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Personal Writing: My Philanthropy Experience with Vanessa

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In today’s society it is a blessing to give than receive the main why I say that is because one night I was leaving my house heading to the movie theater meeting up with some friends. While I was driving leaving the house my car light gas went on so I decided to stop by nearest gas situation that was the closes to the house to put some gas in the car. That is when I had an encounter with a Mexican woman named Vanessa who barely speak English asking me money for the poor suffering kids in other country which had touch my heart. When I think about what Vanessa was doing I thought to myself that there’s not that much people in today’s society that would like to spend their time to ask money for the poor people in other country because only thing people think about nowadays is how to make their life better..

After having an encounter this summer with Vanessa who was standing on the side of the road by a gas station hold a sign asking money for the poor that had it’s really touch my heart and had an impact on my life because there are not that many people in the world today who cares about the poor people who are in undeveloped countries but this Mexican women name Vanessa did she was asking people for help in order to put a smile on those little kids faces.

Coming from a foreign country I know how it is for the poor people in those undeveloped country because every night half of those children will go to sleep without having anything to eat because their parents cannot afford to buy food to put on the table. Even though you live an undeveloped country and you are working you barely get pay enough to support yourself. I was born in Haiti in a small island called la Gonave it’s a really beautiful island but there are a lot of poverty and people who are barely able to support them self-living in la Gonave was a struggle for me my mom Sonia and my three brother I remember my mom used to go sleep every night not being able to put food on the table when she do she didn’t even eat she make sure that we all eat first so that we would be full before she eat. I also remember is was really dangerous on the island because of the poverty rates that the violence rate was going up. Even one night while we was sleeping in the house in lagonave thief came in the house holding up gun to my mom head and robbing that house the reason they did it’s was because my dad was in America and they thought if we have family in America so that we was rich so they came and robs the house while holding Gun on are head taking our furniture for sales so they can support them self. it was the scariest moment of my life while i was sitting there throughout the robbery I was praying to God we eventually get out alive which we did. My dad was in America working so he can get me and my mom and little brother to come to America for a better life which he eventually did because it was too dangerous to live in Haiti.

Doing the encounter with the Latino women name Vanessa I thought to myself about the struggle I had to go through while I was in Haiti living in a dangerous town and I know how it is for those little kids she asking for Donation for because I could relate myself to them living in a poor country.

I had 100 dollar in my wallet which I was going to use for the movie and dinner so I took that 100 dollar and give it to her and went back home. I know that i did it’s for a good reason and I felt really great about doing it because my heart told me it was the right Decision . That night I went home thinking what if it was a scam that Vanessa was just trying to get money to support her own self because from previous experience I learn people would do anything to make money using other people but I thought about it and give it to her always because God is watching and if its is a scam she will have to Deal with him for what she is doing anyways i got in my car and went back home and having an feeling Amazing that I just did something to put a smile on those kid face I felt really special for doing it and also that I know that God was happy with the decision I made even though I didn’t fully have Faith in Vanessa asking money for the poor children.

I feel like living in America I have the opportunity to be anything I want to be in life and I have the resource that I need to make an impact on other people life by helping other by Donating cloth and food to the poor. Most importantly money so kids in other undeveloped country can have money to pay for an education. To have an education in undeveloped country is really important to foreign people because that is the key to their future success into making their country a better place for the younger generation which is really important for our future success. I feel like in America that most people do not take education serious. My opinion about that is because they wasn’t born in a country where they have to go through struggle and violence in their everyday life immigration knows how it is so that why we take education so serious so that one day that we can be successful in are life.

I also feel like if more people was like the Vanessa who spend her time to help out the poor children in undeveloped country that all that suffering we see in today’s society that would never be happening. I feel like in this world only thing people care about is having a lot of money supporting their own self and enjoying life to the fullest they never stop to think about the poor people that need help and also the children that are dying from hunger in countries like Africa. I feel like we let social media control are life that we do not think of others

Especially in America we have it so good over here that we took it for granted only thing that people are worriedabout is being famous and making a lot of money which is not a problem with but we have to learn how to think about others and share with the poor. most people in other country would love to be here in the U.S. for an education so that maybe one day they will be able to support their family but they do not have the opportunity that we have so it’s up to people that have the opportunity that is able to come to a country that full of opportunity to make something of our self so that one day we can go back to our country and give back to our community.

Vanessa is one of those example and she truly had an impact on my life because I been living in America for a long time I feel like a been Americanized so much that I started to forget about my true background of where I came from and Vanessa’s actually reminded me of who I’m truly is and where I came from. I also felt like i been taking school for granted she reminded I could been one of those poor kids she asking money for so that i need never take school for granted or just being in this country. This is the best opportunity I could ever have because there are a lot of people who are in other country that wish they could be here in U.S. right now just looking for a better life. In those foreign country it is not safe because of poverty and the increase of the poor. I believe that God put me in this country for a reason that I need to make the best of it’s so that one day I can give back to his people. Giving back to another is the best thing you could ever do in god’s eyes because you doing something that he will later in the future give twice as much more that you was giving to the poor.

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