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Impacts on Gender Equality

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There are six types of Society. My perception of all six are: Hunting and gathering society is the tradition of how we wander to have information without literally fishing or hunting. For Pastoral society is a group of wanderers who travel with a herd of animals with the raising of farm animals regarded as a both useful and a valuable thing or person. People who plant their own vegetables, living under a roof of not modernized built by themselves- people who live their lives entirely building everything from the ground under are a society of Horticultural. Agrarian people are those who based on producing and maintaining crops and farmland are as known as Agricultural society. Industrial and Post-industrial both plays a part in the manufacturing side playing a part to put everything in this world together. There are so many different perceptions, perspectives of the issues in society be it from a centuries ago and until the twentieth century today. It happens individually, it happens as a topic but it often involves as an issue because of an individual’s doing. For an example the feud between the current Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Najib Razak.

The actions coming from Najib Razak not winning the election of being the Prime Minister of Malaysia did not affect anyone’s feelings but it came off as a surprise to know the amount of money laundering he has done- pleading not guilty and was granted bail no matter how many times the case was reopened. People tend to misunderstand the meaning of Society and Social thinking that they both underlies the same definition but it is not a false thought that they are related. Looking into the social problems that affects the society involves the idea of how it all began. Firstly how it has been influence in was by the social environment and conceivably behave and think with assumptions. Social reality involves our behavior, attitudes and the chances in life. A social problem has both it’s positive and negative sides to it and the as audiences we choose whether or not to believe, agree to disagree whether such consequences exists to and extend of seriousness. What we see and read the articles they are the work by academic researches, agencies of the government and other resources but their work leads to serious consequences that are the cause of debating.

Bringing me to the point of where we begin on choosing the topic Resonance and Cognitive Dissonance. Resonance is based of on a scientific wise of living. It is a definition of the noise that is around us- the tone of voice we live in. Words are easily spread within social and with the assumptions of different perspectives as an individual we overcome a situation by debating on who is right and who is wrong. As for example we assume a life of being a fire fighter is all about putting our fire and saving lives. Apart from that we assume that they are living a life with a fair amount of salary by only putting out fire. Which is false. The paper work they have to file after saving a life, after putting out a fire. Working on a salary with two days off and a twenty-four hour duty does not mean they have plenty of rest. A fire could happen in the midst of while they are resting yet we still have people misunderstanding one’s job. Therefore, the cognitive dissonance is the unpredictable thoughts, believe or one’s attitude specifically relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change. Now applying it into our everyday life, as human beings we are influenced to pursue in our beliefs, expectations and judgement. This is used to depict all feelings of annoyance, unpleasantness, embarrassment, hardship or any that applies to discomfort. In this generation everyday we live a life of waking up reading newspapers, listening to news on the radio, reading spread information on social media and it has become a norm that in time it is overwhelming us to the point it has also become a necessity for us to differentiate what is true and false hence, that has become difficult for us to prioritize. The drastic change of our reaction and endurance are the reason why our attention are easily and dangerously taken. Similar to Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad and Najib Razak’s situation with Najib Razak’s reopened case, no matter any good word he tries to put out proving his vulnerability we apply cognitive dissonance on this with the thoughts we put in what we think of him.

Hence, cognitive dissonance is where it could come to a realization where you do not take notice of due to how your brain thinks. It is what we face everyday- in relationships, communication, decision-making. How we’re rushing to the places we need to be and the reactions receive are how impatient we are. Reactions are something we tend to assume about an individual- something we also forget about how easily we put on judgement about people. We are easily manipulated beyond of the fact that we forget that we always have enough and being appreciative of the existent. The misinterpretation, misunderstanding, accusation and assumptions is an important reason why there needs a change in cognitive dissonance. It is a rare doing of disagreement between a party of two having two different values and as much as it is impossible to avoid it helps getting over unnecessary stress and tension within one self. Being more mindful and recognizing what you are experiencing can motivate you to change the necessities in your life. Equalizing sexuality applies to an individual’s everyday life and it too applies to an issue of the society. Disturbingly culturally and religiously tradition interferes with portraying the comparisons of women and men. Specifically unfavorable to women. It has always been promoting beliefs that men holds the upper hand in any situation. Traditionally, men are supposed to take the upper hand in the family due to being the eldest next to the father of the family. Giving men the advantage or superiority in terms of choice by the society who allows them to lead families therefore it ends up abusing the power to sideline women.

Socially, the negative impact on gender equality has been put to believe the heads of the family and women are expected to surrender themselves, to respect and not to challenge their husbands on the rights and wrongs all in the name of saving the marriage. Basically, in tradition our lives as women are handed to us without having a say. Some even go to the extend forcing their children to be married in order to save the justified terms of challenges. Sadly, it has always been the girl that is compelled to go through being abused in the marriage so that the family could continue taking an advantage or gaining profit from the husband. Formulating a specific gender development is something that is endorsed by the public that supports the issue of the violence towards female of all ages- protecting the idea of women are just as united and should be allowed as equal. It is important for the politics and the government to voice out to the institute of politician so we could make a change of gender equality and women’s rights. It is portrayed that being a woman, no matter what your education qualifies, we are still traditionally seen as we are only made to be housewives and never allowed to reach for our achievements. Educationally, the equality between both genders in society should be created. The word Equal is not and never meant for Mathematic equations, it should always mean equally accepted, equally justified and equally tolerated. Assisting women’s rights on the foundation of equality between both genders is what we call feminism. More than half of the women in the world agrees that they are being able to encounter freedom and achieving their life-long dreams and aspirations. Even though half of the women in the world seems enough, there are still the other half in the world that still can’t relate to that idea just yet.

Below half the average of women from Asia, United States, Europe, claims they support feminism. A portion of the women left of the average are afraid of not being able to have the rights in having a say about equal rights and those portion of women are from India. That is because women are the secondary importance in gender equality. Just because the first three words of feminism are what stands for the word femalesome are still believing that feminism is no longer the important topic, some are even having thoughts that they should make a protest based on anti-feminism to reverse the idea with masculinity.

Although women has suffered a great amount of no equal rights that does not change the idea of equality because it does affect men too. The similarities of cognitive dissonance with gender equality and feminism is the reaction receive from the public. In this generation we are still judging the way a man dresses themselves as neat, the way a man keeps his posture as feminine. We forgot the term that a man could dress in a certain way probably because he enjoys the color pink. A man keeps himself neat because he is vain. Same goes to women, they are judged by short hair, wearing more pants than skirts. Not forgetting that some women preferably prefer pants because it’s comfortable for everyday use. Maybe she kept her hair short because she does not want to go through the hassle of wanting to take too long to dry or style her hair. As people we choose to portray ourselves differently due to the comfort we have within ourselves. There was a saying that once went around real men wears pink. Why be the judge of color, why accuse, why assume an individual for what ever they choose to be wearing.

According to the Maslow pyramid, this topic of gender equality is at self actualization. Not in creative wise but we will need to realize that everyone has an achievement to reach and everyone is still taking time to understand themselves. Being dressed a certain way, portraying themselves a certain way because it has always been the benefit of defining masculinity. The assumptions of men being portrayed as weakness when the expose a emotional side in other words men are always never allowed to expose their vulnerability- altogether no matter what as a man they are one whole still a human being. Socially the term housewives has put on a big turn and eventually the term house-husbands came around. Men too want the life just as equally as women. They want to spend as much time as they can with their families, their children. For an example education for men are important too. There are men who work over the hours and are still being promoted later than the ones who has a higher education then they do. Not forgetting men are involved too as victims of being sexually harassed and sexually assaulted.

Having said that, feminism does not belong to women. Objectifying the word feminism itself- it is to achieve equality for both genders so lets detach the female gender from being the foundation of feminism. As we battle for women to receive the same amount of respect men are given we forgot questioning ourselves about the people who does not portray or identify as a man or a woman. That is where the word Transgender comes around. Be it their gender, their religion, race, the color of their skin, we should never treat one individual different from the ones we tend to favor or of a specific gender we have interest in. Gender Equality is all about the equal rights for all three types of genders.

Women being the foundation of feminism regularly mainly because women themselves have been affected by the inequality of gender but it has never intended to portray as an act to demoralize the male gender. It is important to remind men have their times of not going through great amount of deal too. Mentally, we should be allowing the exposure of vulnerability between both genders therefore we are able to focus on being mindful that loving ourselves is more than important than differentiating which gender is more important to protect. Altogether all three genders, as female, male and as transgenders we all deserve the equal treatment.

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