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"Five Factor Theory” analysis

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The intention of this paper is to analyze my personality development by incorporating four major concepts of: Adler’s Family Constellation, Jung Psychoanalytic Theory: Pychetypes Mccrae and Costa’s “Five Factor Theory”, and Allport’s Six characteristics of a mature healthy personality respectively (Cloninger, 2019). These four concepts will provide insightful qualitative information as it relates to my personality. To begin with, the family Constellation is a theory proposed by Alfred Adler. This particular theory examines family dynamics by considering significant factors such as birth order, amount of members within a family, and the sex of the siblings (Cloninger, 2019). Adler would analyze these factors and deduce how a child would be treated as well at as the implications as it would relate to one’s personality. In regard to my own family dynamic, I am the youngest out of three females therefore, Adler would classify my status as the “youngest child”.

In my view, my personality is quite consistent with his theory about the youngest child. For example, according to Adler, the environment that would be less intense and warmer in contrast to one that my sisters were raised in. This is absolutely true, my oldest sister had to abide by house rules that were far stricter or she would face punishment or be reprimanded. I, however, am not plagued by overbearing house rules and both of my parents are more lenient in terms of if I get punished or what is tolerated at home. While that Is defiantly advantageous, Adler viewed such an atmosphere posed some detrimental risks such as the development of an inferiority complex or being pampered. With respect to those notions, I feel like growing up I was pampered to an extent, which is why b find that may have led to me being overly dependent on them. In addition, Carl Jung identified eight different types of personality called psychetypes which are governed by 3 aspects of personality.

The key dimensions are Fundamental attitude, Four dominant functions (Cloninger, 2019) . To measure these aspects of personality the typology assessment known Myers Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) is utilized as a way to determine which combination of Jung’s four dominant functions the test taker possesses. I took the assessment and a received a result of INFP: Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving. Through the lenses of Jung, this classification of my personality would be deemed accurate. The component of introversion exemplifies my dominant attitude and aligns with the fact that my source of energy comes from with within, rather than being around others. When it comes the way that I process information and approach solutions, I rely on my intuition. I am more abstract and prefer to focus on the big picture, and will often propose new ideas that may not seem apparent. Next, it comes to making decisions I base my reasoning on my feeling, emotions and the choices that I make are usually empathetic and take into account the feeling of others. Finally, for the last dimension, of the MBTI (not apart of the Four dominant function theorized by Jung) I am perceiving. I have a preference for my environment to be flexible rather than ridged (Maris, D., Anita, F., & Ludmila, P 2015). On a similar note, Mccrae and Costa “Five Factor Theory” was developed by utilizing the words that people say on a daily basis to describe some one’s personality. The five-factor theory encompasses five tendencies: Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism all of which are often referred to in its entirety by the mnemonic “OCEAN” (Cloninger, 2019).

As this relates to my personality for openness, I have an expansive scope of interests, am very creative, and value art and beauty, unfortunately, I am not very punctual and have a tendency to become a bit distracted at times thus contributing to my low score on conscientiousness. In regard to extraversion, I am neither extremely sociable or reserved due to the fact that my level of extraversion typically depends on the environment that I am placed in. I am always very cooperative and sympathetic towards others, I generally try my best to avoid hostility and confrontations which explains why I scored high on agreeableness. Lastly, I do have a tendency to become nervous, and worry sometimes so I did score above average on neuroticism. In short, based taking “The Big 5 Personality Test”, from the perspective of McCrae and Costa I scored highly on openness, neuroticism, and agreeableness and low on consciousness.

As for extraversion, I would be in the middle. Furthermore, Allport’s Six characteristic of mature healthy personality encompasses six characteristics in respect to personality: “Extension of the sense of self”, “Warm human Interaction”, “Emotional Security”, “Realistic Perception, Skills, and Assignment”, “Self Objectification: insight and Humor” and “Unifying Philosophy of Life” (Cloninger, 2019). In relation to this theory, I often find that I am able to be completely focused at work, school, or at the gym; I have the capability to engage genuine and meaningful social interactions with my friends and family. As for the last two characteristics, my self-perception is accurate and core beliefs about religion, politics, and ideologies are defiantly stable. Overall my based on my personality; I would not completely be considered as a healthy adult because my personality does not satisfy realistic perception, skills, and adaption due to the fact I defiantly engage in having an unrealistic sense optimism. For example, I always feel like I will win, or complete a certain task in the smallest time frame possible. Also when it comes to emotional security, while I am capable of self-acceptance, and do not have low self-esteem, Allport would not agree that it is high enough to satisfy this criterion. In conclusion, I have illustrated and analyzed my personality by incorporating the following concepts: Adler’s Family Constellation, Jung Psychoanalytic Theory: Pychetypes, Mccrae and Costa’s “Five Factor Theory”, and Allport’s Six characteristics of a mature healthy personality. In completing this analysis, I have learned about my personality I will take an opportunity to improve on certain aspects. Finally, consider this information in a variety of settings such as work and school.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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