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The Actions P.u.f.f Will Be Taking to Clean The Oceans

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There are two main things that need to be done, one of them is to clean the ocean and the other one is to prevent it from getting dirtier. The solution to prevent the ocean from getting dirtier is the mass reeducation of people all around the U. S about beach and ocean pollution. This solution has been proposed by many people including the scientist Jennifer Lavers who works in the Institute of Marine and Antarctic studies and the CEO of Ocean Conservancy who has proposed the reeducation of companies on how to manage trash. By doing this people will get information of the catastrophic consequences of simply throwing things on the streets, oceans or beaches.

If you think about it it’s quite simple. Each year there are thousands if not millions of people that volunteer to clean oceans and beaches. In the NGO Ocean Conservancy alone there have been more than twelve million volunteers and there are hundreds of other NGO with millions of volunteers that can contribute to make this program possible. These people have faced the problem straight on. They have seen the suffering of animals and they have seen the immense amount of trash that accumulates on the beaches all over the world. Why not use this people to educate the kids of America, after all they are the youngest generation and their impact will ensure success in the future. The great part of this solution is that it doesn’t stop here. As the CEO of Ocean Conservancy said the reeducation of people working in factories as well as in big companies can just as easily happen. This solution will be able to re-educate the population of the severity of this problem and with this the amount of pollution thrown into the ocean can be reduced significantly and hopefully by 2030 at least thirty percent of the country can be educated on the problem.

This solution to re-educate people has been proven to work in a research done to forty seven countries. In this research in which people were educated about the problem, not only was there less trash thrown, but there was also less people depositing their trash into the ocean. Another way this has been proven to work is when the EPA did a program to essentially re-educate the population of gas emissions and how they pose a serious danger to the environment and in consequence to us. By doing this they found out that they were able to prevent 368 million metric tons of gas emissions. If we were able to implement this programs to prevent ocean pollution then the reduction of plastic waste entering the ocean will be significant. The second solution, that would be the short term solution, is the recollection of trash in highly polluted beaches. There are several highly polluted beaches around the world with some of them being inside U. S. territory. So what P. U. F. F is proposing is to rally up volunteers to go on a massive cleanup run on the most polluted beach of the U. S. with it being Kamilo beach in Hawaii or as many citizens in the area call it “Plastic Beach”. This event with the help of volunteers and sponsors could also help as a hands on educative program that could help on reeducating the children and adults. This solution is just the beginning, as more awaits in the future. Volunteers will be gathered from schools which will also help our previous solution of the reeducation of the people, volunteers, or any residents near the area that want to help, will also be gathered via social media.

As for the expenses the P. U. F. F organization, we will be taking in donations especially from foundations that are known to help the oceans like that one of Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, who have donated 294. 84 million dollars to clean the oceans. Also fifty to eighty percent of the expenses nowadays of these massive clean ups done in various countries are paid by the government, so in terms of money and where to get it there is no problem. We would rather depend on the government, including the Fiscal policy of the aspect, as it would fall on the hands of the government and with the money from the taxes they gain. With just a small percentage of their gain we would be able to fund our projects that will eventually have a greater good in the American Beaches. This is of course regarding a contractionary economic growth, when the economic flow takes an expansionary turn, we might depend more on the donations and sponsors of others. After this mass cleanup the P. U. F. F organization will be taking other beaches with high concentrations of plastic on them such as the Poncho Beach in California. With this two solutions the amount of trash being deposited in beaches and in the ocean will be lowered, and the most polluted beaches can become the most clean beaches. These two solutions are the answer to a future America that is clean, and where the people can eat seafood without getting contaminated. To an America that its citizens wont risk suffering of diseases related to microplastics found in fish, with one example of those diseases being cancer. Nowadays more than a quarter of the fish have microplastic in them according to a research done to fish markets in Indonesia and California.

As for the organization of this ngo it goes as follows. The P. U. F. F. organization has a board of directors which consist of the 3 founders, which will make all the programmes possible: Rodrigo Galvan, Paulina Mercado, and Jorge Contreras. Due to the fact that a board of directors is a legal requirement to be accepted by authorities, this volunteers will participate regardless of their other roles in the NGO. They will be in charge of having private meetings with a report for transparency at the end, and they will be in charge of decisions as well as funding raising, representing the NGO. Following in hierarchy, the general assembly will be open to volunteers that fit the demand requisites, due to the lack of current staff, and its legal necessity. The Executive director that will be in charge of the direction the NGO, report to the board and managing day to day activities, will be Rodrigo Galvan. The Administrative manager that will be in charge of managing the financial activity of the ngo, fundraising activities and will be in charge of all customer relations, will be Jorge Contreras. The communication and Dissemination manager that will be in charge of managing or working on in public relations, publications, media, publicizing the name and image as well as managing it, and web publications will be Paulina Mercado.

The Programme and activities manager that will be in charge of programming all activities and projects under the conditions of a budget and audience will be Paulina Mercado. At last staff positions are up for application for those who meet the criteria. What are the various steps that the P. U. F. F organization will be taking in order to carry out this initiative? It will start of by creating our Ngo, using the already participating people to invite more people to participate, by calling their attention with the help of the Communication and Dissemination manager (Paulina) by social media and the use of videos to actually create this Ngo. This of course will all have to be approved by the Executive director (Rodrigo) and the Board of representatives. Then, to start causing and immediate impact we would create our first project, one based on a beach cleaning day on the beach of Kamilo in Hawaii. It will go through our process, of having the Programme and activities manager (Paulina) organize the dates, as well as the place, ask for permissions to then Having our Administrative manager (Jorge) calculate the amount of spendings, to then have the Communication and Dissemination manager (Paulina) and the Executive director (Rodrigo) recruiting people to participate as well as donors and sponsors, to then present it to the board of representatives.

In theory, if this event turns out to be a success in gaining attention, donors, and volunteers, then P. U. F. F can move on to more ambitious projects, even moving on to colabolariting in the future with other NGOs, companies or research facilities to monitor the success by using the Indicator 14. 1. 1: the index of plastic debris density in oceans, focusing on the SDG development goal 14. 1: which is that by 2025 there will be significant prevention and reduction of marine pollution. To finish the P. U. F. F organization would like to add that the life below water SDG may be one of the most important ones right now in this day and age. Why you may ask? Well, there are various reasons for which this SDG is of importance, and how it’s the one sdg that is posing the most danger to us and to the animals. As of now, each year more than 100, 000 animals die because of entanglements which leads to a serious problems of extinction of different species of marine life. In the other hand this mishandling of the ocean is also posing a danger to us as a species. This is due to the fact that one in every four fish that is sold has microplastics which pose serious dangers to our health. With this solutions that the P. U. F. F has provided we will be able to reduce the amount of trash being thrown into the oceans as well as the amount of trash found in beaches. This is a fact since solutions like this ones have been done before.

As mentioned above the EPA once reeducated the people about the danger that gas emissions have on our health and therefore on our environment and they were able to reduce the amount of gas emissions by a significant amount. As for the massive cleanups they have also been done before in Russia in which huge amounts of volunteers gathered to clean up the ocean. This is why Russia has the most clean ocean in the world while the U. S has some of the most polluted beaches in the world.

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