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Time Management and Its Importance

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While growing up, reading books is something all children do. Books impact a child’s life greatly. They teach children lessons and basic morals of today’s society. Also, many books are used to entertain children.

Throughout my life I have been taught how to write many different types of essays. This year in my English class I am learning how to write the various steps of a process essay. Writing a process essay takes thought and effort. A process essay explains how order of something occurs or how something was done. I am writing my process essay on how I wrote and made my children’s book.

As I first received the assignment I started to think about all the different characteristics that a child book has. To help me out in recognizing some of these qualities I looked at other children books that have already been published. When looking through these books I noticed that they all had similar things in common like big print and colorful pictures. Looking at other books gave me good ideas on how I would design and write my story. This step really helped out when it came time to putting my book together.

The next decision was what should my story be about. I knew that whatever I write about had to be something I liked or I would have no interest in writing the story. The first thing I thought about was I going to use people or animals in my story. Using people seemed easier and more realistic for me to use. Immediately I started to think freely about different types of plots I may use. I asked friends and family for different ideas on what I should write and what I should not write. I made a list of all their suggestions whether they were good or bad. Then one by one I crossed each idea out until one idea was left and that was my story plot. I chose a plot that I knew very well and is something that is very important in my life.

Now that I have chosen my story plot it was time to write it down. As I began to write, I first thought of where my story would take place, like at the park or school. From this point I started to write my story’s rough draft. I wrote my story about three different times trying to improve it each time, but I had to remember that my story had restriction. I only had so many pages I could use so I had to make sure my story was short and not too long. When I finished writing my story’s rough draft, I had my friends edit and make suggestion on how I could improve it. I took all their input and suggestion on my story and made one finally version.

After writing my final draft it was time to put the story on its pages. I began by reading through the story and make marks where I thought each page should begin and end. I cut out each section of marked words so I could make a little model of how each page would look. Feeling confident about how my story would look I decided to type it on to the computer. I typed each paragraph on to its own page and printed it out.

My next step was to find an illustrator to draw pictures to the words I had written. I knew that pictures played a big role in a child’s book, so I decided to find some better than me to do it. Since, I did not have the money to pay someone to do it I had to settle for the next best thing, my mother. The first thing I did was sit down with her and discuss what I wanted on each page and gave her a brief overview of what I wanted the finish product to look like. Making sure that I told her good description of what I wanted on every page. As she did each page I watched her draw and color each picture until she was done.

After completing the pictures and text of the book it was time to put it all together by binding the pages. Binding the book is a very important step. I chose to bind my book by stapling the pages together. I took a small piece of Styrofoam and placed it in the middle of my pages. I stapled three staples in a straight line going from top to bottom in a row. Stapling the paper right into the Styrofoam. I then pulled off the piece of Styrofoam leaving the paper with the staples still in it. Next I laid the book facing me and folded all the staples ends down and then closed my book. My book was now completed and ready to be turned in.

The significance of a process essay is to explain the process in what something is done and the order in which it takes place. The importance of this is so that they reader knows what is taking place and why it’s happening. Another significant factor of a process essay is to explain the time management that one must utilize when completing a project. I’d did not realize the significant of a process essay until I was forced to apply it to my work.

As I wrote my essay I noticed that people use process essays all the time in their life. They might not be actually writing it but they speak the way you would write it. Writing a process essay was easy in the fact it was just explaining the steps I took to do something but is difficult to explain my reasoning for the way I chose to do stuff. I am glad that I took the time to do this assignment because I received some good knowledge about process essays and what they are used for.

Time management is a very important skill to have when managing a very active life and is useful when managing your daily activities. This essay will be going over time management and how it can be used in everyday lives. This essay will be going over what time management is, why time management is important, time management skills that can be used in everyday lives, ways to improve time management, time management with internet use and the outcome of people who don’t use time management effectively. This essay will also include some tips on how time management can improve our everyday work performance and improve our everyday productivity.

What is time management? Time management is a very important skill needed in life to better organize the activities that you do daily. It is the way we organize our time to accomplish goals, tasks, and responsibilities in our everyday lives. My proposal is that people limit themselves to the internet and create better internet time management skills for daily internet use. This essay will include tips on time management skills and how we can improve them. With the use of these skills, people will be able to manage their daily tasks better and include internet use time in a way where they feel that their time was used productively.

Now that we have gone over what time management is, let’s go over its importance. From a book entitled, “Introducing time perspective coaching: A new approach to improve time management and enhance well-being”, research shows that having a balanced time perspective improves well-being and productivity on many levels: work-related, social and personal. Poor time management can lead to higher stress levels and pressure in the work place leaving employees depressed and pressured. From a book entitled,” Time Management Training and Perceived Control of Time at Work”, research has been proven that many people have experienced time management problems and suffer from time pressure and an increasingly fast pace life. Journal of Psychology People with good time management tend to have higher-self-esteem, purpose in life, life goals and sense of directedness. Overall, good time management skills lead to job satisfaction, well-being and better work performance.

What are some basic time management skills that we can use? From a website entitled, “Time Management Guide” it states that your skills and abilities can be improved by setting priorities and manage your time to meet deadlines, set and achieve goals, effectively organize your daily actions, make smarter decisions faster, work on a team or build one and prevent burnout. Using calendars is a good way to organize and plan your monthly/yearly activities. One good way to effectively use calendars is to record everything. This includes birthdays, vacations, job interviews, meetings and etc. By doing this, you won’t miss any of your important events. Using weekly time schedules is another way to improve your time management skills weekly. To effectively use time schedules you should plan a time at the start of the week to plan out your week. Using weekly planners is a good way to do this and should be used to plan out your weekly activities. Another useful tool for better time management skills are to do list. To do list are a list of things needed to be done throughout the day and should be created the night before or the start of your day. The last effective time management tool that I will be going over is planners. Planners are a great way to plan out special events and organize activities. Always use your planners daily and review your week ahead of time.

What are some ways that we can better improve or develop better time management? One way to improve your time management skills are to take time management coaching or training classes. These are available at your work place and are available through books. You must practice time management skills daily to improve your time management skills. This includes using calendars, time schedules and to do list to better organize your daily activities. To improve your time management skills, you must set goals and prioritize your time. This includes setting dates for things you want to accomplish and setting priorities to things that need to be done. Another good way to improve your time management skills is to practice being punctual and meeting your deadlines.

What are Some Time Management Skills That We Can Use at Work and Home? From a website entitled “Entrepreneur”, there are ten tips that you can use to help manage your time better that works. Using daily activity diaries can help you plan your time and prioritize your daily activities. These help with planning out your days and prioritizing your activities. Planning and organizing work projects will not only help reduce time spent on the projects that you have but also help reduce work costs for the project. Always monitor and time your daily activities to prevent wasting time. You should always take the first 30 minutes of your day to plan your day. Don’t start your day until you complete your time plan. The most important time of the day, is the time you spend scheduling your time.

The internet has now become something the average person uses daily and has become a part of our everyday lives. What are some time management skills we can use to provide effective internet use in our daily lives? Always monitor the amount of time you spend online and set time limits. People tend to get carried away while using the internet and end up wasting a lot of their time on it. Setting time limits will help prevent that. Prioritize the time you spend on the internet. Always put first priorities first before spending your time on the internet. Try to avoid distractions while online such as instant messaging and social media apps. Checking your messages and Facebook constantly uses a lot of time and can easily distract someone when using the internet on your phone. You should always plan your daily internet use time. This includes time needed to check your email or read the daily news.

What are the outcomes of people who don’t practice time management in their daily lives? People who don’t practice time management tend to suffer from procrastination. These are people who always finish things at the last minute. To prevent procrastination, you should always use weekly time schedules and to do list to organize the work that needs to be done. People who don’t use time management are more likely to suffer from stress and depression. By unsuccessfully completing daily tasks, employees become overwhelmed at work leaving them in unhealthy work situations. This leads to poor work performance and could damage their company in the long run. From a book entitled, “Time Horizon: A Concept for Management”, making a decision quickly and at a minimum cost and taking into full account all of important consequences of the decision is an important factor when it comes to time management in the workplace. Employees should always practice good time management skills to prevent this. People who don’t practice time management are also less productive. Less productive employees lead to more work for others.

To conclude this research paper, let’s go over the key topics discussed about time management and its importance. Time management is a very important skill that we need in our everyday lives to achieve our everyday tasks and organize our lives. Without time management, we would be unable to reach our goals, make deadlines and accomplish plans that we set for ourselves. Practicing good time management skills daily will improve your overall work performance and well-being in life. The internet is one of the biggest time consumers of today and time spent on the internet should be managed. With the use of these time management skills, a person will be able to successfully organize daily internet time into their everyday lives without the stress of losing productivity.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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