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Personal Account of My Experience with the Durian Fruit

  • Category: Food
  • Topic: Durian
  • Pages: 1
  • Words: 639
  • Published: 26 April 2019
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If there is one fruit that would be the most exotic of all fruits in the whole world, it would definitely be the Durian. As what I have learned from the Philippine cultural studies, Durian is known to be the “king of all fruits” in Southeast Asia. Similar to the king, considerably big in some nations, this fruit grows on a large tree having bizarre characteristics, notably its humongous size. Incomparably different from other produce, this enormous fruit is offensively unpleasant to smell receptor, disturbingly amazing to corneas, but undeniably mouth-watering to taste buds.

When I first encountered and cut open a Durian, it initially attacked my nose. Its aroma is indescribably awful. It smells like mixture of all pungent scents in the world. The nose recognizes its foul odor even if it is several feet away. It’s as stinky as sweaty feet, rotten eggs, and onions combined together. People who are unmindful about this stinky fruit always assume that someone has farted. Some even think of its smell as dangerous gas leak. In fact, due to its smell, this fruit has been banned in some airports in Southeast Asia. In all Asian stores I have been to, I noticed that Durian is the only fruit that is placed in a tightly sealed container. Durian fruit has likely be the most disgusting odor. Durian experience will certainly be the most unforgettable if someone encounters one.

Glancing on this fruit for the very first time surprisingly astonished my eyes due to its unique appearance; at the same time, it frightened me a bit to touch it because it’s as thorny and scary as thorny dragon. The shell has so many hard-looking, sharp spikes which make it more dangerous than any other thorns. My aunt once mentioned to me that Southeast Asians avoid Durian trees as much as possible because once it falls from the tree, it can hit one’s head that will lead him or her to suffer from serious injuries or even death. Aside from its thorns, its color and shape are also noticeable. Its shape is analogous to a football ball and it’s like a bigger version of a pine cone Christmas ornament. Its color has a mixture of yellow, green and brown on its outside surface. But when it is cracked open, shiny, golden yellow meat of the fruit appears to be so tempting to eat despite of its smell.

After surviving the smell and the fear to touch and open a Durian, the last human body sense that this fruit will benefit the most is the sense of taste. This fruit has a sweet heavenly taste, a taste that most people in other parts of the world are missing and have not tasted before. But during the first try of eating it, if the sense of smell dominates the sense of taste, it will taste like how it smells. Once you get over the smell, Durian remarkably tastes better than some of the most delicious cheeses in the world. It’s so creamy and juicy that it will melt in one’s tongue like the feeling of eating nougats or cream cheese. Its consistency is similar to butter, while its mushiness is likewise to a mushed potato. It has sugary and combined fruits flavors, but with uniquely twist of mild onion taste. The taste of Durian would probably be the most unique flavor that the ten thousand taste buds of a single person would appreciate.

Eating Durian is similar to a life to heaven experience. To eat this exotic fruit, it will take courage. The Durian’s distinct smell, appearance and taste make the fruit more unique than any other fruits in the world. Despite of its negative impressions, it’s the only fruit that can prove that it’s what’s inside that’s important.

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