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Relationship Between Career Choice and Career Growth

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Theories in career choice involved our professional development process in employement and unemployment. System of theories also concern about our purpose, choices and journey of life through work-related in our career growth. Theories in career development is built to be reviewed as career guidance and humans’ behaviour in professionalism.

The first theory is Roe’s Theory of Career Choice. This theory is built by Anne Roe that used ‘needs’ explicitly in theory of vocational development. This theory will differentiate personality in various field through early childhood experiences as it will reflect the future job choices. She found out that home is where the needs of children begin. Homes can make further relationship within family that provide supports and warmth. Each homes have different types of parent-child relationships. This can be seen as major factor that can affect the interest of career development and occupation choices. Parents’ attitude towards their job will lead child’s perceptions toward occupation.

Next is theory from Ginzberg named Ginzberg’s Theory of Career Choice. Theory of career choice have been developed by thinking how and why adult choose job as they do. Ginzberg states that the most important factor in process of adult determined their career is by the time itself. Once it is decided, it cannot be changed. The purpose of career choice is to choose between the needs of the individual or the reality of environments allow adults choices.

Crites’ Model of Career Maturity combine Ginzberg’s focus on career choices and Crites analyses a model of career maturity that relate both content and process of career decision making. In this theory stated by Erickson, individual’s career developed chronologically successive life stages. Career development is characterized by its limits, through stages. From present stages to the next one. These stages of career development changes through new circumstances, problems or tasks. The process is to orientated and adapt to new stages. First stage, adolescences will be thinking of career choices. Second, they will value their attitude and basic abilities. Third, they will have interest and work value in themselves.

All theorists agree that each of their model have basic needs of career development process. Eventhough the different theorists, the value of career have never been underestimated. The differences between attitude and work value is one of the major factor in career development. The hard work reflects value of work whereas the unwillingness to do task or solving problems is the reflction of attitude.

To reflect the professional development through career development is to have our own consent toward work value and attitude. How we manage to developed ouselves and why we choose the job in the first place can be our main reason to have career development in professional manners.

Based on the first theory of Anne Roe, she states that parents-child relationship is what develop interest towards childhood occupational choices. Every parents will show great example for their child. I agree with this theory as it reflect my own individual self. Homes with warmth and support from parents is what developed children to a great adult. Parents is our first role model before we even think about career choices. It is not impossible if the child grow into the same job as the parents did in adulthood if the parents is showing positive work value and attitude.

I will reflect on second theory of Ginzberg is on how and why adult choose their job. Ginzberg states that it is fixed once it is chosen. Also he stated that the career is chosen between need and reality of an individual. My reflection towards this theory is career do act as mediator between an individual’s need and reality of their environment. Once we have a need in career, we do choose because of the need itself. But on the contrast, we also need to relate ourself with our environment. For example, when we are graduating, we need to wait a possible long time to get posting as a teacher in school. During this time, we do need a job to fulfill our needs. Therefore, we can do job that is not fixed but can help in our need. Once we got the job as a teacher, that can be our career through our life.

The last theory is from Crites. In his theory, Erickson stated that career has its own chronology. Career can be depicted through stages. As a students, we have been thinking about career choices. This is the first stage in Crite’s theory. Second is when we are applying for jobs. That is the time that we as adolesences value our basic needs and abilities. As for entering the third stage, we will value our work and attitude. The third stage is when myself in the job that I chose to be and work hard to achieve the value of work. The willingness of doing task given, managing time and solving problems show the attitude in progressing towards positive stage of sucessful life thorugh career development process.

Advantages of Career Development

Most of organisations and companies have career development programme or strategies for the performance management. This shows that career development is significant in performing excellent achievement for employees nor the organisations itself.

Management can conduct with availability and needed employees can be achieved with staff requirements changes in the organisation. Career development provide employees with talents in their field. This can help in managing certain work field is fulfilled by employees that is qualified. The problems such as short on staff, unavailable workers and limited source of work can be avoided in major possibility.

Career development programme also enable the management of organisation to select and employ talented staff and workers. Company and organisations can select talented staff in their capability of doing the job in the field that they master.

Career development also provide opportunities for career advancement. This can help reduce stress among employees, especially women in minority as they become aware that the management will provide chance to upgrade themselves in professional development. Oppportunities of career advancement can be achieved by various background of employees. The organisation with effective career development programme provide wide range of opportunities for employees in diverse cultural background. The employees’ loyalty and hard work will be appreciated by having increase promotions devoted through career development programme.

Aside from increase in promotional avenues, employees’ motivation, morale and satisfaction can also improves. Employees’ skills is ensure for the better and make employees adaptable to the work changing requirement of the organisation. It reduces employees turnover and provides sustainable harmonious organization.

This conclude my reflection towards the advantages of career development programme with the professional development. There are many benefits that can be appreciated used for good in our professional growth. For instance, in professional environment, one cannot reveal personal problems or challenges. We have to maintain our professionalism.

Therefore, the career development programme helps in maintaining employees’ self care. Motivation, morale and satisfactions will increase. Our skills also can increase and upgraded to achieve better work quality. We can enhance our talent and skills as we are provided by better promotional avenues.

Harmonious and happy working environement also can be sustained by having better career development programme. This help to ensure better emotional and physical towards task. The organisation will have better environment with great achiever in the work force. This develop professional attitude and environment for staff and workers.

Limitations and Challenges in Career Development

The increase of women in society does effect some of the women employees and the organisations. With the increase in career application in women, number of female workers increase which cause dual career between family and work. The problem usually related to one of the family members is transferred. This problem is complicated to some of the organisations and other employees may be put in some disadvantages.

Some organisations have career scope that is not much for advancement. In this case, employees will not get promoted despite their career growth and development in such jobs.

Pandemic has caused a lot of trouble for organisations and also employment. Career opportunities is declining due to the influence of technology and ecomonic state. For example, career opportunities for phone operator is declined due to the usage of computerisation technology. The existing operator need to have the ability with the computer mechanisms. Furthermore, the organisations will have some issues in changing needs of employees.

This also affected to downsizing result of organisations and degrading some employees. Process of tehnological changes, engineering and environmental factors force some organisations to degrading and downsizing. These has caused the organisations to provide training and job environment changes to the employees.

Promotions for employees that have been promoted has to be halted due to many reasons including in increase of numbers employees promotions compared to job available at this moment.

The way I can reflect in limitations of career development is based on pandemic caaused through the whole world. This affect not only employment but also self belief. For me, I believe that jobs is actually the opportunities and can searched anywhere. More or less, the pandemic has stirred panic and down for myself.

Confidence is the key to feel motivated and increase morale. In this situation, sometimes I underestimating myself and my abilities of efficiency towards others. This cause to hold my career development from achieveing its potential. Professionaism is desired in career advancement is to be able to understand our own abilities. Therefore, developing my skills and confident is the first step to succeed in career development.

Every person have their own attitude and habits. The behaviours is what develop habits and attitude to proceed with professional development. Multiple solutions will give routes to open up doors to advanced skills and position in professional environement.

Flexibility is maybe some of the organisations lack in. Some organisations did not entertain your credibility and choices in skills we develop. No one is able to predict a successful future of themselves. The level of uncertainty may be disadvantages of myself for career development process.


Hard work and effort is never a waste. Some of it maybe used for a certain times and situation. Career development include in job seeking and also opportunities in making career for life. Career development is significant in determining career startegies. It is an organisation process considering benefits and succeed of individual and organisational development.

Career development consist of individual development through training, education, skill and development programme by organisations. Training provides new skills, high job opportunities and high responsibilty. Training for employees help in employees’ jobs, skills, knowledege, behaviour, high position and development.

Career development also help in organisational progress. Organisation have to stay in current of technology, practices, advances in industry and career development processess that can keep employees advancement and sustainability in career.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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