The Different Parenting Styles of Chinese Parents and Its Influence on the Chioldren in Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua: [Essay Example], 1135 words GradesFixer
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The Different Parenting Styles of Chinese Parents and Its Influence on the Chioldren in Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

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In an excerpt from Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Amy Chua, who is an editor at Yale Law school, describes how the parenting styles of Chinese parents differs from that of Western parents, and she argues that it is much more efficacious. Chua presents her story from her own experience of parenting. Chua argues that Chinese mothers parenting styles are more rigorous and more coercive than western parenting styles who are more lenient and consequently due to the rigor and coerciveness are more efficient. Amy Chua while raising prosperous kids undervalues the main key to parenting and that is radiating love to them in a clever way and astute way.

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Chua expeditiously commences her essay giving the reader a description of the typical Chinese stereotype by asserting,

“A lot of people wonder how Chinese parents raise such stereotypically successful kids. They wonder what these parents do to produce so many math whizzes and music prodigies, what’s it’s like inside the family, and whether they could do it too. Well I can tell them, because I’ve done it. (305)

Chua denotes that she utilizes the word Chinese mothers “loosely” because other parents such as Jamaicans, Irish, Ghanaians qualify as Chinese mothers, designation of this gives the reader a conception that this topic isn’t on the Chinese but about other cultures (305).Chua explicates heavily the three major distinctions between western parents and chines parents by listing examples .The first major difference is “western parents are apprehensive about their child’s self-esteem” (306) and the second difference is “Chinese parents believe that their kids owe them everything” (Chua 306) culminating off with the third major difference of “Chinese parents ken what’s best for their children and consequently they override all of their children’s own desires and predilections.” In this major difference she expounds the story of her daughter mastering “The Little White Donkey” but in a coercive style. (Chua 307) . Chua’s insight on the distinction between parenting styles of Western and Chinese provides a clear view of the stereotypes we auricularly discern but interestingly explicate in a way Western style stereotypes.

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Chua describes the situation of when the coercive style was prosperous for her. Her daughter Lulu couldn’t play a piece called “The Little White Donkey”, but when her daughter quit Chua verbalized “I hauled Lulu’s dollhouse to the car and told her I’d don’t it to the Salvation Army”. (308) After that even Lulu eventually mastered the piece and they spent time together. No doubt about that Lulu mastered the piece, but did she express this out of love or of vexation? Could this be a result of Amy’s childhood with her father and how he called her “garbage” and “worthless”. Chua who is efficacious in her parenting style results methods are not all that doting but different from Western Parents. Chua withal verbalizes “Chinese parents can get away with things Wester n parents can’t get away with” (306), which she is right about but her husband Jed did verbally express stop reviling her (Western raised) which made Chua catch some offence causing her to verbalize “Everyone is special in their own way” (308) (a travestying of a Western parent saying).

Chua has a very unique different way of parenting styles but gives us an insight on Chinese mothers but thoroughly disses western styles. This view point of her is very inequitable to Western parents because their styles are not all erroneous and could be akin to western parent styles. Western parents endeavor to make their children feel good about themselves by putting the feeling of love into them utilizing verbally soft works in lieu of calling them “garbage” or saying “hey fatty”, how does Chua expect her kids to verbalize with other people without scaring them away or making another child feel worst about themselves affecting their prosperity. The results of less rigorous parenting like Western styles is it integrates to the children’s personality as well, who wants associate with a rigorous child; children are supposed to be ingenious have fun and make mistakes not be impeccable.

While Chua’s children Sophia and Lucy became “math whizzes” and “music prodigies” (Chua 305), “they were never sanctioned to not be the No.1 student in every subject except for drama and gym” which was the cause of them excelling. Being there are prosperous Chinese in the Olympics like in swimming and other activities, so is Chua averting her children from being on the Olympics in a way because they wouldn’t take gym earnestly, or they might even become extravagantly corpulent, have diabetes, high cholesterol along in the future; grades won’t matter so much then.

Chua’s parenting style albeit she does it out of the love for her children why does she show self-virtuousness and gasconade herself when she verbally expresses “even Jed gave me credit” (Chua 309).

Chua didn’t excel the Little White Donkey it was daughter. This insight has an insight that maybe Chinese mothers treat their children as prize possessions which they can manipulate and control whenever they optate to. The denomination even verbally expresses the roaring tiger mother which could illude the reader that she wants to sound like the king of the jungle and her children are merely just nothing to her subsistence but boosting her ego.

Chinese mothers respectively have an efficient parent style versus that of Western parents but it’s hard how it will affect their children physically or mentally. Amy Chua turned out prosperously being an edifier at Yale Law School, but she may be missing something the sense of love in a caring way. If a child needs motivation or is not excelling to the parents relishing a more productive way would be to radiate love but not let the children run liberatingly. In lieu of threating them endeavor injuctively authorizing them to practice more but not until when your depriving them. Children must have a sense of affection to shine in this world, in vocations bosses don’t want to hire someone with a frown on their face, a look in their ocular perceiver like they abhor the whole world but with a person who kens how to interact. Chua’s children were not sanctioned to sleepovers or even playdates of that such so how could they then on react with an interviewer.

Parenting styles have a cumbersomely hefty impact on children but can be done with rigor and with love, not gainsaying Chua’s conception of love but with caring and support. There’s never no in between with the best ways to do things in life but gradually step by step parents can raise their children in prosperous ways. Chinese or Western parenting styles can have a negative or positive impact and is leaves a question of which is the right or erroneous way to go.

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