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Moving Planets

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As researched it would only be wise to move to another planet. Talk has been around and information available that Mars is the closest most habitable planet after Earth. They have many similarities such as similar atmospheric gases or land mass which would make Mars the planet that is used as an example when scientists research. Research has been gathered that if humans had to travel to Mars it would take many lights years as the planet is very far away and the technology that will be used to take us there hasn’t been invented. According to Michio Kaku, a recognized face of science, the third biggest scientific project which is the Human Connectome Project will help humans understand the map of the brain which will help invent a laser beam which will be able to shoot humans into space faster than a normal space rocket would. Therefore helping space travel to become faster and easier. Due to the fact that space travel, to Mars especially, will take approximately 300 days and travel back would take about the same plus the interval in between which is when they wait for the rotation of planets, it would take astronauts 2 years approximately which could not be safe as meteorites and cosmic radiation can easily get to them, scientists have decided to invest a lot of money into research about this beam. Alternatively Elon Musk, a South African businessman, has invest a lot of his own money into researched and producing a space ship (SpaceX) which will take about 100 people to Mars to start their own population.


In order to colonize a different planet many things need to take place, especially since the only planet that people are looking at is Mars. The planet Mars as of currently has no oxygen on it and is also 2 times colder than earth meaning there is no life and many ice caps. Scientists plan to “Terraform” on the planet before moving onto it, which means that they need to make Mars as much like Earth as possible but thickening up their atmosphere. They would be creating asteroids or comets to smash into their polar ice caps causing the ice to sublimate, which would hopefully make carbon dioxide. Or build many factories on the planet to produce chlorofluorocarbons which traps the suns heat. But this could all still be poisonous because of all the carbon and no plants to make oxygen, so scientists will have to create plants that will be able to form in Mars’ atmosphere so oxygen can be created, which all sounds great but it’ll take around 100 000 years and billions of dollars to do. Mars also doesn’t have a magnetosphere which protects the planets from the suns radiation striping away atoms and molecules, which would mean terraforming would have to happen sooner than predicted after that.


If moving to another planet were to become possible soon, artificial intelligence, bio-technology, and Nano-technology will allow for it to happen faster. As other planets do not have the oxygen to be habitable yet but the carbon dioxide needed, it would possible for scientists and engineers to construct a plant that would make terraforming happen on other planets will little to no oxygen. Allowing the plant to adapt to the conditions on either planet and allow it to still make oxygen as it would on Earth with carbon dioxide. Also since Mars is not currently habitable for humans robots would be created to do all the work and prepare the planet for the upcoming human race, allowing them do all the heavy work. Also the robots would need to have a battery life that would last long enough for them to do many things for a long period of time but space robots have already been created using solar energy.


According to the late physicist, Stephen Hawking, we have 100 years before Earth becomes inhabitable too. Due to climate change, asteroid strikes, epidemics and overpopulation, he believes we are running out of space and time on Earth, Hawking believes doomsday is close so close that in six month he changed the days 1000 to 100. Hawking also believes that humans should explore other planets but not disturb other extra-terrestrial life out there if there are any, as he believes it will not end well for us humans. He believes that other life will try to destroy us, as they will feel threatened and take over Earth.


Elon Musk, the owner of Tesla and SpaceX, has a plan to take people to Mars. He created SpaceX because he wants to make us a multi-planet species; he plans to help keep our species safe if and when a disastrous event happens. Such as World War 3, he believes the planet is far away from Earth that humans would be likely to survive. He also wants to “shorten the length of the next dark ages”. To save humans, Musk has a plan to transfer humans to the Red Planet by 2025 and colonise by 2033, which keeps us safe within Hawking’s timeline. He is currently working on a spaceship called the BFR system, a 100 meter spaceship, to transport 100 people to Mars; it will be a reusable ship that will be able to take about 1 million people to Mars. It will eventually replace the current Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon ships, but for the meanwhile these spaceships are very useful. They are helping the company collect data for the future trips to Mars, such as time lengths to Mars etc. The trip to Mars according to Musk, will be affordable for the average person (200 000$)


NASA has planned a 5 phase plan to reach the Red Planet. We are currently in phase 1, where they are launching and testing rockets. They will deliver components to the Deep Space Gateway (DSG). Previously before 2018, they were in phase 0 conducting tests and partnering with private companies. And in 2025, phase 2 will be launched. Launching the Deep Space Transport tube toward the DSG from 2027-2029, astronauts will stay in the tube for 400 days. In 2030 phase 3 the DST will transport supplies to Mars. Then in 2033, humans will travel to Mars, which is phase 4. If all goes well with research from 2018-2025, the movement of life forms from Earth will happen quickly.


As I have discovered through extensive research, colonisation on another planet is vital and needs to happen within the next century or any life form on Earth will not survive. As humans, many people are not subject to the idea of moving planets and understand that it’ll take a very long to make another planet habitable as it took Earth very long to become habitable for us. They know that leaving planet Earth with all the waste and moving to another planet to make a better one will not solve our current problem but it will be a good investment.

There are many talks about moving to another planet and many companies have already starting working towards going to marks in this century, so humans have already considered the fact of moving to Mars and the necessity behind it. And the plans of moving there soon are heading along slowly but surely. In conclusion, humans should consider moving in the near future once all the technology and resources are ready

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