became a very impactful and effective group during the 18thcentury. This century consisted of the upbringing of that period, where the evangelicalism group formed and later became a very influential group to American society. The group’s core beliefs were found during this time and key components of their mission statement were found during this century which was a pivotal moment for them.

The 18th century in the United States during the Evangelicalism Was was known as the first great awakening. This event occurred from the 1730s to 1740s. Throughout the first great awakening and the 18thcentury, this was a time for Christians throughout the United States to revive. This movement affected the Protestantism as people tried to revive individual piety and religious loyalty. This revival was the most impactful and also was considered the most extreme and absolute compared to other revivals happening during the 17thcentury. Evangelical teachers stressed about personal preservation and ego more than true Christian traits and religion. The great awakening brought people closer to god and pulled them in deeper into religion as a whole and Christianity.

The 19th century was important because it led to the Second Great Awakening which was a leading factor for Evangelicalism in the United States. This is what helped create the Evangelical Empire which was an important period where evangelicals were seen as in control of the US cultural institutions. It was such an impactful movement it helps influence many people towards the Methodist and Baptist churches. This was known as a revivalist movement as it helped spark an increase in missionary work which was a major expansion of Christianity through these events. The spread of evangelism in the 19th century was what help introduce Christianity to a large part of society in the 19th century. This revolution that began in this century helped many organizations that were created because of the awareness in the Christianity religion. The majority of the groups that were developed in the 19th century all had the same goal which spreading Christianity throughout the world through main politicians. In the 20th century, there was tension between the fundamentalists and the Protestant denomination over Biblical inerrancy which meant there were no wrong sayings in the bible. The fundamentalists were the evangelicals that stuck with their traditional beliefs and were scared scientific theories had a negative look toward their beliefs. The 20th century consisted of evangelicalism to break into two sections. These two groups split into the mainlines and the fundamentals, the fundamentals were people who believed in the traditional ways of learning and praying. This group is opposite to mainlines and stay away from the scientific way of the truth and don’t believe it.

In conclusion, the evangelicalism changed and formed what Christianity in the United States Is today. This was a very important part of history and occurred throughout many centuries. This consisted of key times such as when the group’s formation started during the 17thcentury. This time formed together to what later during the 18thcentury became the evangelicalism. During the 18thcentury, evangelicalism became a very influential group that preached and protested about true Christian beliefs and the historicity of the bible. This time was rapid in converting and proclaiming their beliefs to society. Then later followed by the 19thand 20thcentury, which consisted of the second great awakening, which consisted of the revivalist Holiness movement, which took and impact at America and Canada, this was a movement similar to the modern evangelicalism. During the 20thcentury, the evangelicalism split into different parts as the group started a break. This split consisted of mainline protestants and the fundamentalists. All in all, evangelicalism made a very important impact on religion and Christianity in the United States and brought people closer and created a deeper connection for people with god.  

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