Pro-choice Arguments for Teenage Abortions

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Updated: 22 November, 2023

Words: 2476|Pages: 5|13 min read

Updated: 22 November, 2023

In today’s environment of the world, the word abortion causes many uprising whether it’s acceptable or unseasonable. Society has changed the interpretation of what abortion in reality takes place of. Abortion is a legitimate therapeutic system to end a pregnancy. It uses professional work of medicine or surgery to remove the fetus and placenta from the uterus. Young women will feel the need to do it on their own and end up terminating whether they live or not. Having a child will cost up to thousands of dollars for the first year, not everyone is able to obtain that amount. The state of being pregnant doesn’t always mean that a teenager wanted to be in that situation. Emotions will interfere while being pregnant and feeling upset about the pregnancy isn’t healthy. Society does not understand the aftereffects that teens will have to confront on their own. Their choice should freely lie on behalf for the mother to make for her future. Therefore, society should not have a say in determining teenagers that want to abort concerning that they will not know the aftermath effects that teenagers will encounter if remained pregnant, because it will reveal teens having severe health issues due to unsanitized equipment, economic circumstances, set of affairs, emotions and their body.

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To begin with, teenagers will have severe aftermath effects on health issues due to the lack of unsanitized equipment and possibly end up dying. Teenagers will end up going to places where perhaps there is no doctor who has the legal authorization to abort the fetus or have clean equipment. This can lead dangers to teenagers later on in life by being exposed to unclean equipment and have later on complications if wanting to get pregnant for a second time. Stated by Life Dynamics “The state formed that there was no evidence of a policy for the bleach mixture that was used in sanitizing the abortion utensils and rooms. Where the sink was there was a big nasty garbage disposal in the procedure room. The entire clinic area had the odor of death. The sinks that were being used for the suction machine bottles were not washed.” This indicates that teenagers are going to be running a risk in their health by going to clinics that are unsupervised of the equipment being used. Having dirty equipment can lead an opening for diseases and infections to enter their body putting the teen’s life at a higher risk.

According to The Atlantic Article “The fact that still 45 percent of all the abortions in the world are still done in an “unsafe” method meaning without the help of a trained doctor or with an outdated medical method.” Therefore, there is not only going to be a high number of teens that are going to be effected by a non-certified doctor but potentially hurt themselves on a higher risk for how the tools are being maintained. The things that will happen from that moment and on will determine the teenagers’ health aspects and future life. As a result, not having sanitized equipment for an abortion procedure can cause teens to try to seek help from second parties that are not licensed and be affected later on in life by having difficulty with their next pregnancy or permanent health issues for life. Not to mention, the places that are second party also cost money to do the very minimum work that is done.

Moreover, society should not have a say in teenagers aborting concerning that they will not know the aftermath effects that teenagers will encounter with the cost of having the child. Having a child will affect the teenager as soon as she’s in labor due to hospital payments. If the hospital debt does not get fully paid then it’s going to cause difficulties when wanting to save up for collage. The after effect will cause teenagers to not be able to care for the child throughout its life nor be able to go to any college and pursue a career. As reported by The cost of raising a baby, “according to a 2010 USDA report, the average middle-income family will spend roughly $12,000 on child-related expenses in their baby’s first year of life.” With this in mind, not all young women are gifted with having the baby’s father there to support, but decide to leave the mother with all responsibility.

Leaving the teenager to build a life without having the other parent to help discipline or bring in any money. This leaves a high chance for teenagers who are young to become teen moms because the father is absent in the child’s life leaving all the payments to the teen. According to Labor And Delivery “The average cost in the US was $9,775 for a delivery”. Given this point, it is more economically stable to pay for an abortion then to pay for having a labor at the hospital, for the state that teenagers will be in debts for long period time in their life and a high chance of not being able to go and study. If the teenager doesn’t have all the necessities to offer to a child, then she has the only right to say no. The after effects will lead teenagers in a position to be working late at nights and still try to attend school and end up suffering for being in debt. All in all, teenagers don’t have the money to be caring for a child if stayed pregnant and will receive very minimum help from others.

Correspondingly, society should not have a say in teenagers aborting concerning that they will not know the aftermath effects of the situation that teenagers will go through being pregnant. Teens are misunderstood of why they got pregnant in the first place, society doesn’t want to realize that the majority of the time young teens are the victims, and are not obligated to stay in this situation if not wanting to. This causes teens to live with the guilt forever and have trouble thinking that their child is a burden. An aftermath effect that teens will lead into does not ever want to get pregnant again because of the position she was in while being pregnant. At this time in life young teen girls are the ones who are being most approached by men, because their body is in a transitioning phrase making them more noticeable. The opposing side may argue, that teenagers should be more conscious of what position they stand in any scenario. Stated by Abortion ProCon “People need to take responsibility for their actions and accept the consequences. Having sexual intercourse, even when contraceptive methods are being used, carries with it the risk of a pregnancy”. This proves, that teenagers should not have any type of excuse to abort because the aftermath effect will not affect a teen for the reason that there has been any cases of teens having a baby and keeping it. Overall, if teenagers are going to be having sexual contact then there should be responsibilities taken cared of after having sex. If the young girl and the other person are having sex then they have a consent that there are possibilities of getting pregnant.

In addition, society should not have a say in teenagers aborting concerning that they will not know the aftermath effects that teenagers will go through with their emotions. Emotions will interfere while being pregnant with feeling of being ashamed and depressed about the pregnancy, and will not lead to a healthy life for neither the fetus nor the mother. Being able to encounter emotions is really important especially when the young mother isn’t thrilled or glowing, but instead is in denial with herself being pregnant. When the teen is in in this stage not only will it affect her at the moment of being pregnant but for the rest of her life. She will feel that she has not done enough to keep the child happy and possibly run into depression. A teen affected in this situation is also trying to understand how to control their emotions and the fact that people will reject her will cause the teen to go in distress. However, the opposite side may argue that feeling depressed and lost is something that is normal while being pregnant and before. As reported by Tommy’s “Depression in pregnancy is very common. Around one in every ten pregnant women has antenatal depression.” Due to, there being a high majority of teenagers who feel depressed the aftermath effects towards a teenager will slowly grow bigger and end up hating herself and feel ashamed by her child. Also, having a baby is one of the most beautiful things that could ever happen to a person before and after pregnancy. According to the book Abortion a Positive Decision, “that abortion is not the lesser of two evils but a positive turning point in many women’s lives.” As to this, feeling depressed shouldn’t be an excuse to be able to abort, because the after effects are common in most women that feel this physically and mentally and get over it during the pregnancy to the glowing stage .

Not to mention, society should not have a say in teenagers aborting concerning that they will not know the aftermath effects of regards to their own bodies. The only person in that position to do what they desire with their bodies is the mother. No one else is going to be going through the physical pain that the young mother will be in, or the physical changes through their body. Nevertheless the other side may argue that, it’s important for the mother to not abort because a woman’s body was made to have babies and reproduce. Stated by, Psychology Today “Many studies have demonstrated that women have a higher pain tolerance than men probably an evolutionary adaptation from childbirth.” This statement states that women are able to push through the pain of labor, because their bodies are constructed to go through that pain. If women don’t reproduce then the popularity will decrease making people of the world work harder and be worried for the future. In addition, women should not be the only one to take the decision of abortion without letting the partner has a say. Anyhow, you have to think about Planned Parenthood as Jensen Kelly says in the book, “Abortion In Ya Lit “. It is something really important that you have to think about when you are in the process of having a baby and sure to abort.

However, not all teenagers can be too conscious the reason being because they don’t know the aftermath effects that are put at risk/ danger in that moment. Stated by The Two Way “An online survey launched in January by a nonprofit called Stop Street Harassment offers some of that missing evidence. It found that 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men had experienced some type of form of sexual harassment.” As has been noted, teens can’t always control what happens to them, either because they were raped, drugged, abused or threatened to have sexual contact with someone else. The after effect that of a teen will have throughout their future is trying to forget what happened and cause them mental harm to be thinking of it repeatedly. As to this, it will harm the way that they don’t want to be in any situation where there is men and freak out because of the position they were placed in as teenagers and make them feel disgusted.

On the other hand, not all teenagers should feel the aftermath effects of what everyone calls “normal”. The emotion of being depressed and ripped apart is something that actually causes damaged to the body after and before pregnancy. According to Healthline “Major depression is considered a serious medical condition that may have a dramatic effect on your quality of life.” As can be seen, if a teen deals with depression while being pregnant the reason would be because, emotionally it feels like their world has turned upside down. Now imagine this happening after a pregnancy and how that can affect the child and teen. Being judged by something that can be changed with just people taking in consideration of others feelings can allow teenagers to abort and not go through these effects. Reason being, to not risk the abuse that they will attract to their belly, and causing the fetus to grow unnormal by all the uncertain emotions going around their head.

On the contrary, everyone has their own body and that is one thing everyone can control. Beyond that, a young teen’s body has value and should be valued at any point of time. As stated by Catholic news agency “woman has a right to control her own body, is that it would be unethical to the mother to ‘force’ her to carry her unborn child to term. Therefore, it should be the mother’s choice to decide whether her unborn child lives or dies.” Hence, teenagers should have the right to decide the after effects whether they want to put their body through any type of pain or change. Teenagers shouldn’t be forced to have a child that they don’t want. If forced to have the child later on in life, she will tend to blame others for the reason that they had a say on her body, yet no one is nurturing the child but her. It’s unfair to put someone forcefully in a position where they don’t want to be in.

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All things considered, pro-choice arguments prove that teenagers should have the right to determine whether they want to abort considering the aftermath effects pregnancy has on a teenager because it will reveal teens having severe health issues due to unsanitized equipment, economic, economic circumstances, set of affairs, emotions and their body. Under these circumstances, society will never understand the set of affairs that women are position into for after the pregnancy. The world can’t blame the teen for being forced on by another person or raped and except teens to be okay after this effect. Not only do people not know what actually will happen but also, don’t take in consideration how the teen is going to feel throughout the pregnancy. Living with regret, disgust and depression will affect a person with wanting to physically hurt themselves later on in life. Apart from this, a person has freedom of speech, then why wouldn’t a person have the freedom to do what they want with their body. Their body there decision on how they want it to change or how to precede their body before and after the pregnancy. Abortion is part of being a mother and for caring for children, because part of caring for a child does know when it’s not a good idea to bring them into the world.

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