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Fall in Love with You: How to Impress a Girl

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Is there really a trick to getting girls to fall in love with you? The short answer is yes, but it’s not magic or deception. A guy can fall in love in many different ways, but commonly it’s at first sight. First, we fall in love with our eyes, then we fall in love with our heart. Guys are prone to mistake crushes for love, and usually let their imagination get the better of them when they see a beautiful girl. Girls, however, are often the exact opposite, and fall in love over time, not instantly. That’s why it’s common practice for the guy to ask the girl out, not the other way around. You may have been attracted to her the moment you saw her, but she needs more time to get to know you. So let’s have a look at what you can do to successfully get her to fall for you, and what you should avoid.

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Love is not something we can force, and also isn’t something we can get rid of easily. There are no tablets that make love go away, or tricks you can use on someone to get them to love you. So you need to get ready for some work, because this isn’t going to be easy.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you aren’t just trying to attract any girl. Attraction and love are too very different things. A guy can be attracted to many different girls, sometimes at the same time. But love is something you feel only for that special someone. If you think that what you’re feeling is real, then it’s time to figure out what you can do about it.

One of the most important factors is chemistry. Before someone can fall in love with you, you first need to actually meet them and build some form of relationship, whether that be friendly or romantic. Take note that even if you’ve already started dating, she may not yet be in love with you, and can leave you easily if you mess up. Once you’ve got some attraction going, you can then slowly build up to love. In most ways, love comes naturally and is unavoidable, but you need to spend as much time with her as possible to reach this.

Also, try removing as many obstacles from the path as possible. This may include love triangles, jealous ex-boyfriends, or long distances between the two of you. The transition to love may be slowed or even stopped if there are too many barriers blocking your way. A calm, safe relationship is the perfect atmosphere for love to grow.

Now let’s look into what girls actually want in guys. The difference between attraction and love goes the same for girls too. And some traits a girl may be attracted to, can be the very thing keeping her from loving you. For example, a girl may be swept off her feet by a cool, confident smooth-talker, but eventually come to resent those very attributes in the relationship. Love is a long-term commitment and shy, sensitive guys usually have the upper hand here. Of course, there can be no love if there was never any attraction at all. Attraction is what we yearn for, what we desire to see in somebody. According to surveys, girls are more likely to fall for someone taller than them. This doesn’t essentially mean you need to be a giant, but if she’s taller than you then you might not have a good shot. Girls also respond well to nice manners, fashion sense, and a good scent. So make sure that when she see’s you, you’re looking your best.

Once you’re well dressed and smelling nice, work on how you act around her. Girls may find you attractive, but they’ll fall in love with your personality. Many guys out there think that looks are everything, and don’t bother to treat their girlfriends well. They lie, cheat, and never have deep conversations with the person they’re with, because they aren’t looking for love themselves. A guy like this may get the girl for a month, but you’ll get her for a lifetime.

What women are really attracted to above all else are emotions. They want to see you care for them and worry about them. You may think that you would die for her, or that she’s the world to you, but without showing it, the gesture is as good as worthless. Keep in mind that love is shown as well as felt. You can do this in many different ways, from giving her flowers to taking her on trips. The best way to a woman’s heart is always with a gift. Not just any gift that you picked up at the store on the way to her house. But a real gift that you know she’ll appreciate. If she told you a story about a hobby she has, or about a certain thing she likes, buying a present that relates to this subject is a sure-fire way to get her to notice that you care. If it’s obvious that you want her to be happy more than anything else, then she’s bound to start feeling something towards you.

Many guys believe that it’s all about how much you spend on a girl that will make her love you. This is very wrong and if you try it, it will make you look like you’re trying to buy her love. Try treating her as an adult and letting her pay for things if she insists. Money is a touchy subject and it might make her feel uncomfortable if you start paying for everything she eats and wears. Of course, you also never want to just give her money outright, it’ll look very tacky. You might think that it makes more sense to give someone $100, instead of a $100 gift, but women don’t think like that. Money is a symbol of how much you were willing to give up on something just for her. That’s why the diamond ring market has become such a ritual amongst engaged couples. Sure, the rock may be shiny, but the real gesture is the amount of money you spent on it. If she sees that she’s worth a lot to you, and you’re willing to throw money away on something small just for her, she’ll definitely notice how much you care.

Now let’s get onto how you should behave. Girls want a guy that’s firm, direct, and knows what he wants. If you’re serious about a long-term relationship, tell her. Nobody likes playing emotional games or being led on wild goose chases. Girls take their relationships very seriously and may have already imagined what a life with you would be like. That is why it’s so important to show her the man you can be. Some people think that a girl likes a career-driven man because it means more money for her. But the truth is far from it. Girls like strong, mature guys who work on improving their lives, whether that be studying to get the best grade or working on a promotion. It’s rarely about the money. If you can prove that you’re trying your hardest to improve your status at the workplace or studying to get a better position, she’ll see you as someone who will always strive for the best.

Another thing you need to always be aware of is competition. Just as you would notice a cute girl on the street, girls notice how other guys behave and how they treat their own girlfriends. As any marketing expert knows, the best way to snuff out competition is to make your own brand more exciting. Girls don’t want a bland guy who never tries anything new or is happy with where he is now. Try to be adventurous or a little bit risky, because that’s going to stimulate her emotions and make the relationship exciting. The last thing you want to do is act logically all the time, girls don’t react to logic, they react to emotions. You want to keep her interested at all times, and never let her get bored. A bored girl will go looking for excitement somewhere else.

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Finally, never stop working on the relationship. You may think that just because you’re already dating, past the sex phase, and settled into a long-term relationship, that your work is done. A relationship never stops growing, and should never stop being fed new ideas. If every date you suggest is the same, like watching a movie at your place or getting dinner at the normal restaurant, then she’ll start to lose interest. Always suggest something new you can do together, something you haven’t done before that you know she’ll like. There doesn’t need to be a reason for this, it can be a last minute invitation, as long as it was something she wasn’t expecting. Girls can sometimes act as passengers in the relationship, always leaning on you to come up with the next turn. If you keep the relationship moving, to new places and new adventures, then she’ll start to see you as an amazing partner, and the emotions will follow. In the end, the two of you will enter the Bright Side of life.

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