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Positive and Negative Sides of Cosmetic Surgery

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Medicine is the field of helping, saving, and healing. It is a world made up of doctors and nurses. It is separated into many different branches and departments such as anatomy, biochemistry, biomechanics, genetics and many more. One of its departments is a field in which took it to another level. It was first created to help heal injuries and fire burns in the war. This branch is also the most producing and profitable and is known for its cosmetic procedures. Today, we know it as plastic surgery. After years and years of surgeons and doctors developing this field, people changed its concept. Plastic surgery is now taken as a way to change a person’s appearance. This issue of whether a person should or should not perform a plastic surgery is a very controversial one and has attracted a lot of debate between people. This is increasing the amount of insecurity, costing people a lot of money, becoming addictive, and increasing the amount of danger on a person’s life. However, some people believe that plastic surgery is an amazing procedure, because it increases the amount of self-esteem in a person, it makes the person love and accept himself, and it enhances the person’s unique beauty.

Plastic surgery in many ways decreases the amount of self-esteem in people. Nowadays, many people believe that to have a perfect and happy life, they should look like super models and have muscular and perfectly shaped body. According to broadly, Marla, a business woman admitted that because of her job, she had to change her entire appearance using plastic surgery. In her interview with broadly, Marla mentioned that having a social media account and really helps in her career. However, when she used to send emails to companies with her picture on it, she always felt insecure cause of what she looked like. She always saw the expression on people’s faces when they see the difference between the photos she sent and her in reality. Also, how most of the times the companies would choose the better-looking person to work with. Marla underwent an anxiety and depression phase in the beginning of her career life cause of the way she looked like. She always looked at models and hoped that one day she could look just like them. She always thought that the reason her career is not in a good and running shape is because of the way she looked. For that reason, Marla went to a plastic surgeon to get a nose job at first. She wanted to make sure if her look was one of the reasons why she had a bad career. After realizing the small difference of how companies and co-workers started treating her, Marla went in for more cosmetic surgeries till a point where she did not recognize herself anymore. According to doctor Lara Devgan – plastic and reconstructive surgeon- most of the patients that come to her bring pictures of supermodels and celebrities and ask to look like them. She also said that nowadays, with the use of technology, people actually photoshop their pictures and show her them and ask her if they could have procedures that will make them look like that. Doctor Devgan also mentioned that sometimes, she would recommend to her patients to go see a psychologist before actually undergoing the procedure cause they don’t actually need the surgery but it’s all in their heads.

Also, another disadvantage of plastic surgery is the cost. Plastic surgery comes in with a long pack and not just the cost of the surgery itself. When a person is considering doing a plastic surgery, he/she should really think twice before doing it. He/she should be extremely aware of the surgeon that will perform the surgery, as well check for the hospital fees, also the aftercare fees, such as the medicine given by the doctor, creams, and all the other supplies. If the surgery isn’t a live and saving one, the person should seriously think twice before undergoing it. A study by the American society of plastic surgery proved that plastic surgery is the most lucrative. It showed that Americans alone, have spent more than fifteen billion dollars on cosmetic procedures in the year 2016. More than 290,000 breast adjustments and reductions that each cost three thousand seven hundred dollars each. When people become extremely impatient to undergo a plastic surgery, yet they don’t have the money needed to cover up all of the fees, they usually tend to visit unqualified “doctors” (most of the times they don’t actually have their complete medical degree) and end up having a scared body part. Causing the money that they have spent on that cosmetic surgery not worthy of the result they received.

A study showed that plastic surgery turned out to be addictive. Thus, when a person is addicted to undergoing plastic surgeries and fixing every single bit of imperfection in his/her body, just like gambling, that person would consider doing everything he/she can to get the money he/she needs to undergo that surgery. It is a psychological thing, people who have lack of insecurity and self-esteem, routinely get plastic surgery. The way they look over occupied them however in an unhealthy and negative way. They tend to see themselves ugly, unworthy, and hideous. In the medical field. This disorder is called body dysmorphic. An example of a person that suffers from body dysmorphia is a British woman Tsia Pullen, who was so desperate to do a plastic surgery to look good, that she took a very wild and risky move that she decided to sell her home and with the money that she received she paid for that surgery.

“People think it’s like going out to lunch… like any surgery, it needs to be taken seriously.” Said Anne Wallace- chief of plastic surgery at the University of San Diego. People are undergoing plastic surgeries without even thinking about the risks of it. Wallace gave an example about a recent study showed that when a person suctions fat from their thighs and lower abdomen, they are ultimately destroying the fat cells in these particular body parts. Thus, when gain back the weight, the fat will distribute in an uneven and less flattering way mostly in places such as the upper abdomen, back ad also arms. She also warned about many other procedures that cause the body to look way different in an unattractive way such as a tummy tuck, that sometimes (if not all of the times) causes the persons thighs to look out of proportion and uneven thus a person’s posture changes negatively. She also mentioned a procedure that has been going around lately: Botox. Wallance mentioned how Botox injection tends to paralyze and frees some facials muscles. That causes the unharmed muscles to enlarge and make the injected body part look odd and weird. Here are some examples about people’s health that has been ruined due to plastic surgery. Marilyn Leisz went in to do a simple procedure to lift her eyes. Now, thirty surgeries later, Leisz is not being able to blink. Penny Johnson lost her business and became jobless due to a great depression caused by a severely damage face-lift. Also, Jacquie Mather had an eyelift which left her eyelid severely scarred. She decided to undergo another surgery to fix her lid. She was told by her doctor that removing the excess skin from her eye would have an amazing effect on her face apart from removing the scars. Sadly, the results were very disappointing and the scars were enhanced. Mather then went from doctor to doctor to have her eyelids fixed. Fortunately, the scars decreased yet did not disappear.

Some people believe that plastic surgery increases the amount of self esteem in a person. A study showed that people who undergo plastic surgery tend to feel more joyful and happy in their life. It has been proven that people who under a cosmetic surgery and changed their imperfection, now experience less depression, anxiety, sadness, and more self-esteem. Doctors tend to believe that that the increase in confidence that patients are gaining after undergoing a plastic surgery is the reason behind the increasing number of patients wanting to undergo cosmetic surgeries. More than 9 million plastic surgeries were done in 2018 in the United States alone. Overall, it has been psychologically proven that plastic surgery changes the person’s perspective towards life. The patient will tend to get out more, as well as improve the way they look at themselves (Tummy ruck, Plastic surgery). Nicole Amy was always bullied by how she had double eyelids at school. She always felt insecure about the way she felt about herself and how she looked like. People told her that she had a “bad resting face” or “you look like you murdered someone” and she was always poorly treated. That was all due to her down-lifted huge eyes. At the age of seventeen, Nicole decided to undergo a cosmetic surgery to her eyes. Now, she admits to have gained some magical confidence. She said that after her successful procedure all the anxiety and depression that she felt fled away. She now accepts and is very happy of the way she looks like and feels. She said that plastic surgery increased her self-esteem and self-love, and enhanced her beauty.

As well plastic surgery plays a huge role in a person’s physical health and is very beneficial to it. For example, breast reduction is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries. It plays a huge role in a woman’s physical health by having a huge and dramatic impact on her body shape and posture which results in decrease of neck and back pain. Also, it has been scientifically proven by doctors that a woman that underwent this surgery and reduced her breasts is more likely to tolerate and be able to exercise more. Another example of how plastic surgery can help a person physically is rhinoplasty surgery. It is a procedure that which repairs the patient’s deviated septum which makes it easier for the person to inhale oxygen and breathe in a much better way.

In conclusion, plastic surgery is an extremely controversial topic. Some think that because of it, people are hating themselves and losing their self-confidence, people are wasting a lot of money on something that most of the times doesn’t do them any good, they are becoming addicted to it, and finally they are putting themselves and their lives in a lot of danger; however, other people tend to think that plastic surgery took the medical field to another level and is very beneficial to the person’s life, it makes the person love him/herself as well as it increases the persons self-confidence, last but not least it enhances and increases the persons physical and unique beauty.


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