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The Existence of Paranormal Activity in Real World

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Whether you chose to believe in paranormal activity or not, we all need to realise that there are many strange things that happen to us that are inexplicable. Paranormal activity is an event which is beyond the normal scientific understanding. The existence of paranormal history has been around since beginning of time, but paranormal activity isn’t what most believe it to be. It’s not all about ghosts, there is a variety of what paranormal is considered to be. Some of the most talked about paranormal beliefs are things like extra-terrestrial life, ghosts, reincarnation, poltergeists and unidentified flying objects. 

The belief in ghosts throughout years has stayed widespread and continually stood firm. When people hear the word ghost they tend to think of demons, but the word is more commonly used to describe a dead person’s spirit. One in four people living in the UK (39%) believe that a house can be haunted by a supernatural being, this is because when people hear an unfamiliar sound they then assume their house is haunted and 28% of people believe they have felt the presence of a ghost. There is a chance of ghosts and extra-terrestrial life scientists just haven’t proven it yet; 9% of people living in Britain have said they have communicated with the dead. According to the BBC. In 1952 a woman called Virginia Tighe started to talk about a past life she once had when under hypnosis claiming she was once an Irish woman named Bridey Murphy who was born in 1806. Virginia talked in an Irish accent and named unknown places she had never visited, later research revealed that Bridey did exist and the places she named were also real locations. So, does this show that reincarnation is true.

Reincarnation itself is not an exact topic of paranormal activity but does have some paranormal features. The people who believe in it try to get across that the way it happens is paranormal as reincarnation could not work without a link to paranormal activity. Reincarnation is when a dead person rebirths into another body. So, the person who died is now living a new life in someone else’s body, so therefore does that not make them a ghost? 30% of people living in Britain think that reincarnation is real. For those that believe in life after death situations when do we become the ghost? Or is it all just a thought of the imagination?

Extra-terrestrial life is more commonly believed as 52% of people living in the UK believe there is more than just life on earth out in the universe. Stephen Hawking has described the look for extra-terrestrial life ‘the most exciting quest in the 21st century science’. Extra-terrestrial life covers things such as UFOS and aliens. A UFO is described as an unidentified object in the sky or also known as an ‘alien’s spaceship’. Studies have shown that most sightings of a UFO tend to be wrongly looked at as it is usually either an aeroplane, balloons or bright planets, but between 5% and 20% reported sightings are not explainable. Scientists have been looking for alien life for years and have examined meteorites and some scientists claim to have found life on mars but, people also think that scientists have captured aliens and are keeping them hostage while doing experiments on them and they haven’t told anyone that they have found alien life. Would scientists purposely hurt a life to try find out facts?

Poltergeist, ghosts, spirits a supernatural being that is responsible for physical disturbance, such as loud noises or objects being moved or destroyed without anyone touching it. It remains unknown why the activity of poltergeist starts however there are theories for it such as they attract energy around them to make themselves known, it can also be because of the people who stay in the house they are in. Poltergeist hauntings just starts subtly nut then soon start to escalate. More than 2 thirds (68%) of the UK have said they have experienced a supernatural event and 31% have claimed to have seen and felt the presence of poltergeist.

Paranormal activity itself has a wide range in people who do believe in it and people who don’t. In some case’s the stories people tell may not justify ghosts, extra-terrestrial life or poltergeist’s existence as the proof they have is not enough. This persuasive essay is written to get the point across about paranormal activity, to get you to believe and to get you to think there is more to life than just humans.

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