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A Report on Gender Equality

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Gender equality is the notion that’s hoped to be implemented in every individual. It applies to everyone to help discover one’s personal abilities and to help them be free to make choices without any limitations which had been placed by stereotypes, the strict gender roles and bias. Every individual is said to be examined and valued by their different behavior, dreams and needs of every individual which was indicated by gender equality.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that either gender, women or men have to become the same but that one’s freedom and rights, responsibilities and the opportunities that were given will not be reliant on whether they were born a male or female. It signifies equal treatment for both gender, following the individual’s needs. This could also relate to equal treatment or treatment that isn’t necessarily the same but which is considered on par with one’s rights, accomplishments and opportunities. Gender equality is the end goal, while the other goals like gender neutrality and gender equality are ways and thinking that would help contribute to accomplishing the end goal which would give a sort of kick start and play a part in gender equality even though it is not the ultimate goal. It is more than just equal rights, it is tied to a women’s that often needs changes.

Although the world-wide motion for gender equality has not yet stretched to genders outside of the standard gender; men and women, or anything out of the gender binaries. Gender equality also means that each individual enjoys the same rights, opportunities, resources and safety. It doesn’t mean that it has to be exactly the same or that every individual has to be exactly treated equally. Till now, not all beliefs which is related to gender equality has been socially accepted. One of the example is breastfeeding, a natural act which has been frowned upon by males and has remained a prevailing issue. Even so, it does not bat the public’s eyes as often as it did last time, especially in a semi-private place such as restaurants.

Similarly, with men having career which the society used to stereotype as a women’s work such as cleaning, taking care of a child or even nursing. The role of parenting or raising a child are now commonly shared between both parents and are not as widely seen as an exclusive to only female role, so that women may still chase their career without being tied down to domestic issues after giving birth. The media has been criticized for portraying unrealistic and stereotype gender in a negative light by exploiting and making light about the issues that women are still struggling with like the objectifying of women and making use of women to appeal to the public without thinking about the feelings of the women portrayed or just women in general.

The media has made issues like traditional domestic or sexual roles that oppresses against women normal. The concern that affects people are the wrong portrayal that would tarnish the perceptions that are stereotypical be it as a submissive housewife or used as just a sex object. In the social experiment and studies that has been done to bring light to the issues of the portrayal of women in the media has shown that they are often portrayed as weak, unintelligent, irrational, submissive and are of service to men. Research has also brought light to the issues of women having self-esteem issues, depression and anxiety due to the confinement set by these roles.

Gender inequality is still a problem worldwide, seizing the women and girls of their rights and their opportunities. Empowering women and girls, and helping them achieve gender equality will need more intense and effective efforts to counter and issue that goes way deeper than the gender-based discrimination which results from patriarchal attitudes and related social norms. It continues to still be one of the major obstruction in human growth. Major changes have been made since the 1990 to combat this inequality issue but it has yet gained full cooperation of the society. Too often, women and girls are discriminated in different aspects such as politics, education, health which results in a confined growth to their capabilities and their freedom of choice.

Despite some of the country’s societies contributing to protest for their human rights, women and girls are still seen as the most likely to be dependent and less educated, whatnot with the lesser opportunity choices given. They also have lesser access to owning a property, loaning from banks, being trained and being employed. It is seen that they would likely be less politically involved and would far more likely to be the victims any forms of violence including domestic violence. Gender equality will only be acquired when women and men are able to enjoy the same rights, the same obligations and the same opportunities in all rank of life. It also means equally distributing power and influence that needs to be shared, and having equal opportunities for independence of finance and education so women can uncover their personal ambitions.

Gender equality appeals to the empowerments of women, distinguishing and repairing the imbalance of power by entrusting women more rights to take control of their own lives. When these empowerment affects women positively, families of these women would be at and advantage and often not, these advantages would have a ripple effect on future generations. Biologics does not determine the roles that men and women plays in society but more so that they are socially determined, something that is ever changing and changeable. These roles vary widely in different places and develops over a period of time and may be justified as being a requirement by a culture or religion. The efforts to encourage a women’s empowerment should also be kept in mind to ensure cultural considerations are respected while upholding women’s and girls’ rights.

One needs to also keep in mind when effectively promoting gender equality that women are diverse in the roles they play such a social status, skills, educational accomplishments as well as in age. The way they live their lives and the choices they make varies widely. Contrary to popular beliefs, people believed the westernized part of the world have accomplished gender equality that discriminates female in workplace is illegal and that women now share the same equality as men. Feminists from around the world still do not believe that the battle is over despite these. For example, a social analysis was organized and the volunteers have to watched a short video pitching a proposition, said by the pitcher. Volunteers were seated not according to any categories and they had to listen to the opposite genders pitched, using the same script. Sixty-eight percent of participant believed the male deserves the funding in comparison to only thirty-two percent when narrated by a female. The issues happen even when gender isn’t show physically but as a resume. In this other analysis, volunteers were required to judge a candidate for a managerial spot in a company. A resume which was the same were given in two different settings. The resume had gender based name liked “James” or “Jessie”. Volunteers that believe that the applicants were male said that he would be more hirable. Also, starting them with higher pay.

Even the kids these days are displaying this stigma. Kids were asked to guess the gender of a genius hero in a story. Boys would think that the person would be a man and girls wouldn’t think that it was a woman either. These proves that some people do still in fact judge by one’s gender even if they chose to believe that they do not despite the ongoing issue in these modern times. These has shown that women are at an inconvenience compared to men in different fields or in their everyday life even when all else is equal. Men being seen as better even if they are unable to provide evidence to present their competency, might be one of the cause of it. One may disagree that there is some contrast with the two genders, and it is what plays a part in the stigma.

Feminists are not trying to debate when they see two genders as alike, unrecognized on all behaviors and abilities nor do they meant for gender difference to be completely abolished or that equality should be carried everywhere. It could be seen that the amount of women fireman on the field is considerably lesser than they are men. The work environment could likely be a part of it. It’s also partially cause of the test that exerts one’s physique to decide on who to enlist as a firefighter. The test includes dragging a seventy-two-kg mannequin or lifting it. Many physically strong men could execute it, but not all women. There might always be lesser female in this line of because of the demand or the choice that not every female would want to commit their life to a risky job even in the absence of gender discriminating. It wouldn’t be an issue as long as it does not exclude a certain gender and that it is rational for the job. It could also have meant that we don’t have to always have an equal amount of gender in all career to prove gender equality.

Gender equality doesn’t signify that both gender should be treated equal. It is rational for both gender, due to the physical contrast. Like how females could request for a maternity leave during pregnancy and after birth. When these arises, one have to be fair not equal. One has to understand that rationality is needed treating people to be different to be able to get a similar outcome and recognizing the variation skill. There are times where rationality does not always work out how one would want it to be in accomplishing gender equality, in spite of it being an essential part. More often than not, lack of skills that condones to a discriminating treatment does not cause inconvenience to the women or girls. By seeing every individual as equal, gender equality could be accomplished. Instead, irrational gender prejudice is routinely exposed to contributes as a part of the problem.

Gender gap in workforce is still prevalent; men would still earn more than women and are more likely to advance in their careers faster than women. Women are also more likely to collect less retirement money or bonuses compared to men. But when it comes to family-friendly policies such as flexible working or parental leave, men would have less access to it. In other words, women’s trying to accomplish gender equality in the workplace still have a long way to go. Women has to sometimes work longer unpaid hours in a low skilled work in most parts of the world. What is devaluing all of us and undermining our social issues is gender bias. The issue is not just pertaining to human rights, but it is also a waste of the world’s human potential. Economic, political and social would profit more if we are allowing half the population a chance to live life by giving equal rights to women. Men; whom are a gender with influence, capital and collectively more power than women do indeed have more responsibilities to work towards this bias. Men too would benefit for striving for equality in mending society’s treatment towards women and girls.

In spite all of that, boys and men are also affected by the narrow ideas of their gender. Some have experienced some form of physical violence at one point of time in their life like being punched, shoved, hit, or even them spitting on another boy. If the one being bullied were to express how they felt when they were being treated this way, the bullies would tell them to “stop being a girl” and “take it like a man”. Boys who were seen as “weak” or girly” were even sexually abused in some instances. In conclusion, unfortunately, this stigma is still happening world-wide and are sometimes unaware of our own judgement. Until this stigma have been achieved and that society stops being against someone just because of their gender, we can’t truly declare we are not part of the stigma.

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