Is College Worth It: The Benefits of College Education

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Published: Jan 28, 2021

Words: 1396|Pages: 3|7 min read

Published: Jan 28, 2021

To answer the question “is college worth it?”, essay should provide persuasive arguments. In today’s world it is primarily essential for a high school student to continue their education to college. However, earning a Bachelor’s degree doesn’t distinguish whether someone who has a high school diploma decides to apply for the same job position. High position degrees like masters and doctorates are the ones that count. Not only does it help with getting a high paying job, it benefits those who don’t want any debt. On average a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree earns $30,000 more per year than a high school graduate. Is college education worth it? Of course. In reality any education pass high school will have you earning more money than a high school graduate.

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On average college graduates have a more stable life than high school graduates. Studies show that the income is greater and that college graduates live a healthier life, and their children are more productive at school. College is worth it because of the opportunities in place when you go to college. Furthering your education, and your knowledge on what you want to do in your life will help you grow as a human being and earn you lots of money. Many people look forward to the fun, new experiences, new people from different backgrounds, and a new life. So is college worth it? Sure!

For most, college is that get away feeling and starting fresh. But others feel that college is a waste of time and there is no point of going to college because its too hard or its too much money. Some may feel this way because of the actual time management and the sacrifices they will have to make for the next 4 consecutive years of their lives in order to actually obtain a college degree. If you want to work at a fast food or mall job for the rest of your life then so bet it. The choices you make after high school dictate whether you’re going to be successful for the rest of your life. Many high school students are in need of financial help when it comes to college especially students attending public schools. On average students who attend private schools pay less than students who attend public schools. Why? This is because students attending private schools usually have parents who can cover tuition cost or have easier opportunities for a full tuition cost scholarship. The ability to earn a college degree will earn you more money.

A lot of jobs in today’s society require college degrees. Adults with a college degree have twice the income of an adult with a high school diploma. Money is one of the most important materialistic things when it comes to life. In today’s society a college degree has become the focal point in having a well-paid profession. As technology is advancing and human resources are declining, having a college degree should be one of the most important goals in anyone’s lives because of these trends. A lot of people wonder if the debt and time will be worth it if obtaining a 4 year degree. In today’s society every student has an equal opportunity to go to college for free. Whether you live in a broken home, parents have low income, even if your parents are divorced, etc.

There are benefits set in place for lower income children who fear going to college will result in debt for the rest of their lives. The government is providing financial aid for high school students who qualify for it. FAFSA was created in order to cover most of the tuition costs for high school students who want to go to college and obtain a degree of specific field of study. There are alot of students who think college isn’t really worth it. Why? Primarily because of when someone says college is needed in order to have high paying jobs, they are really meaning being able to get expensive things.

To others they feel living off a high school diploma is a set life for them. On average the national debt of a college graduate has increased to $33,000 since 2014. The significance of pursuing higher education is so you can be able to have all your needs and wants in life. Many know that having higher education gives you a better advantage of getting a high position job than someone who doesn’t have high education. Allot of employer’s in today’s society require a form of higher education for most jobs. Employers want people that “know what they’re doing” to be able to get the job. Personally I agree and disagree because people don’t want to see someone with a high school diploma performing operations or dental checkups on their loved ones.

Society has taught itself to prefer people with higher level education to do big jobs that require a lot of studying and a lot of skills. Now if you are in the business workforce, having a high education doesn’t affect sales or anything business related because it doesn’t take a lot of education and training to run a business or work in a business field. School is nothing more than training to be a responsible adult, and training to be able to live in the real world. Going to college is nothing more than an experience you’re going to use throughout your day to day lives. Some students say “why we learn math every year we’re not gonna use it in our everyday lives”. Students who think like this are set for failure because yes you need those math skills to be successful in life. For those who want to be an engineer, those who want to work for NASA and go into the business field.

Those math skills learned in high school and college are very essential in life. Honestly, everyone should go to college unless you are becoming a famous singer, rapper, or artists. You will not make it in the world when every year price increases for goods and natural resources are now being limited due to humans. In the next 10 years having a college degree will be a very important factor in being able to live a stable life.

In school we are taught how the real world works and how it is very essential we learn these skills in order to be successful when we go into the next chapter of our lives. College tuition is now increasing drastically maybe because more people are getting into college. Going to college is another form of training from your specific field of study in order to use the knowledge they learned to fulfill their dreams of working in that career field of choice. Many students say college is the best experience they had in their life. The connections being made, living with someone and growing with someone for 4 years is life changing. A degree is just a paper that gives you permission to do work in your specific field of study.

It depends on how you use your degree because you can major in psychology but then want to do sports management. College is important because it opens up doors for you and molds you to go above and beyond. It creates many opportunities for people to try new things in their lives. Most colleges have over 200 plus programs, like clubs and sports that students love. Being around alot of different cultures lures people into coming to college. With media and society telling children that college is everything and you should go is another way you get lured into going to college. What makes college so worth it is the fact that you have so much free time and you are in absolute control over what you want to do in your life without anyone trying to dictate what you need to be doing in your life.

As seen from this argumentative essay, college puts you in a position to be able to follow your dreams and passions of what you plan on becoming as you step into the life of work. If you plan on not going to college I highly recommend you do because pursuing a higher education in today’s world is one of the most important steps in life to living a successful life without any financial struggles. College is definitely worth it.

Why Is College Worth It? (Essay)

Is college worth it? As the years progress, many people are questioning whether college is worth its cost due to record levels of unemployment for college graduates. College is worth its cost because it provides student with benefits such as the likelihood of obtaining a higher paying job, being a more educated citizen, and it teaches you the skills necessary to succeed in life.

One of the main reasons why high school graduates don’t attend college after high school is because of the costly college tuition. But with statistical evidence, it has been proven that most colleges are reasonably affordable and that the returns from a college degree has greatly exceeded. Despite the “high cost” to attend college, data has been meticulously analyzed and calculated to support the claim that many adults with a college degree make far more money than those without one. College is an investment in itself. On average, adults with a college degree earn aproximately $20,000 more per year than those without one. One must be willing to spend money to make money. Though, it might take a while to earn that money back, it will be well worth it in the future because it will teach you about patience, taking risks, and being analytical which are all characteristics of an excelling member of society.

Colleges attest, challenge, and put students in many rigorous situations. When students are thrown into the fire of pits of harch circumstances, they must learn how to deal with them and overcome them. The same ideology goes for life, when one comes into contact with a unexpected challende they must learn and be smart about how they hoose to react to those situations. Colleges helps students grow their moral character. College students work extremely hard to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can increase and enhance their ability to handle inevitable circumstances. Strengthening the knowledge of a student also helps them become a better member of the society.

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Lastly, college isn’t just learning about things in history, English, or math. People often contest that college doesn’t teach you about things that will be relevent in their life. For example, students often question why they need for learning how to solve a quadratic equation and if it would ever be necessary for life. But, many are blinded by the fact that by learning how to complete these quadratic equations, it teaches them a more valuable lesson, which is critical problem solving. In conclusion, the college education is worth its cost because it enables one to obtain higher paying jobs, grow chracter through education, and learn the applicable skills necessary to succed in life.

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