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Pros and Cons of Government Funded College

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Would government funded college be the problem or the solution? It may very well be the solution considering how many people are in debt. College sounds like a good idea, unless there’s no way to pay for it. Although, there are valid points against government funded college, there is also the fact that it would have a significant impact on debt. It doesn’t have to be provided to individuals that have no intention of going, or aren’t motivated enough to attend college. However, it could be provided to the individuals that don’t have any way of paying for it and have the dedication and motivation to attend. A solution to this problem could be that if a student doesn’t pass their classes then, they have to pay for them. This idea could potentially result in more debt due to the fact that some people people may not be able to pay but, it could also potentially provide more people with opportunities and make more people serious about college.

By making college free it could reduce the amount of students in debt and have an overall better impact on the economy, “ From 2011-2015, the amount of student loan debt associated with college attendance rose by 39%, reaching $1.3 trillion. Student loans are the most common type of financial aid that is requested by college students. More than 10 million students take out student loans every year, to pay for their tuition and learning cost. By making college free, these costs would be shifted to other locations, like a fuel tax or a states tax, making it easier to handle the costs of tuition”. Overall Government funded college will help students get into college, it gives everyone an equal chance, and opportunity to attend college. It could also potentially reduce the amount of people in student debt.

Students with a lot of debt have a more difficult time, and it can affect them long term. Student’s will have a difficult time paying bills, buying houses, etc… Due to the fact that they have so much debt from college that needs to be paid off already. Student debt affects many people, and ruins futures,” When students graduate with a high level of student loan debt, then it reduces their opportunities to purchase a home in the future. It has even stopped some people from getting married, especially if both people have high levels of student loan debt. Couples with student loan debt put off having children. For all parties, it directly impacts wealth accumulation in a negative way”. If the government provided funds to help students with college, then there would be less student debt, and it wouldn’t have a negative impact on students in the long run. Government funded college could be the solution, overall it could be life changing for everyone, and will have a better impact on the economy. It could potentially change a person’s family life even, and chance for success. There would be more successful people if everyone had an equal opportunity to get a college education. Most people that want to attend college won’t be able to, because they have no way of paying for it, and miss out on the opportunity to get into the career they want. 

A college education should be provided to everyone that wants it and has the motivation to get it. It’s unfair to people that work hard to get to college, but can’t make it there all because money is involved, but of course along with the many people that are all for Government funded college there are people that disagree with the concept of Government funded or free college.

Although, there are many benefits of Government funded college like the fact that it would help students long term, and have a more positive impact on the economy, there are also many valid arguments against it. One could argue that students will be less motivated because it’s free, and the opportunity will most likely be wasted, or that Government funded college wouldn’t really be free because someone else would have to pay for it. In fact people say, “ If college is free, there is a worry that some students will not study hard and make the mosts of their education”. While this could be true, Students may work harder if anything, all because of the fact that their education is being paid for. Another factor that make people suspicious is that, “those who argue that free college should not be free, make the case that free college is really not free. Instead of students paying for their own education, taxpayers pay for it”.

Although those are valid points, there’s still a chance that people will be more likely to be motivated because it’s free, and there will be more opportunities provided to more people, not just to the people that can afford it. It would make it fair for everyone, and everyone should have equal chance to get into the career they want and have a chance to flourish. If you take away tuition completely, students may even have an easier time succeeding in school, because they wouldn’t have to worry about how it would get paid for, or if they would be in debt by the time they earned their degree. Students would be able to focus more on their studies. Government funded college would push students to work harder and would keep them motivated because they would know that was an opportunity that can’t be wasted. Government funded college could help students perform better in school and focus better,” It helps students focus on learning rather than working so that they complete degrees faster and having acquired more skills”. Students will be able to work on their degrees without the added stress of money on their shoulders. It’s not fair to the people,”This is both bad public policy and bad politics. Efforts to make college affordable via targeted financial aid are divisive. Families that don’t get aid resent those that do”. People will hold resentment towards the others that have access to financial aid,which isanother contributing factor as to why people aren’t able to attend college. It’s important to give everyone a chance to flourish,” We must encourage accreditors to focus on student outcomes-not just inputs. We must encourage institutions to improve their performance by recognizing and rewarding colleges with strong student outcomes, especially with the neediest students, and incentivizing under performing colleges to improve”. 

Government funded college will better help students focus on their education, provide more students with opportunities, and reduce debt among students that attend college. College isn’t for everybody, that saying holds a sad truth for people that can’t afford it. College should be for everyone, It’s an unfair system, and it prevents people from unleashing their full potential. It only sets us back, because most don’t have the tools that a college education could provide.

College is only a good idea for those that can afford it but, not for those that can’t. Free college should be affordable and available to everyone. College isn’t available to just anyone, an individual must have a certain amount of money to attend college. Throughout history, college has been a goal for everyone, college shouldn’t be a matter of funds but, a matter of learning and education, college should be about acquiring and improving skills without the presence of money being involved, and should be able to earn a degree in a career of their choosing.

People say that college degrees aren’t worth anything nowadays. College degrees are required in some careers and require a college level of education, however the worth of a degree is increasing rather than decreasing. If a college degree is required for certain careers most people that can’t afford college will end up settling on something they didn’t want to be in. 

To conclude, in fact, the only reason college isn’t free is because it will be a disadvantage to the taxpayers but, should that really be an issue, taking into consideration that it would provide people with a better education and help them acquire skills that will benefit them in the future, and provide us with more educated citizens. It’s time for a change to better our education system and improve all our future’s. It’s time for something to change. There’s jobs that no one has access to because no one can pay for college. It’s for the best that either college becomes affordable or free altogether. Change is good, and if it’s a change for the better, then it’s a good risk to take.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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