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Personal Branding: Development of My Own Brand and Its Strategies

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  • Published: 10 February 2022
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Most people believe that personal branding has nothing but something to do with sport stars, celebrities and businesses, but the truth is that you already are no matter you are aware of it or not. What you want to do is make it known and apply your best interests to it. The way we are viewed impacts the outcomes we obtain in our present world. This paper would suggest a better understanding of what I will do to develop my own brand and also suggest the possible strategies for it and what it can do and what can be done.

My own brand is a perfect mixture of the identity and prestige of a person. I want to create my own clothing brand. Creating a clothing brand is the vision of many fashion designers and business people who love fashion. The clothing industry always looks for a fresh look, whether you design or not the garments. Creating and making specifications for the items is important for my clothing line and company. I name my brand “Dazzle”, a clothing line for everyone.

I have to find reliable distributors to show my product on the market as a clothing line. Many alternate types can be distributed. On the one hand, the line is used to disperse its label in the leading high-end boutiques. On the other hand, I wish to encourage middle class shoppers to target the production and sale of medium-sized boutiques and retail stores. I want to have the right connections with the required clothing distributors and dealers in order to facilitate an effective distribution network for my clothing line. The business practise I will be doing with these distributors depends largely on the quality of my dealings and contracts. I either sell my clothing line under my own brand names, as a feature of the agreement I have with the merchant, or I might have to go under the name of the merchant, especially if it is identifiable and requires greater follow-up.

It is in my best interest to remain relevant if I want to succeed as a clothing line. Often this is one of all the clothing company long-term goals. That means I still want to keep up with market trends and their complex and continuous changes. I must be able to keep the market high and the sales and income flow in as long as I know what customers want now as well as what is most likely to need in the future. Some brands are known to remain as a part of their niche in a selected period. This strategy, however, limits a clothing line’s longer-term production. If I am able to launch new designs regularly at the right time and everything tells the right spot, then customers will always come to my brand to make sure they wear the newest trends. It’s a good start to go to fashion weeks and runway shows, so I have a better understanding of trends in the industry. That will notify my own disclosure so that everything stays fresh in my clothing line.

One of the key business objectives I will ever have when I run my clothing line is to retain my income. In order to be competitive in my company, the revenue I make should be quite the costs I pay during the buying process. The fashion industry is that I can have months if demand is high and the revenue fall quieter. Clothing lines that are the most effective are those that save money if the sales are strong so that cash flow issues do not occur in off-peak months. When I take care in that way, even though sales are slow and not the full income is flowing, I can keep the business operating. For example, my clothing firm is selling hats, then I can benefit from the sales I earn in the winter and set it aside so that during summer, I have enough to drive it forward while business is slowing down.

Branding is one of the major design priorities in the fashion industry. Consumers are usually paying more for clothing items than for identical goods of the same quality from a different clothing line, simply because they prefer one brand over the other. It’s hard to overestimate the type of competitive advantage I achieve when I make my brand to ensure customers confidence and suppliers want to appeal to it. I intend to invest in comprehensive marketing and advertisement campaigns to introduce the people to who I am and to what I represent in order to develop my brand. Through effective branding, I should be able to invoke the right emotions in my audience and ensure that not only quality and interest but health and familiarity are associated through them. I will have almost anything with your goods, if my brand can make customers feel the right feeling.

In our social media era, my clothing company cannot overestimate the value of social media. I need to expand the number of options for people to shop for my goods by a greater social tracking and participation in my social media profiles. It provides leads that can be paid for by customers. In addition, my brand loyalty will be good as it continuously holds my apparel line in the minds of my customers. I will assess which of my clients are most loyal and keep them up to date on my brand’s events. I will be able to gain valuable feedback from my customers on what I and my company want more to see. I am going to broaden my social media by enabling my customers to create user content, creating award-winner services for my loyal customers, answering consumer questions quickly, and informing them about my goods.

For a clothes line, this is a main business goal. I want not only to offer my customers a wide range of products for various circumstances and different seasons, but also to make my customers feel and know these products very well in a physical way. This means I have to find an effective way of getting goods to the public, including the most efficient distribution agreements and partnerships. I also need to regularly test new business concepts and market trends, so that my clothes line can be more creative and original at the same time. Using the full input from the clients and other sources to continually play with new approaches and designs, and to see what works and what doesn’t. I am not going to just keep up with the trends over time; I will launch them.

Doing my research and learning from Ben Sherman, a globally recognized lifestyle brand, I will develop a balanced mix. This is commonly said as 4 P’s – product, price, promotion and place. The business ensures that its products hit the segments to which the brand is based by correcting the combination. It allows the company to stay competitive and to increase its market share and influence. ‘Product’ is the marketing mix’s first of the four P’s. This formula is a vital resource in every industry to create a commodity for which consumers want to shop. The products apply to all or any of the environment that makes my product marketable in terms of sales. The design, packaging, price, branding and value are a number. The key feature of the products is the design, while the price, seasonality and tag style are other essential considerations. In addition to other factors, pricing within the fashion industry is typically a marketing preference. Prices for the materials and labour needed to produce the item are subsidised by the demand of the product. In fashion, the value must also represent the picture that the client wants to decide. Meanwhile, I want to look trendy and simple, so what I believe I have to do is to get cheaper materials and cheaper labour. Then another business might want a high-class picture, setting a price point above the actual costs. The place refers to where and the delivery of the goods. In order to retain an exclusive identity, some brands only sell through small luxury shops. Others would sell at every mall in the U.S. and selling the company’s brand through incorrect distribution sources can be a key consideration for fashion houses. For example, many luxury brands will not even use social media to advertise their goods out of fear that their elite photos will dilute. The promotion of the products is how I tell the customers. An outsized part of this also happens through ads, where potential buyers will recognise who they are and determine whether they associate with my brand before they actually see or touch the products. The selling strategy is also important as it refers to how the products are to be distributed. An example is a fashion company that can dress a celebrity in such a dress that a small quantity of the same one can be sold.

I have seen many designers assume that the products are reasonably priced only to realise that they will sell to the owner at their wholesale price. The price matter isn’t right, their buyer won’t to sit on the market with their brand, and they will lose existing customers if they try to double the prices in a fell swoop. They will also find it difficult to attract new buyers, who can afford the higher price because they think of designers as a cheaper brand and that’s what they have been up to now. Another problem with pricing is that they don’t make profit. I understand that they are staying in the industry simply because they like it, and not just because of the money, but their talent, ideas and energy wouldn’t be paid. Sometimes this is the advantage, it pays to manipulate their business, it pays for themselves, and keep them in their company only. All of that is why I am choosing the value pricing strategy. Somewhere in budget and luxury categories is the value pricing technique. A balance between cost and quality is the secret to market value. Value-shoppers aren’t willing to compromise quality at incredibly low prices, but they don’t want to settle for clothes worth only a favourite brand mark. Throughout this market, customers are seeking the robustness of materials and accessories that can last a few years or more, making them a top priority. For example, these consumers prefer leather and wool to polyester and plastic. To line prices for this strategy, use simple market pricing strategies, which means do not work too hard to push low prices and do not overinflate brand equity costs. Instead, the products are of high quality and a custom mark-up applies to each commodity, keeping it within the range of comparable costs.

The worldwide famous designer Marc Jacob once said “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them”. I am selling more than just fashion when I have a clothes company – I am selling dreams. I am helping men and women being more confident with the clothes that belong to them. It is easy to start my own clothing reception, as long as I have the main steps to realise my vision.


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