Culture Effect: Information and Communication Applications

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  1. Introduction
  2. Discussion
  3. There are 3 types of networks they are
  4. Conclusions
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There are different interesting things in this world, we desire beauty that might attract everybody hoping that they will admire us. But the question is what are those interesting things? The first one is a trend, it is the reason all the time why it captures our attention, mostly on the beautiful things. The second one is culture, it is part of our daily life, and by the use of networks, we get new knowledge and information.

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The trend is defined in various ways. In the field of arts, fashion, and music, it is a certain act of setting as a style or preference such as the realism movement in art, quit emergence of the miniskirt, and the popularity of jazz music. In economics, it is a general movement registering statistical changes for a long period such as the increase of living and rate of unemployment. In politics, it refers to a chance, flow, or curve toward a certain thought or policy as to when democratic southeast ASIAN countries favored authoritarian governments at a certain point in their histories. A trend is a pattern of group behavior that lasts for a long period of time. It can affect your life and shape your future. Some of the trends today include 3-D printing, online ticketing, solar paneling installation, and pop music. By spotting a trend, you can think of ways to maintain your lead in your field of specialization, detect new opportunities to grab, and “invent” a future life for you, your family, and close friends. In order to detect a trend, read and observe a lot. While the network is a particular type of relationship that links certain sets of people, events, or objects. Culture is the aspects of life that people value and enjoy. It is considered a defining characteristic of humanity that includes things like language, art, music, architecture, customs, rituals, pastimes, festivals, cuisine, fashion, history, stories, and myth. Social networks can be used as avenues for transforming people, solving problems, or redirecting efforts. Nowadays, people continue to adopt different cultures which resulted to not valuing their own culture. People nowadays are fond of watching Korean dramas and listening to other foreign music that they even forget the culture they used to do. they even imitate to do what is popular and apply to their self which they think is a cool and unique event it is not necessary, It also affects their daily living which resulted in people to be unproductive.


Someone or something starts or causes a trend. A person who starts a trend is called a trendsetter. The individual's act or event has attracted attention, earned acceptance, and created strong interest and influence on people whose number keeps snowballing as days go by. The act or event is something different from what is currently going on and it becomes “the next big thing.” It demonstrates an accelerated spread among various sectors and areas and creates a deep and wide scope of influence on people, sectors, and the environment it leads to change.

According to futurists (a futurist is one who studies and predicts the future, especially on the basis of current trends) Alf Rehn and Magnus Lindkvist, trendspotting refers to “the study of trends and the way they develop and affect society.” This should be differentiated from cool-hunting which is “a hunt for those things that will become popular before they are popular.” Trend analysis is “based on trend spotting but extends this into developing future scenarios.”

Trendspotting seeks broader subjects that lead to changes in human perception, say, in clothing and music. Imagine how the marketers of the denim jeans, notably Levis, positioned denim jeans from being workwear to being quality wear that exudes individuality and informality. Soon, denim jeans became ubiquitous in every country and a must-have. Think of composers and performers of pop music that help define the taste of a generation of listeners, possibly touching emotions and upholding attitudes. Original Pilipino Music (OPM), which started in the late 1970s, provided songs with a uniquely Filipino Pop feel different from the previous colonially influenced songs and art songs. Moreover, trends can reflect or give the impression of wealth and status such as the trends of drinking gourmet coffee, and eating organic food, and fashion trends such as dresses and ripped jeans for OOTDs. Trends and fads can happen in areas of life where change or transformation continuously occurs. This means that while you’re alive, you will encounter and experience various trends and fads.

Globalization affects your life and everyone else’s no matter your location and distance from other people. The inter-connectivity brought about by globalization is manifested by, for example, a local event in a country affecting and creating impacts in another country. Sociologist, Anthony Giddens defined globalization as “the intensification of worldwide social relations which links distant localities in such a way that local happenings are shaped by events occurring many miles away and vice versa.”

One of the dimensions of Globalization is Sociocultural Globalization. This dimension has two components: cultural globalization and social globalization. Cultural Globalization refers to the spread of ideas, values, and meanings across countries, broadening and increasing social relations. It paves the way for the creation of shared norms as well as of broader and deeper knowledge of other cultural identities. This facilitates increased interrelation and interconnection among variegated cultures on populations and a better appreciation for one another.

Religion, languages, cuisine, fashion, music, dance, and other ramifications of pop culture are the elements in cultural globalization. The one’s isolated communities and unknown indigenous practices are uncovered and exposed to the world by the opening of a country to foreign researchers, business people, tourists, journalists, and adventurists. People develop their tastes and preference for food, architectural designs, clothing, body accessories, and sports that they encounter from other countries. For instance, American shops and goods are made available around the world to suit in the “Americanization” of buyers, especially the young generations. The Japanese Pop (J-Pop) and Korean Pop (K-Pop) cultures with good-looking singers and dancers have become a phenomenon in many countries across the continents. Much earlier than the Americanization was the signification (the adaptation of certain Chinese beliefs, practices, and other cultural elements) in early Southeast Asian societies. Chinese cultural influences have been unceasing in South East Asia and beyond since then, may it be in the realms of business, family relations, food, language, or metaphysical beliefs. Cultural borrowings and convergence have increased through cultural Globalization.

Social Globalization the second component, covers the diffusion of beliefs, practices, and issues concerning population growth, media, urbanization, tourism, education, and sports that drive nations, institutions, and governments to expand social relations. High population growth has been a concern of the world because it affects the pace and quality of development, food prices and supply, natural resources, energy supply, and the help of the global community. Increased human consumption of fish and other seafood, for instance, has significantly reduced the fish population, thus continuously creating disequilibrium in the marine ecosystem.

There are 3 types of networks they are

Local network which refers to interconnected processes internal to the individual person's mind, mental faculty, or thoughts such as strategic analysis and intuitive thinking that are ultimately demonstrated in decision making. Strategic analysis is the process of examining, using one’s rationality or reason, the organization’s surroundings and resources, and how they relate with each other to formulate a strategy to meet objectives and improve performance. Such as understanding facts, data, and instructions at hand. it is common in the process of strategic planning, its brain-centered and focused and deals with one thing at a time. On the other hand, Intuitive thinking is sensing or knowing using rational processes such as reading facts and instructions. Simply intuitive thinking is making choices and decisions according to one’s hunch and gut feeling without knowing the reason why. It is heart-centered, unfocused, experiences, logical, and is not time-bound.

Global networks are basically avenues for communication which pave the way for the creation of new forms of social interaction and organization. It appears in many forms such as international production networks, international security alliances, international amnesty, global networks for tropical diseases, and a world watch for marine life, among life. The networks are characterized by actors composed of people, governments, and institutions or firms sharing common interests and exchanging and interacting with one another.

Planetary networks refer to the interconnections and interrelation among the various elements in the natural environment enveloping and affecting the earth as well as elements beyond the earth’s surface. It includes the rain, the wind, the sun rays, gases, and other climate-related elements. It also covers natural resources such as forests, mineral deposits, lakes, oceans, hills, and mountains as well as the flora and fauna and other living organisms which when heavily exploited and exhausted shall cause detrimental effects on earth’s natural cycle and functions.


Overall, globalization has a huge impact in our daily life, it makes everyone aware that change is a must and nothing ever stays the same. We make choices and decisions every day, knowingly and unknowingly. The problem, however, is making the right or better decisions. Arriving at the right decisions involves critical and creative thinking skills which intend to develop in vogue, Networks, and Culture in the 21st Century. Globalization can be understood by looking to its components or dimensions and by analyzing its consequences and effects on people, communities, governments, and tighten. The time where we live in the 21st century and this period is very well known for its development of science and information technology. Nowadays emails, internet, fax, phones, mobiles, and television are very common. And these are the tools that have made communication from one corner of the world to another. In this relation, the whole world is being looked at as a single community that is connected by electronic communication systems. Thus, globalization can be defined as the integration and freedom of the world’s culture, economy, and infrastructure through transnational investment, rapid acceleration of communication and information technologies, and the impacts of free markets on local, regional, and national economies. This mainly deals with the interlinked of the people globally. It is due to globalization that we are so much adapted and accustomed to not only the western cultures but other cultures as well. The influence of Hollywood, Korean Dramas, and changes in language, culture, and dressing are such examples of Globalization. Globalization has helped the people to be updated with every happening of the world. The thoughts and ideas of individuals now work in a broader perspective.

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We can’t deny the fact that we are already globalized and we can do nothing about it. The more globalization continues the more improvement will happen. Just for example the father is in the living room watching live streaming of news on his laptop, the news reports are about the king of Saudi Arabia passing away; a week-long riot occurring in Mexico; prices of stocks are spiking upward. Though that situation is making us aware that globalization can inform us internationally. The scenario mentioned is just a few that show the impact of globalization in a domestic setting. Globalization seems to have two faces like the yin and yang, or the positive and negative elements close together. This concept described opposite as interdependent and interlinked to each other. And by that, globalization is possible because of the mass media. Because it is broadcast from one part of the world to another. Despite having many advantages many people still argue that globalization cannot always be useful to individuals since working technically is not always proper. It may continue an individual to just himself being self-centered. Other critical issues may arise due to globalization. So, globalization can be viewed both positively and negatively thinking.


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