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The Porters Five Forces of Ryanair

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Ryanair’s VIRO Freamwork:
  4. Conclusion:


Ryanair is Europe’s first budget-based airline influenced by Southwest Airlines. It is based on a case study carried out in 2007 by Eleanor O’Higgins, College of Dublin University, and the Republic of Ireland.

The Eleanor O’Higgins case is focused on Ryanair’s strategy against the backdrop of European airlines and the growing budget market. The case examines the opportunities and challenges that businesses and the organization face.

The report will be an analysis of 3 tasks and each of them will be in 2 parts. Task 1, the strategy is analyzed using the general strategy model for Porter and the Bowman strategy hour. To analyze the forces that influence its strategy, the Porter Five Forces model is used. Several articles have been added to analyze the sustainability of its strategy. Use the most recent data for industry structure analysis, and you should provide analysis for at least two time periods by referring to the chapter discussion on comparative industry structure analyses. Although, discuss Ryanair’s general strategies in line with the industry’s stance. Task 2, Ryanair Efficiency Assessment – Identifying strategic capabilities in terms of resources and analyzing how to provide a sustainable competitive advantage using the VRIO framework. Furthermore, focus on the different types of strategic capabilities Ryanair has and its impact on business performance. Task 3, examine Ryanair’s growth strategies using Ansoff’s growth strategies and impact, Firms use the Ansoff matrix to think about the risk of the development. The Ansoff matrix consists of four strategies for businesses to develop and evaluate the risks associated with each one. Also, Analyze current strategies and suggest future (growth) strategies for Ryanair based on industry trends.


The following is the porters 5 forces of Ryanair:

  • Competitive Rivalry:

The competition between existing competitors is low as existing competitors try to avoid direct conflicts with each other and this threat is quite low.

Ryanair’s market is fiercely competitive. Most cost benefits are easily copied immediately. There is no significant difference between services, and the price is the main difference. Currently, the two major airlines (Ryanair and Easyjet) have chosen to avoid competition by choosing different routes, thereby gaining a competitive advantage. On the other hand, if other participants decide to compete directly with Ryanair, the pressure on prices, profit margins, and profitability will increase. However, Ryanair seeks to increase market share by acquiring small airlines that pose a threat to competitors. Ryanair twice offered to buy Air Lingus, but the Irish government is not ready to sell it.

  • The threat of New Entrants:

While the price barriers to competition remain very high, many potential entrants to the industry expected to double the achievements of existing low-cost airlines. Yet new entrants face significant difficulties when purchasing landing puts and gates at both primary and secondary airports because the current airlines have leverage over most sandy doors. This is a rather low threat.

There are many barriers to entering the low-cost tanker industry. It takes a lot of money, so new participants can compete once they enter a new LCC track. New airlines have to buy cheaply and have a limited number of cells, making it difficult to find the right airport. There are barriers to entry, but there are still many cheap competitors entering the market every year. Many large airlines have opened their airlines. Many airlines that did this sold free airlines to Ryanair.

  • Bargaining Power of Suppliers:

Aircraft manufacturers’ trade power is quite high since the market is only divided between two major suppliers. Since the low price airline industry transforms into a single model of aircraft (or a few models) to lower costs, airlines are dependent on the manufacture of aircraft. Bargaining power is quite high for aviation fuel suppliers, as only a few major suppliers exist. That is a really high threat.

Ryanair orders the aircraft from a major supplier, it is Boeing. Boeing has a lot of bargaining power, as it has two main suppliers: Boeing and Airbus aircraft. All mechanics and pilots need to be retrained, so it’s expensive to replace other suppliers. Ryanair is trying to get the cheapest price when ordering planes. Recent conversations with Boeing have failed because they couldn’t agree to the terms. Subsequently, Ryanair changes the strategy, slows growth, and consequently returns more profits to participants, and this will affect Ryanair’s future. The price of jet fuel is closely linked to oil prices. Ryanair reduces this risk by hedging. However, this has a significant impact on net profit. Local airports are smaller and more dependent on airports. The larger Ryanair airports avoid having the ability to negotiate because many airlines leave this side.

  • Bargaining Power of Buyers:

Buyers have tremendous negotiating power as buyers will make numerous choices. Marketed low-cost carriers, this is a serious threat, because consumers can make improvements to the airlines.

Ryanair customers are very sensitive to price. Adapting to other airlines is very easy, as there are usually people offering tickets online. When rating airlines with just a few airline reviews, these people only find it cheaper. In any way, Ryanair is highly dependent on customers and does not affect them. Ryanair’s customer service, concerning appointments, lost bags, less cancellation, and fewer complaints compared to its competitors. This may be something people care about and they may become loyal to the airline. On the other hand, the Ryanair cabin crews are not very friendly. Ryanair must increase the friendship of its employees to get more loyal customers.

  • The Threat of Substitutes:

The threat of customers converting to alternative forms of transport, for example by train or bus has always been there. But flying is the most convenient choice for point-to – point transportation within Europe at the moment, particularly for island countries such as Ireland and the UK. It’s a very low threat.

Discuss Ryanair’s generic strategies in line with the industry’s position:

Michael Porter gave the strategy that states that to get a competitive advantage the organization must use any of the strategies that will set it apart from others in the industry.

  • Cost Leadership:

Is the strategy that protects the industry leader by providing inexpensive prices on their goods and services that Ryanair utilizes as its core business concepts in its successful low price deals. The low-duty strategy of Ryanair boosts market demand, services, leisure, and non-travelers. Ryanair’s low-duty strategy stimulus Ryanair uses one approach to offer rates that minimize minimum stay conditions while not having a single direction pricing system for its rivals like British Airways, which allows Air France an industry leader in costs.

  • Differentiation:

Ryanair differentiated its services from competitors including BA on time. The European Aviation and Statistics Association report shows that Ryanair is more punctual, has fewer cancellations, and has no crashes and injuries, as well as lost luggage. Reduced flight time and flight time, creating a 25-minute record.

Porter’s competitive strategy of Ryarian: 

  • Ryanair efficiency assessment, identifying strategic capabilities in terms of resources and analyzing how to provide a sustainable competitive advantage (use of the VRIO framework)

Ryanair’s government benefits and airport fee cuts are rare and valuable. The VRIO model can be deployed to see if Ryanair’s resources can be translated into competitive advantages.

The Ryanair VRIO examination is fundamentally the expansion of the Ryanair PESTEL investigation, which permits the organization to get it the assets, competitive edge, esteem suggestion, and esteem within the advertisement. The Essential thought of the Ryanair VRIO show is to analyse the figure that is important for the organization. Such may incorporate the supply chain proficiency, esteem chain support, innovation, or other components, that offer esteem to the company and in return permits the organization to offers comparative esteem to the customer.

In expansion, it too analyses the variables that are Uncommon inside the organization. Such an analysis of the compatibilities or capacities is vital because it permits the organization to create a feasible competitive edge over it. The esteem factor analysis of the organization gives an eye-opening see to the administration additionally offers the arrangement on where the organization may construct the showcase utilizing the region esteem creation factors.

Besides, it moreover decides the Imitable variables. These are the components that are effortlessly imitable by the organization (other players) and hence must be considered. In expansion, the imitable calculate moreover diagrams the components that are matchless by the other organization. These in-imitable variables permits the organization to developed the maintained competitive edge within the showcase and subsequently improves the chances of maintainability particle the long-term. Lastly, Organization calculates incorporates the assets and capacities that are advertising certain esteem to the company. This assurance of organization permit to the company to get it what extra things or function is required to be in put, or ought to be extemporized in to long term.

All in all, the advantage of utilizing the VRIO examination is to decide the supported competitive edge within the advertisement. Such assurance is critical for the organization to grow within the advertisement and proceed with its operations with sound productivity. In expansion, it offers clear to see what are the variables that are valuable and supreme o can be effortlessly imitated within the long-term, hence planning the organization to either utilize the important figure to charm the client and create a supported competitive edge, or enhance its esteem and organization qualities to create a solid competitive edge within the showcase, which is imperative to create and maintain in arranging for the organization to stay beneficial and permit the upkeep of showcase share within the long-term.

Ryanair’s VIRO Freamwork:

  • V-value

This emphasizes the fact that resources can be deployed to meet the customers’ requirements and expectations. Ryanair is willing to have the lowest prices, gaining millions of clients, incorporating tax incentives, lowered airport charges and a low-cost operating model.

  • R-rareness

Only Ryanair has public subsidies and reduced airport charges in the short-haul Budget airline business. Many rivals, and in special it’s most direct and strong competitor: EasyJet, have no such resource. This seldom yet valuably lowers Ryanair’s policy support yet airport charges. At the other side, Ryanair enjoys government support and cuts in airport charges because of its alternate flights and its consumer attracting potential. It therefore supports the development of secondary airports and provides local government with much more tourists and consumption. The capital is also difficult to move.

  • I-imitability

Apparently, the case is that Ryanair has a big cost advantage over airlines without the above resources, and this tool is seldom transmitted or imitated.

  • O-organization

Ryanair utilizes its different tools and capabilities to reach effectively the lowest costs and the lowest profit. Each of them effectively mobilized their capital on the basis of a good management team and productive Leader, powerful organizational approach and marketing plan.

The different types of strategic capabilities Ryanair has and its impact on business performance.

  1. Least passages for carrier tickets.
  2. Basic operations (without ornaments).
  3. Awesome brand mindfulness, clear offer (centres on a particular advertise portion).
  4. Inventive cost-cutting methodologies and quick reaction time Learning bend (early inbound).
  5. Aggregation of a parcel of information/involvement, exceptional promoting, and PR aptitudes for CEO O’Leary.
  6. The company’s capacity to deal and get useful bargains with providers; Proficiency, tall turnover, fast taking care of gear, and punctuality.
  7. The capacity to think immovably and deliberately and to do so: tinnitus acquisition expanding modern and included unused tracks.
  8. The capacity to control and decrease costs, which is basic for survival and victory within the industry.
  9. Capacity to construct and keep up a brand (dependability).
  10. Examine Ryanair’s growth strategies using Ansoff’s growth strategies and impact:

Market penetration:

Market development is one sector where Ryanair can see its income rising For Ryanair company and Not only can the business grow in the Middle East and North Africa through market growth and market penetration, it will support the company by offering concierge services such as a loyalty card and air-mile scheme, and persuading current customers to produce more sales, such as a discount, family bonus Product Growth as consumers now pay a premium to feel appreciated and more relaxed.

Product development:

The new product must be launched which is based on current market trends so that it can give the consumer greater value. It can also help them realize what their customers ‘ needs are, allowing them to increase their company revenues in terms of optimizing profits and due to continuous customer changes Irish budget carrier Ryanair has released a new product called ‘Business Plus’ for business travelers (O’Keeffe, 2014). The list of benefits provides flexibility on ticket changes, a 20 kg allowance for checked-in luggage, fast track screening at some airports, and early boarding and seating allocation. Business travel already provides for more than a quarter of the number of Ryanair’s passengers, says the airline, which is preparing to begin a second GDS partnership soon after a deal with Travel port was signed in March. EasyJet’s low-cost competitor has similarly targeted corporate travelers with complex product and distribution programs. Under a plan dubbed ‘Keep Getting Better,’ Ryanair’s Business Plus package follows a series of service upgrades launched by the airline (O’Keeffe, 2014).

Market development:

Ryanair’s will concentrate on higher frequency routes and more domestic flights on Europe’s main markets, instead of moving further, Ryanair intends to raise passengers by 50 percent by 2019 and has placed orders for 380 new Boeing plans. To lure the lucrative business traveler who has shunned the conventional hair-shirt package of the airline, Ryanair has cut fees in recent months, permitted extra carry-on luggage, and enhanced its coffee. Ryanair reports that about 20 million of its 83 million annual travelers are business travelers and need to raise this number to 30-36 million.

In recent months Ryanair has been discussing spreading into many markets outside the deregulated Open Skies region of the European Union, whose establishment in the 1990s set the stage for the spectacular growth of low-cost carriers such as Ryanair. Recently, Ryanair successfully launched flights a day from Edinburgh to London, four years after its first new domestic UK routes. It hopes that Scotland will succeed in persuading London to be able to scrap its passenger obligation-a move that Northern Ireland and Wales would want to follow. All this has a big effect on Ryanair because it will help to attract new clients, boost sales and growth of the business.


The diversified-based approach used by Ryanair makes it more versatile than its peers. This is because Ryanair is more able to move aircraft to serve more competitive markets than traditional carriers to sustain long-haul operations by relying on transfer traffic. Ryanair is more a diversification connected than a diversification. Ryanair is increasingly diversifying its products, based on market aspects (Bailey, 2019). One of Ryanair’s major factors in comparison to other airlines, for example, is the fact that most things that would be considered inclusive in the flight are charged separately. This involves check-in travel. Despite the extra charges, Ryanair is a special airline that is continuously expanding its offerings as an airline. The extra costs allow the staff to perform somewhat different duties than for most airlines as certain travelers do not pay for all the goods and services usually provided in another airline (Bailey, 2019). All of this will help Ryanair to reduce risk by allocating investments between different financial instruments, industries, and other categories. Furthermore, maximizing returns by investing in different areas, each reacting differently to the same event.

Suggest future Ryanair strategies (growth) based on industry trends.

Ryanair Company should try Porter’s Generic Strategy because the Low-cost leadership strategy doesn’t simply mean limited product and service selling prices. Ryanair has prioritized the strengthening of its strategic location on the market over interim profit maximization as the pricing environment deteriorates. Ryanair uses its cost leadership role to force even lower prices to maximize fiscal pressure on higher-cost rivals and most likely for as long as it takes to achieve a market streamlining that would encourage a return to a more normal pricing setting.


Ryanair built a low-cost culture and the entire organization bought it with this philosophy. Ryanair leadership will assist in the practice of spreading and promoting low-cost messages across the organization, but Ryanair should pay attention to the risks highlighted as follows: As it continues to grow, the Ryanair Risk Dashboard needs to start planning for life after Michael O’Leary. The low price strategy is a sustainable strategy as outlined in other similar organizations like Ikea, Southwest, Aldi etc. Ryanair’s low price strategy fits perfectly and the future looks beautiful to Ryanair.

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