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Study Plan for Master Degree Program

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Table of contents

  1. Study Plan Sample (Masters in Communication and Information Engineering)
  2. Statement of Purpose
    Why come to China to study in Communication and Information Engineering at Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunication?
    Why not pursue less expensive alternatives in Pakistan?
    What is my overall educational objective?
    How will this Chinese degree increase my chances in the Pakistan labor market?
    Following my course of study
  3. My Interest in Computer Science and Information Technology
  4. Research Background
    Keen Interest
    Chosen Area
    Why China and My Contribution to the development of research in China and to the society
  5. Conclusion

Study Plan Sample (Masters in Communication and Information Engineering)

Statement of Purpose

My study plan for Master’s Degree in Communication and Information Engineering at the Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunication in China is concentrated on the discipline of communication and Technology. This is a natural progression for me because I already possess an ICS and will pass B.S(I.T) [four years] in June both related to computer science, technology and networking. Now, after dedicating six years towards fulfilling my objective of becoming a fully-fledged authority on Communication Engineering, I feel well prepared for a Master program on the topic. Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunication offer me the best possible opportunities to acquire leading-edge knowledge and later contribute to China.

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Why come to China to study in Communication and Information Engineering at Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunication?

I selected Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunication because its research focus, facilities, and professors are ideal to help me meet my precise goals. My choice was made after comparing and contrasting carefully several different engineering schools. While many universities conduct investigations into theories, this institution’s Faculty of Engineering’s specialist trait is research into computer technology used in the world. Not only will I be acquiring practical knowledge in my specific field, but I will also be gaining expertise that is in great demand by industrial and companies sectors in China. Additionally, I am attracted to the fact that the Faculty of Engineering holds strong ties with industrial organizations. The Faculty partners provide substantial funding, advanced facilities, and suitable test environments for a thesis in Communication and Information. Furthermore, the Master’s supervisors Chairs in intelligent systems, which indicate that experts with extensive and pioneering knowledge will appropriately guide my thesis and use me for excellent projects. I also chose these professors because not only will I be expected to study my particular area, I additionally must acquire a broad education regarding the theory and application of many kinds of technologies. Therefore, as I learn widely about computers application, technologies, I will be supervised capably in my area of computers.

Why not pursue less expensive alternatives in Pakistan?

Of course, obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Pakistan was my first preference because it is my home. I, therefore, considered applying for the d program at Government College University Faisalabad in Pakistan, especially as I have worked there and it is the leading university in Pakistan regarding this subject. However, while Pakistan is cheaper than China, the issue of cost does not determine my choice of university, So I apply for the scholarship for a Master’s Degree. Due to my knowledge and skills, the Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunication in China is offering me the necessary financial assistance to fully cover tuition and living expenses. Most important for me was the right thesis environment. Sadly, Pakistan is not the best option presently. I know from firsthand experience that while Government College University Faisalabad has the broadest Information Technology in Pakistan, it mainly focuses on networking and technology, and I already have considerable knowledge of this area. Plus there is the key fact that most of the leading Network Technology professionals in Pakistan were trained in Lahore. They left Pakistan because western countries still hold the finest technology and preeminent teaching. Like them, I wish to benefit from China’s education and put it to good use upon my return to Pakistan.

What is my overall educational objective?

My overall educational objective is to use the Master’s as a vehicle to become a world-class specialist in Communication and Information Engineering, especially Communication. Exposure now to cutting-edge technological breakthroughs and participation in advanced projects would prepare me for a brilliant long-term career in Pakistan. I will furthermore use my education to help Pakistan integrate itself with the global academic environment because I will present papers at seminars and international conferences.

How will this Chinese degree increase my chances in the Pakistan labor market?

My prospects in Pakistan’s labor market would be extraordinary after the acquisition of a Masters’s in Information and Communication Engineering. Computers are vital technological tools for Pakistan’s industries and manufacturing, which must upgrade their automation features to keep pace with international standards. To give one example, Pakistan is investing billions in city subways, and Communication technologies inevitably will play an important role in their construction. Because China’s requirements for information and communication experts greatly exceed the number of talented professionals, those in possession of the information on the latest international developments and skills applicable to handle projects at the most challenging level will be in great demand. Furthermore, aside from hands-on knowledge, what I would offer an employer was evidence that I had acquired new concepts, a fresh mindset, the ability to conduct senior-level independent Study And make a Thesis, and a broad international perspective. My competitors and Friends – Master’s Degree holders from Pakistan’s universities – would be able to make less impressive claims in these areas. Additionally, Pakistan’s government encourages returnees with preferential policies, such as ample funds for thesis and favorable conditions for establishing businesses. I can state with confidence that the Chinese degree would open doors for me – to construction enterprises and multinational companies. In Pakistan, they all would view me as a precious potential member of their personnel. A Master from a western country is seen as having a positive impact to play in the development of a domestic organization, not just in their specific job but also their approach to work. Master degree Holder returnees are valued as being cooperative team workers, forward-thinking, and highly proactive when faced with challenges.

Following my course of study

I hold plans regarding how I aim to use my degree in the long-term when I return to Pakistan and have already secured backing from family and colleagues to facilitate their realization. Those plans include using my Study to establish a communication company, with the help of my father and professors at Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunication. I will return to Pakistan after my degree in China because my ties to this top university are strong. My advisor has said I would be welcome to return, and my target would be to set up at the university. This is entirely feasible due to my contacts. With my advisor’s support, the center would attract from leading organizations.

In short, the Master program in Communication and Information Engineering at the Chinese Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunication serves all of my important short, medium, and long-term goals. I will invest all my efforts in research and then return for an exciting career.

My Interest in Computer Science and Information Technology

Research Background

I would like to present my gratitude for being provided an opportunity to describe my career history and future objectives. Needless to say, we live in a world where technology has become a necessity to live life with ease and to make technology dig deep down into usefulness is a constant aim to pursue for computer engineers – like me. It would not be wrong to say that much of the progress and development are due to rapid advances in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology. Since the invention of computers, incessant efforts have been made in order to make computers learn and acquire intelligence. If we can program a computer to learn – that is, to improve its performance through experience, we can achieve Artificial Intelligence to outperform its very creator: the human himself, in many aspects. This has fascinated me to take the very field as my career.

Starting from my childhood days, being a school student, I have had a strong aptitude for science subjects with a constant urge to experiment and try out new things. I burnt the midnight oil to prove my mettle with successful results.

For my undergraduate studies, I chose to pursue my field of interest and secured admission in the Computer Systems Engineering department of Quaid-e-Awam University of Engineering, Science and Technology (QUEST), Nawabshah, Sindh, Pakistan – one of the well-reputed universities of Pakistan. I am happy to state that I obtained “1st Division” in my undergraduate studies, with being in top 10 students in the batch. Like a duck in the water, I was quickly absorbing and assimilating information and knowledge in subjects like Artificial Intelligence (Robotics), Programming Languages, Software Engineering, Microprocessor, Interfacing & Assembly, Data Structures & Algorithm, Digital Logic Design, Network Security, Computer Graphics, and Computer Simulation and Modeling. The grand absorption of knowledge of aforementioned fields provided me with a strong footing in the theoretical concept of Computer Systems Engineering.

Along with academics, I am glad to state my affiliation with and activeness in social work which intended for the prosperity of human lives. I happen to have participated in Youth and Social Innovation Conference which encourage the younger generation to demonstrate their skills and inborn talent and be motivated to do innovative thinking. I also participated in Model United Nations (MUNs) which groomed my debating confidence and made me knowledgeable about international relations. My participation in events like Technomind helped me recognize my hosting talents as well as programming skills, since it was an event that focused on IT skills of participants.

My academic experience in research and experimentation includes the creation of an Unmanned Autonomous Rail-track Trolley for Surveillance, in which I led my team members and we deployed dual micro-technology viz. Arduino and Raspberry Pi microcontroller to record and process the video feed of the rail-track and send the output back to the railway personnel. The project aimed to eradicate malicious activities conducted on railtrack resulting in the damage of millions of rupees. The project got recognition in the entire university for its usefulness. A bit earlier than my final year, I got fortunate enough to create a Hi-Tech Medicare Wheelchair the main task of which was to measure the patients’ blood pressure, pulse rate and temperature. It was an Arduino based design of joystick controlled power wheelchair system having other technologies like GPS and GSM. The project perfectly complied with the standards of ISO and WHO to maintain quality standards. I also worked on the creation of a 6 Degree of robotic arm using Computer Vision. The focused idea was to design a robust robotic arm which could perform multifunctional tasks with the help of various sensors like proximity, touch as well as sonar. The controller of the manipulator was based on Arduino UNO Microcontroller and the main focus of the project was to focus on all axes of the manipulator to a desired location/point to carry/lift desired objects and unload at a desired location.

The aforementioned projects gave me an insight into different fields of Computer Engineering and through that, I was convinced about choosing the ultimate field of my interest: Artificial Intelligence, to be researched and studied by me in depth. I was also enlightened about different aspects of team-working and team-leading skills which are going to help me in the best way in my graduate studies.

Keen Interest

Having completed Bachelor’s studies in the aforementioned department, my interest grew stronger for making contributions to Artificial Intelligence which itself is a cognitive task. Hence, I want to enable myself to create such systems, with the deployment of AI strategies, which could leave human intellect far behind. In addition to my personal interest, the reason for pursuing that particular field is my entitlement towards my responsibilities as a Pakistani national, which oblige me to pay back my two cents in form of research and creation of opportunities for younger people who could benefit from my learnings, especially those polished and obtained from my graduate studies in China. Having gone through all my experience and university education I have come to decide of pursuing my master’s degree in the department of “Computer Science and Technology.”Being an avid reader and tech-savvy individual, I constantly keep myself abreast with the latest technology up-gradation and research topics that not only broaden my horizons but expose me to the latest global strides in the area of technology. This has kindled a spark in me to carry out an extensive study in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It would be an eye-opener for me as to go in-depth to understand the technology and its values for the well-being of society.

Chosen Area

Why Choose Artificial Intelligence (AI): A passion to contribute healthily to the world and the desire to do chosen things with perfection has helped me achieve best results as a student. My motivation to choose Artificial Intelligence as a career path has been gradual but quite intriguing – as is the field itself. By profession, I am a Computer Systems Engineer and my favorite interest is to replicate human minds into something which could function intelligently without much interference from humans in real-time. The aforementioned could be achieved by cognitive learning by the machines and the timely deployment of the learning and solving of complex questions like “How can an intelligent machine be built?” is a mystery I would like to answer by immense research and discoveries in the field. For example, building an expert system that can do (somewhat) intelligent reasoning seemed like it’d open up a lot of possibilities, and also downright intriguing. The field makes me fascinated into diving quite deep into discovering the possibilities and answering with positivity the questions which are yet impossible to answer with the cognition of machines.

Why China and My Contribution to the development of research in China and to the society

The progressive educational standards of China have impressed me ever since I caught sense and realized the significance of a high-quality education. I believe that my chosen university is fortunate to have employed extremely distinguished faculty members who can discover the best talent and develop their chosen candidates into the seeds of progress in the world. Accordingly, I believe that being associated with the faculty in my desired institute would give me a great opportunity to pursue my career in Artificial Intelligence (AI), its research and experiments, hopefully, followed by productive inventions, which I am certain of. In addition to the conducive environment that China provides for study and research, I look forward to discovering the best of Chinese culture – especially the aspects that have made China to almost be the World’s Superpower in Technology and nearly much in the economy in just a total of 68 years. I also believe that Pakistan, which enjoys being a reliable neighbor of China, needs to learn a handful of progressive tactics from China – both in diplomacy and developing technology for global benefits. Furthermore, as a Computer Professional, I would like to contribute my innovative ideas and knowledge to the development of research in China and to the society by implementing my problem-solving skills and expertise into practice. I will do my best to be an asset to China and its society.

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I would like to end by saying that I am fully aware that a career in research and academics requires a high level of intelligence, unwavering dedication and a lot of sacrifice. I am confident that I would meet all the above demands, and, if given the Scholarship, would prove my mettle in being the best researcher and inventor in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Hence, I appeal to the Graduate Admissions Committee to consider me for admission.

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