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Social Media & Email Marketing: Campaign Project

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Social media and Email marketing plan

Executive summary

The purpose of this campaign plan is to achieve certain benefits and product promotion. The plan is planned to be carried out simultaneously with four media in six months. The current budget is ten thousand New Zealand dollars. The social media creating to use are YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Sponsorship. This report analyses the situation of the company and evaluates these important factors in response to current media expenditures and the past marketing communications efforts to develop a more effective campaign. It is chosen Red Bull as the most relevant competitor to compare with Monster Energy.


The media of Monster Energy, such as advertising post, are basically about the background of men’s outdoor extreme sports. Most of the viewers pay attention to this product are men who are like outdoor sports. This report creates a social media and email campaign for women audiences to develop this product. It is recommended actions should take and areas they need to focus on based on this report analysis and insights.

The past 10 years social media & email marketing has impacted Monster energy drink

In 2003, MySpace, the first social network site was build up, and then Facebook followed. (Avantika. M, 2018) Since then, the enterprise has started selling and promoting products on the webpage. From now on, the age of new digital marketing has begun, and the merchandise has achieved productivity through social networking platforms.

Based on the 2016 survey report, compare for 2014, Kiwis viewed online video on YouTube, Facebook more than a double, an average of about 40 minutes each day. (“Public Awareness and Attitudes Survey,” 2016) Social media is developing quickly. First of all, the influence of social network is very wide. The most favourite three major social media for New Zealanders are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Monster Energy extraordinarily enhances client awareness of products through the promotion of social media. With the expansion in sales of these media channels, most of the advertising costs are saved. Monster Energy started posting on Facebook in 2008, released videos on YouTube in 2006. (“Monster Energy social media,” 2018) From more than 10 years of social media development, it is clear that they owned a professional group to promote and arrange the social media marketing.

Secondly, a social channel is good for cultivating products loyalty. When an audience has a product, they will start to like to talk, shared or buy. Brands can use the social platform with clients to communicate deeply, build mutual trust, and build a long-term stable “fans” as a loyal user group Monster Energy’s followers have achieved millions of statistics, currently, Facebook followers about 25 million, YouTube has reached about 1.6 million, Instagram is 4.6 million. (“Monster energy social media,” 2018) It is conceivable that the social network marketing of this product is very well-known, it means that 10-year development of this brand has established a long-term stability.

Finally, the social network provides a sharing function for users, spreading from mouth to mouth. According to NZ’s FaceBook survey in May 2016, there were 14,850+ users, 2700 likes, engagement rate is about 3.3%, nearly 88% Kiwis visit social network across a month, 1.9 million Kiwis access Facebook every day. (“New Zealand media trends report,” 2016) Those ten years of digital marketing has revolutionised the market. Figure 1 and Figure 2 shows social media increased by 17% from 2010 to 2017. It can be clearly seen from the figure that the expenditure of customers in the social media in the past ten years has grown from fifty dollars in 2008 to four hundred seventy dollars in 2017, increased 80%. From offline to online marketing, the brand has achieved twenty-fours service. In addition, because Facebook does not charge for commercial pages, Twitter is also free, saving a lot of advertising budget for businesses.

Company overview

In 2002, Monster Energy was founded, Monster currently is ranked the second in market share, the first place is Red Bull. Monster however, spends a small amount on it’s Advertising, relying heavily on earned Media and Sponsorship. Below image shows the gap between Red Bull and Monster’s market share from 7% in 2013 to 4% in 2016. This brand supports a lot of music bands around the world, such as The Word Alive, Five Finger Death Punch, and currently sponsors the FIA World RallyCross Championship. The most publicised sponsorship of sporting like skateboarding, mountain biking and so on. (“Wikipedia,” 2018) Obviously, it can be seen that the gap between the two brands’ markets is getting smaller and smaller.

Current product, Competitive products features and benefits

Monster Energy at present offers all of the items including Monster Energy, Monster Ultra, Monster Rehab, Juice Monster, Extra Strength, Punch Monster, Java Monster and Muscle Monster. Having various flavours may appear to be profitable, although, Red Bull only has eight flavours, although they still driving the market share.

Monster Energy at present offers all of the items including Monster Energy, Monster Ultra, Java Monster, Monster Rehab, Juice Monster, Extra Strength, Punch Monster, and Muscle Monster. Having various flavours may appear to be profitable, although, Red Bull only has eight flavours, they still take the lead in the market. Monster Energy’s features and unique selling points are the product line has a variety of flavours including zero-calorie, low-carb, low-calorie, and zero-sugar choices, contrasted with Red Bull’s one sugar-free choice.

Benefits analysis: Monster Energy gives four out of the B vitamins. One, eight-ounce serving, has eighty Mg of caffeine. The clients who pick Monster because the price is lower than Red Bull, so Red Bull is seen as a first-class energy product.

Sales: The figure of caffeinated drink fame demonstrates a consistent increase in deals from 2008 to 2018.

Competitor – Red Bull


Red Bull was established in 1987, according to Figure 3. It was occupied 42.3% of market share. (Red Bull social media, 2018).

2.09M Twitter followers. (Red Bull social media, 2018).

47.8M Facebook followers. (Red Bull social media, 2018).

Benefits: Two healthier options (total zero, sugar-free). 8oz cans

Current Target Demographics: 18-24, Male

Competitor Strategy: Red Bull sponsored extreme games, for example, skydiving, bluff jumping and the computer games. They regularly support competitors to take part in the extreme games and supporting a computer game player. Additionally, they tend to support games, for example, soccer. Red Bull support event of sport donning occasions frequently requires a refreshing drink that gives sports participator for energy. Red Bull makes for the healthy individual item and females by delivering a low sugar caffeinated drink. This drink which is called Red Bull sugar free arrives in a light blue and be able to focus on the female populace. Red Bull also target long distance driver, this can be seen when you pick up in any petroleum station.

Competitor social media analysis

People group sizes on Twitter are generally like those on Instagram, and the rates between the two social network are remarkable. Figure 4 & 5 shows in 2005, fans are distributed and the engagement rates in each social network, obviously, Red Bull and Monster Energy have more than 75% of Facebook’s total market share. Red Bull’s revenue generates $6.7 Billion (Red Bull data, 2018) more than Monster Energy.

Target market demographics and psychographics The current target audience of males. This can be done by changing the “extreme” and “grungy” perception of Monster to generate a more positive mainstream image. Additionally, Monster’s low-calorie and sugar-free drink options should be highlighted in hope of attracting more females, many of which are a part of the health-conscious trend.

Monster purchasers have good education background and white demographic, the majority of consumers with a small percentage in the middle class.

At present, the pursuit of energy drinks is healthy and fashionable. Anyone can buy at gas stations and stores. The customers who prefer to buy this product are in high-density, fast-paced urban areas, and the climate is also very important. One of the sales factors, North Island sells more than South Island in terms of sales in New Zealand, because the climate in the North Island is warmer and there are more people who like to buy cold drinks. People in a highly stressful and fast-paced life, long-term stressful working atmosphere makes them more willing to buy energy drinks, but people will also consider the health aspects of the product, such as whether the energy drink is low calories, whether the sugar is too high, etc. Therefore, the purchase of energy drinks sometimes affects their lifestyle and habits. The purple and pink image which is called sugar free comes can target the female clients.

Target audience

Current audience: 18-34, male

Planning next 6 months:

Expand gender: Female 18-34

Purpose: 18-34 look for and buy energy drink which have the purpose of improving physical health. Everyday students, workers and athletes (male and female alike) who have a hectic lifestyle and need extra energy to get through the day.

Favourite: Girls like purple and pink, main colour for advertising.

Social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Sponsorship, and Email

Creative strategy:

Event planning themes:

August “The ability of a strong woman”

September “Close to nature”

October “Girls night”

November “Passion years”

December “Vibrant”

January “Spring Trip”

Main idea: The idea is to encourage woman who wants to escape the cumbersome daily life of life and release their energy to promote the vitality of life. Inspiring consumers to release themselves is related to Monster’s new theme “Releasing the Beast.”

Strategy Overview and why choose below media for post

Facebook posts about 40-100 characters, but company doesn’t response fan’s comments, engagement rate is 1%, (Monster Energy Facebook data, 2018). Figure 6. Shows currently Facebook has 26M fans compare the data 25M in 2015, increased about four percent in three years. Facebook campaign plan is to Increase likes on Facebook three percent per month. Instagram’s engagement rate is higher than other social media. YouTube channel is well designed and users a header image that is reflective of the type of videos uploaded. Links to social media and website are provided. YouTube value is high amongst all its videos and is mainly based around extreme sports and its own sponsored events. It can be seen that Figure 5. And Figure 7 Shows Instagram’s engagement rate is higher than other social platforms. Almost each competitors provide many kinds of sponsorship and community support. The Campaign will use videos post on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Sponsorship and Event Programs:

The sponsorship and events programs will focus on the college student who needs energy drink improving their energy due with the homework and exams. The theme we can plan for “The ability of a strong woman”. Monster Energy can sponsor college for girls competition sports such as basketball, rugby ball racing game and other activities.

Email marketing:

Current situation: Low sending frequency of email

Email marketing has many benefits such as easy to reach out to clients, better incorporation, revenue growth, and faster than other operations. In addition, about seventy percentage customers like to use email to communicate with brands, also the high open rates occur between 11 AM and 2 PM, MailChimp is the tool for develop the brand awareness, send product’s promotion and even news. Customer would be click go to each social platform to check more details which they like to know more. All our marketing efforts should underpin the growth of an email marketing database.

Email is one of the best platforms in terms of ROI and conversions provided your audience options into receiving correspondence and the substance is a profitable and significant gathering of the audience.

Planning Email types: promotional email, transactional mailers, newsletters, awareness campaign, welcome campaign, re-engagement campaign. Part of encouraging subscribers to option into communication in this form is to give them a reason to subscribe such as free resources, exclusive deals and first to check new products. The third party can send database for monthly which includes a round up of that months best performing content. While this can include a sales element, the majority of the email should be adding value existing and potential consumers.

Email strategy:

Made email content and send an email once per week, deciding to call to action for a newsletter.

Create a newsletter to select a date sent it out with automated email function.

– Give more control to supporters through the Preferences Centre. At the point when clients register by email, it can give them a chance to pick their most loved or concerned subject from the inclination focus, send a few games exercises to the individual who likes sports or outdoor activities.

– Send consideration—Sending the topic and picture of the newsletter which delivers attention.

infoRemember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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