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The Significance of Marketing and Its Impact on Society

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Executive Summary

Advertising is a marketing strategy that is used by various businesses to create awareness about a product or service. For instance, the paper aims at ensuring that significant information about the Canadian University of Dubai is made clear to the public. In most cases, the strategy serves as the best marketing tool as some people in other parts of the world are not aware of the institution. The institution provides a platform for professional learning, which is part of the vision fronted by the UAE president. The school has various advantages that are giving it competitive operating merit over others in the region. Further, the research aims at finding out the extent that the varsity operations affect Dubai and the UAE in general. For instance, the country benefits in some ways as a result of the institution. Additionally, a comparison between the schools that offer similar programs is captured in the research to show how strong the varsity is in the region.

Canadian University of Dubai


Advertising plays a critical role in people’s daily lives. In fact, it determines the personality possessed or the way people view you. Advertising also has an impact on our thinking and the attitude towards our self and our surrounding. To many, advertising reveals a ready behavior in various situations. At times, it is used to determine what is wrong and good. People are fond of buying what has been advertised or what others recommend as good. Today, every person is influenced by advertising even without realizing that it has happened. As research depicts, individuals have been turned to slaves of technical as well as scientific progress, which advertising has utilized skillfully (Weir, 2015). The pressure of advertising is increasing each day, and a significant amount of money is being used for advertising by companies to attract multi-billion profits. Notably, advertising is termed as a product of the first necessity, and it is aimed at becoming even more expensive.

According to studies, the amount used on advertising in most countries is enormous and this is directed to compel people to use a specific product (Weir, 2015). Besides being an essential element in any business, it is linked to politics. It does determine not only the purchase of a particular product but also the choice of a political candidate. It also establishes the political development path of a specific country as well as the politics itself. As a strategy for business to compel customers to buy their products and services, advertising commenced long time ago. Its existence and use in the pre-age period is evident. For instance, by a papyrus in Egypt with the information of the upcoming slavery trade. Thus, based on the above synopsis of what advertising is and how it has been useful, this paper seeks to advertise Canadian University of Dubai (CUD) by demonstrating how it is a great institution, especially through the implementation of Sheikh Mohammed’s vision policies.

Purpose Statement

The study of the Canadian University of Dubai and the vision of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum are significant aspects in this study. As an objective of this paper, the advertising of the university will solely depend on the vision of the Dubai in achieving its goals. The ad of the Canadian University of Dubai under this paper is for the purpose of compelling the readers to see the benefit of being a student at this university. The advertising should also reveal the benefits of the Canadian University of Dubai as compared to other international universities; however, not vividly. The study answers the research question, “how the university has become a great institution through the implementation of Sheikh Mohammed’s vision.” Notably, the research question is strongly related with the thesis because the study shows how the Canadian University of Dubai is a great institution by depicting its efforts to implement the vision of his Excellency Sheikh Mohammed.

Background History

Canadian University of Dubai

The Canadian University of Dubai is one of the best universities in the United Arab Emirates. The university was established in the year 2006 to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education to both new and continuing students within the United Arabs Emirates and other countries around the world. Besides that, the university is mandated to offer gateways for students to pursue further studies in Canada. While the university is located in Dubai, its academic program is similar to the curriculum and education principles of Canada. Thus, this offers students with an opportunity to study the Canadian curriculum while at the same time they encounter and enjoy the diverse culture as well as value exhibited in the United Arab Emirates.

Based on the fact that the university has admitted more than 100 students from different nationalities and students with a different ethnic background, the students can develop bridges across culture as well as continents in one of the most dynamic cities in the world.

The primary goal and objective are to develop each student’s ability based on his or her academic levels and also enhance his or her social status, to be able to interact across different cultures exhibited within the university. The objective also concentrates on transforming the student to be a lifelong learner and be an all-around global student. For the university to achieve this, the management stresses much on the academic performance of a student as well as his or her extra curriculum activities within and without the school. The university’s vibrant atmosphere and school provide the student with something he or she can do, from sports to international trips as well as school concerts. The Canadian University of Dubai’s students is also allowed to participate in social activities such as team building, networking occasions, as well as community fundraising.

Since inception, the Canadian University of Dubai has seen tremendous changes based on the management, the courses offered and the admission process criteria. The university, based on its vision and objective, it has expanded the courses it offers and included significant courses such as engineering, a business-related faculty that is also in line with educational policies of the country. Notably, the university has witnessed development in infrastructure such as new classes, library, computer halls and food outlets just to complement students’ stay while learning process is ongoing (Appendix 1). The infrastructure also helps lecturers in delivering their lessons during class time.

Benefits of the Canadian University of Dubai

There many benefits attached to students that study at the Canadian University of Dubai. First, based on the diverse culture exhibited by students from different countries, the university enables one to explore and socialize with other people and also get to learn their culture. For a long time, cultural challenges are considered as a problem mostly when one has secured an employment opportunity overseas. The cultural variations at most times can act as a barrier to successive working abroad. Second, the university offers many courses that count from business management to all engineering disciplines. This makes it possible for one to select the course vividly he or she would want to enroll. Notably, being an international university, the Canadian University of Dubai has developed infrastructure such as the internet, as well as information technology that assists the student through their learning process. Further, the infrastructure enables them to gain required exposure with the machines, especially when one is an engineering student.

Third, the university has a modern day library that has all types of books. The secondary material has been recorded to be a problem in most learning institutions. When books are available, it is easier for students to study efficiently and conduct extensive research, of course with the help of internet. Despite the technological innovation that has been characterized by the introduction of online libraries, it is still challenging for students to access these online databases. In fact, some online databases require passwords or even subscription fees, which most students may not have. Fourth, the school is surrounded by an efficient environment and offers extra-curriculum activities such as team building, outdoor trips, and community fundraising. Some of this activities expose students to new situations that at most times, help them through the studies.

Fifth, most students encounter challenges in raising their school fees. With the Canadian University of Dubai, the problem is solved. The university issues scholarship to local students as well as international students. The university offers both partial and full scholarship to students who perform excellently in their education and are financially unable to pay for their studies. In partial scholarship, the university council discusses with the student the best plan that he or she can be allowed to pay for his fees without being pressurized. Finally, based on the school structure and partnership with other universities, students can easily acquire transfer programs with other international universities. The program is efficient as students can interact with students from other universities to share ideas and knowledge. For the past five years, the university has witnessed many students benefiting from such transfer programs.

The Vision of H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed is the prime minister and the vice president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as the ruler of Dubai (Āl, M. M. R., 2013). With his providence, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum sets an example of a leader who has the interest of his people at heart, which makes him work towards achieving aspirations and ambitions of his country as well as the success of those residing in the UAE. The UAE Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed is the kind of leader that possesses a unique ability to envision and shape the future of his people through investing correctly and efficiently (Balakrishnan, Moonesar, Awamleh & Rowland-Jones, 2017). Since the time he took an oath of office, tremendous changes have been witnessed all over Dubai. For instance, the work tempo has accelerated, and numerous initiatives have come to light. Not only had the country obtained these successes, but the UAE also made mega achievements in a relatively short time.

Based on these achievements, the country was ranked 35th among several other states with developed cosmopolitan cities. Regarding infrastructure, clear evidence on the ongoing comprehensive and multi-billion development processes, as well as a steadfastly built on an integrated strategy of growth and development (Balakrishnan 2017). Based on Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s ideology people have learned that ambition is limitless. The leader believes that goals, as well as aspiration, are best acquired through building teamwork that will work in unity to attain the set objectives (In Benlamri & In Sparer, 2017). His vision aims to turn Dubai into a business and a financial hub both at the regional level as well as at the international levels.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum understands that the challenges will continue revolving for the next two decades as longs no intervention is made. Performance bar, fast-changing technological developments, advanced concepts of modern management, efficient customer service as well as satisfaction are key factors to growth and development (IBP, I. N. C., 2016). Equally, when one will fail to apply his or her skills in developing resources, unleashing talents and capabilities, serving the business community, creating excellent business atmosphere, supporting private sectors, fostering the spirit of creativity, as well as encouraging enterprises then the challenges proceed on coming (Masqud & Medforth, 2015).

Findings and Results

Embarking on the path of sustainable growth and achievement of the UAE, the vision presented by his Excellency Sheikh Mohammed should go in line with the education policy and curriculum being taught at the university. This will not require learning alone, but also a profound transformation of how individuals think and act. To develop a more sustainable environment and engage with issues related to sustainability as envisioned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Canadian University of Dubai must become sustainability change-makers. The people of United Arab Emirates require the skills, knowledge attitude as well as values that will empower them to contribute to sustainable development. Thus, education is paramount for the achievement of sustainable growth through the visions presented by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Ideally, not all type of education supports justifiable developments (Masqud & Medforth, 2015). Training that can promote economic growth may well also lead to an increase in unsustainable consumption forms. Thus, it is essential even for the government to observe what students are being taught in schools. The well-established approaches to education to foster sustainable development is known to empower learners. Additionally, making informed choices as well as responsible actions that will ensure integrity, economic viability, as well as a just society for both present as well as future generation, is necessary. Education for sustainable development aims at raising the level of competence among students, which later empowers them to reflect on their actions, future cultural, social, environmental and economic impacts from a local and an international viewpoint (Omar & Mohammed, 2005). Students should also be motivated to act in a complicated situation in a manner that is sustainable. At times, this may require them to figure out a new direction, and also participate in social and political processes, which help in driving their societies towards sustainable growth.

Based on the findings, education for sustainable growth has to be understood clearly and be incorporated as an essential part of the fundamental concept of lifelong learning. Just like the Canadian University of Dubai, it is their responsibility or mandate to deal intensively with issues of sustainable growth and to foster the development competence (Omar & Mohammed, 2005). The Canadian University of Dubai provides education that matters to the government of Dubai, and it is genuinely relevant to every student in the light of today’s economic challenges. Education for sustainable development, one of the Canadian University of Dubai’s objective, is considered a holistic and a transformational type of training that address the learning content and results. Therefore, the Canadian University of Dubai does not only educate issues to do with climate change, poverty levels, and sustainability in consumption but also creates an interactive, student-centered teaching and learning settings (Levi, 2010).

The government of Dubai requires with high regard to the vision presented by the Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed shift from teaching to learning, which the Canadian University of Dubai does efficiently. There is also need for action-oriented, transformative teaching, formal and informal learning. Only when this is so, then it will be possible for the Dubai government to attain the country’s objective and vision as presented by his Excellency Sheikh Mohammed. International recognition of the Canadian University of Dubai as a center of education for sustainable development has been growing tremendously. With the growth evident for over ten years globally, there is a clear indication that the Canadian University of Dubai is one of the best places where students can study and understand the challenges they may face in the outside world.


From the Canadian University of Dubai and the vision of Prime Minister Sheikh Mohammed, several findings put the university at the center of the competitive advantage from other universities. First, the aspect advertising is exhibited by the mission of the Canadian University of Dubai (CUD) and the visions of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The university mission focuses on building the ability of students by fostering education on them based on relevant Canadian curriculum. Being an international university, the Canadian University of Dubai has admitted many students from various ethnic background (Levi, 2010). Notably, the university has incorporated structures such as innovation centers that aims at helping or assisting the university students through their studies. The information technology department purposes to equip students with skills in technology. With this skills, students will be able to solve problems related to technical information. Based on this, it is the vision of his Excellency Sheikh to create a country that is conversant with the latest technology (In Benlamri & In Sparer, 2017).

Second, the university also offers management course, which includes human resource management. Such a business course is taught to equip students with skills of management and the technical know-how of how to interact with other people (Sarabdeen, El-Rakhawy & Khan, 2011). For instance, when a student is employed in a management level position, he or she may be able to use this skills to perform his role and duties within the company effectively. Also, a student who is employed at customer service center can interact with ease showing a high level of competence and professionalism while executing his or her duties within the company premise. It is the vision of UAE prime minister to ensure that his country and his people can embrace the advanced concepts of modern management focusing on the customer service as well as customer satisfaction. His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed accepts to true the fact that by having this skills, he will be able to achieve the goals of Dubai and expose his country at the top of the world.

Third, the university is offering courses that equip the students and the general public on how to manage resources. It is a strategy aimed at ensuring any sort of resources, including financial resources is managed in the right manner. As Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum depict, the future of a nation will only be made realistic by the fact that the citizens of that respective country have the knowledge and technical skills to manage resources. Resources form a significant raw material for any manufacturing process. The Canadian University of Dubai is responsible for providing education to students and the public as a resource. However, the students may be after graduating, they will have to use these skills in running business operations.

Fourth, the university has developed infrastructures that support information technologies and developed library (“Canadian University Dubai,” 2018). Today, technology is termed as an important innovation that assists in doing things easier. For instance, consider how people communicate today by use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram among others. With technology being the primary propeller of learning activities in the university, it simply means that the university is prepared in developing the skills of students in line with the vision presented by UAE prime minister. When there is technological infrastructure in place, the Dubai government is assured of achieving more developments that are related to technology. Also with technology installed in various parts of the country, business communities will be able to implement their strategies efficiently thereby developing the Dubai economy (Sarabdeen, El-Rakhawy & Khan, 2011). The Canadian University of Dubai is responsible for ensuring the students and the public is competent with skills on how to operate and manage information technology systems.

Finally, it is the goal of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to offer an environment that is secure to promote the development of talents and capabilities. This has been done through promoting events that encourage people to participate and grow their talents. This also applies to the Canadian University of Dubai where the university promotes interschool games and competition with other universities (“Canadian University Dubai”, 2018). Notably, the school promotes socio-culture practices among students to enhance their ability to understand the dynamics exhibited in socializing and in different cultures. Through doing this, the university fosters the spirit of creativity among students, which is also vital to realization and achievement of the country’s goals and objectives. Notably, with extra curriculum activities offered at the school assist students to understand the diversity of interaction with other students and with members of the society mostly during community fundraising. The Dubai vice-president Sheikh Mohammed encourages the spirit of teamwork and oneness. He describes it as the propeller to greatness. He denotes that if people work together with unity and without differences, it will be possible for them to reach greater heights.


As the countries across the world continue struggling in keeping pace with the fast-changing technology as well as globalization, they encounter many problems. The issues might include difficulties in meeting the requirements of such technology to foster economic growth. The challenges may also entail the increased uncertainties and complexity, social diversity and individualization. Further, cultural uniformity, economic expansion, deprivation of services of the ecosystems, as well as the greater vulnerability and exposure to technological risks entail major part of the problem. A rapidly proliferating amount of information is available worldwide. All these conditions require creative and self-organized action since the complexity of the situation surpasses basic process of solving problems that are in line with plan.

The Canadian University of Dubai is one such place that will equip students with life skills and competence to assist them to solve challenges as such when they arise. The Canadian curriculum helps students to understand the complex world in which they reside. They require skills that will enable them to collaborate with other people with different ethnicities, speak and act for positive change. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum believes the people he leads, his citizens, are sustainable with abilities to foster change in Dubai. For one to have self-organization in specific complex situations and context, then competencies are key. Some of them include affective, motivational, cognitive, and volitional elements; thus, they are an interplay of capacities, skills, knowledge, and affective dispositions.

Reliable sources depict that competencies can never be taught in schools; however, one can develop it by him or herself. The competence level is significant during the time of an action based on reflection and experience. Competence also represents cross-cutting competencies and are fundamental for all learners irrespective of their age. The importance of the Canadian University of Dubai is exhibited all through this paper. It is sound to conclude by saying that the university has met the threshold for education full of sustainability, development and capacity to work together with the government of Dubai.

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