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The world speaks the same language, that is the title of my report I think what happens we all speak the same language? what could happen if they spoke the same language? what could be changed if we spoke the same language? , why we don’t speak the same language? , I think if they want to answer that question what is the answer and what has happened, why Allah make us speak another language, in this report I want to explain what is useful if they speak the same language and what is a mistake if they speak another language? , and why humans kill people cause speak another language.

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A world That Speaks The Same language:

Mean what happened when all people in the world that speak the same language, or why all people on the word didn’t speak the same language? , and what we can do for all the people in the world speak the same language

There are approximately 7.5 billion people on the third rock from the Sun. That’s 7,500,000,000 individual names, 15,000,000,000 years, and 150,000,000,000 phalanges (give or take a couple hundred…million?). Earth has 148,326,000 kilometers squared of land above sea level and is divvied up into 7 continents that house 196 different countries. These 196 countries, with their 7.5 billion citizens, use approximately 7,000 languages.

About 6% of these languages account for the native tongue of 94% of the population – 50% of the languages are spoken by fewer than 10,000 people and 25% are spoken by fewer than 1,000 people. Given the vast complexity of human life spread around the globe, we are actually quite linguistically united. But as we move forward into the 21st century, are we moving closer towards linguistic solidarity? What happened if every human would understand the one language?

According to the Bible, this has already happened. Long ago, post-Great Flood, humanity was united under a single, common language. Apparently, this leads to a huge upshot in productivity, the result of which was to be so magnificent that God himself intervened:

“And they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens; let us make a name for ourselves, lest we are scattered abroad over the face of the whole earth.”

But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the sons of men had built.

And the Lord said, “Indeed the people are one and they all have one language, and this is what they begin to do; now nothing that they propose to do will be withheld from them.
Come, let Us go down and there confuse their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.”

So the Lord scattered them abroad from there over the face of all the earth, and they ceased building the city.

Therefore its name is called Babel because there the Lord confused the language of all the earth, and from there the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of all the earth.”
And according to on the Qur'an Allah Said " (O people, we created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes to know that your honor with God Ikakm that God knows the expert(13) Surah Al-Kharat

The people of the tribe of tribes are as evil and Adnan, while the tribe is the divisions of the people, and some of them said: The people who belong to the land, while the tribe is attributed to their origin. Others said: The people are non-Arab tribes .. And that this division, which begins with the unity of the family and then expands to the clan and then the thigh and abdomen until it reaches the architecture and tribe and then the people, was not in vain, but for the purpose of acquaintance.

Without getting made up for lost time over God’s rationale, it’s clear that this story alludes to the possibilities that open up The point when dialect is never again a boundary should communication: present-day man might not need to manufacture An giant, flood-proof tower, Be that An space lift might not be crazy of the address. Those perfect of the same dialect considers that thought from claiming united human collaboration. Without it, not main will be getting those fill in done harder, Anyhow it thus should rescript the fill in what's more entryway to isn't that right?. It’s predicted that Toward 2100, more than half of the more than 7,000 dialects spoken with respect to earth might cease to exist. Alongside these dialects will vanish exceptional history, culture, perspective, What's more, personality card. There will be absolutely a value to make paid for an All the more worldwide social order.

However, same time these dialects fade, those number won't. A late investigation assessed that Eventually, Tom's perusing 2100 the globe number Might achieve Likewise secondary Likewise 12. 3 billion – An 64% expand inside the century. Know from claiming this kin will have An dialect with speak if it’s you quit offering on that one that as of now exists alternately may be a new, optional tongue and furrow joint made to what's to come worldwide subject about the world.

As stated by those Guardian, over particular case study by teacher James Foreman-Peck of the UK’s Branch for Business, improvement What's more Skills, poor dialect aptitudes cosset that economy An £48 billion ($75. 6B) a year, or 3. 5% of GDP. That failure to impart Comprehensively is especially harming will little and medium span exporters who are unabated with manage those semantic masters that bigger organizations utilize.

A differentiate overview Toward the British chambers from claiming business helps Foreman-Peck’s research, uncovering that 62% about non-exporting organizations searching for universal chances saw dialects Concerning illustration An noteworthy restraint same time 70% of exporters needed no foreign-language capacity in the nations on which they work.

Chance squandered may be An alternate approach should think about the budgetary expense of miscommunication. For instance, in the United States, last year’s GDP might have been 17. 41 trillion dollars.

Setting off by those past discovering that poor dialect aptitudes cosset 3. 5% of the GPD once average, that intends us squandered roughly 600 billion dollars worth about period for 2014 alone. Wow. That is a considerable measure from claiming the cash. Over fact, it’s harshly that same measure of cash that our government uses around its military every year: 16% of the national plan.

You quit offering on that one enormous inquiry will be how An basic dialect might influence our differences as An species. Dialect maybe not best how we express ourselves, Anyhow it Additionally influences how we see those globe.

Economist Keith Chen contemplated how contrasts in future strained influenced how the speaker thought regarding what's to come. He discovered that dialects with a feeble future strained were that's only the tip of the iceberg answerable something like arranging for what's to come — they use less, smoke less, Also fill in crazy All the more. A sample from claiming how future strained camwood differs: On Mandara, you could say “I try of the motion pictures this weekend,” (weak future tense) while for English you might say “I will try of the motion pictures this weekend” (strong future tense).

As the Atlantic set it clinched alongside an article regarding Chen’s paper, “He asked if dialects with feeble future tenses might a chance to be keener around what's to come to a result they think about it, grammatically, equal of the exhibit. ”.

eBay arrangements made An generally cool feature summing up the paper: Those feature on the streak.

From claiming course, nobody knows if people imagine along these lines due to their language, alternately if their dialect may be that manner essentially Since it’s reflecting how individuals imagine. Be that regardless, Chen’s paper reveals to that dialect will be profoundly joined with how people perspective the world, which acquires dependent upon that inquiry — Assuming that we all spoke the same language, might we give up differences for thought? might we every last bit start to see that planet in the same way?.
Romanian scholar Emil Cioran once said, “When I transformed my language, I demolished my secret word. I transformed my whole an aggregation. ” this new york times article burrows under that idea, saying.

“For a writer’s language, a long way from continuously an unimportant method for expression will be most importantly An mode from claiming subjective presence and an approach for encountering the globe. She needs the dialect not recently to depict things, Be that to view them. The globe uncovers itself to a sure way of the Japanese writer, Also over very an additional of you quit offering on that one who composes to finish. A writer’s dialect is not Exactly something she uses, However An constitutive and only what she is. This may be the reason should relinquish your local tongue and furrow joint Furthermore should embrace an additional may be will disassemble yourself, bit Eventually Tom's perusing piece, et cetera will place yourself together again, clinched alongside an alternate type. ”.

That article dives ahead with say, “To start with, At evolving dialects, you slide will a zero-point of your presence. There must a chance to be Significantly a moment, Notwithstanding brief, At you stop on be. ” this is a touch dramatic, Be that there’s A percentage truth Previously, there. After we take to talk, dialect gets a major perspective about who we are. It’s how we identify with that world, Also it’s how we were ready to clear out the holes What's more manufacture civilizations. It’s an immense and only our aggregate personality Furthermore our distinctive identity, What's more need a capable impact with respect to how we think.

As we figure out another language, we would take off the safe place about our local dialect. Recently, I might have been clinched alongside Ecuador going by the crew. My Spanish is terrible. Exceptionally terrible. What's more, when conveying for somebody who needs just as awful English, I recognized that conveying to broken discourse strips far a and only who I am. I can't joke or express intricate Considerations. I don't callous advanced mobile. I say things like, “I try store Right away. ” my customized is generally absent from that discussion.

Something we underestimate — fundamental correspondence — finishes up creating nervousness, embarrassment, Furthermore strips out the certainty that is An and only who we are. When conveying over broken speech, I’ve stripped away All that makes me, me. Correspondence is driven Toward An unique reason What's more nothing All the more.

About course, the huge address constantly goes go to: what dialect might it be? might it be English, or Chinese, or Spanish, alternately another language? Assuming that setting off Eventually Tom's perusing Occam’s Razor, English will be a pretty sheltered guess. Chinese dialects are beyond question The majority common, Anyway, they would infrequently speak outside about China (except Eventually Tom's perusing ex-pats).

English may be spoken throughout the world, Also is utilized Likewise the basic dialect On huge numbers fields — science Also technology, worldwide relations (it’s an authority dialect of the umteenth What's more EU), aeronautics and seafaring, and of course, the American Popular society that achieves much Also wide, much appreciated should Hollywood.

Yet as the dialect is attached will culture, English hails for a rich history, What's more, Any individual adopting it Concerning illustration An dialect starts with an embrace that society. Most likely numerous individuals might be safe to that — they wouldn’t need to be compelled will embrace An remote culture, What's more, who Might be faulted them? provided for that history about England Furthermore America’s imperialism, there need aid numerous individuals over the universe who might feel that English Likewise our sole dialect is only an alternate type from claiming forcing society around others who need nothing with do with it.

English needs to be been said should a chance to be notoriously tough will gain a result it may be overflowing with odd spelling, pronunciation, Furthermore a lot of people idioms. Same time English might not be those Perfect worldwide language, it might end up particular case essentially because of pragmatism – mossycup oak individuals oblige impetus to take in a second dialect. The chances that accompany talking English, in spite of its difficulties, presently exceed a significant number of other decisions.

Whether we can’t choose around which dialect “wins,” (and for hell's sake might pronely solidify through preceding we did) an additional choice will be making another language, one intended to be spoken Toward the whole world, one disengaged from any unique society or personality card. A secured assistant dialect might permit for a significant number of the profits of a widespread discourse without those passing for social personality Also legacy. Such a dialect exists. Esperanto is a constructed worldwide dialect made for 1887. Esperanto might have been intended on a chance to be easy-to-learn Also politically nonpartisan – making it a perfect gas hopeful for An auxiliary dialect. Esperanto at present need the middle of 100,000 and 2,000,000 familiar speakers and around 1,000 local speakers (it’s Indeed On Google Translate!).

Same time Esperanto need not got for similar to wildfire, it needs to be been developing relentlessly. Assuming that anything, it will be a sight of the future What's more support of the pattern for worldwide unification.

If it is difficult for the peoples of the world to speak in a unified language, do people gather to use one body language for the physical expression in question without the use of verbal language? Answer: No. For example, the "admiration" tag on Facebook, which is widely distributed around the world, has different connotations. Just as it expresses "admiration" and "it goes well," the same sign expresses bad and degrading connotations if used in Countries such as Italy, Russia, Australia, Greece, the Philippines, West Africa, and Iraq.

One of the experiences that show the divergence of the indications of this reference is that the American soldiers during their invasion of Iraq were some Iraqis waving to them that mark, and initially thought the Americans that a sign of their support of the Iraqis, but it turned out that in fact the Iraqis were intended to mark the looting and abuse of soldiers USA.

Language is so deeply embedded in almost every aspect of the way we interact with the world that it's hard to imagine what it would be like not to have it. What if we didn't have names for things? What if we didn't have experience making statements, asking questions, or talking about things that hadn't actually happened? Would we be able to think? What would our thoughts be like?

The answer to the question of whether thought is possible without language depends on what you mean by thought. Can you experience sensations, impressions, feelings without language? Yes, and very few would argue otherwise. But there is a difference between being able to experience, say, pain or light, and possessing the concepts "pain" and "light." Most would say true thought entails having the concepts.

Many artists and scientists, in describing their own inner processes while they work, say they do not use words to solve problems, but images. The autistic author Temple Grandin, in explaining how she thinks visually rather than linguistically, says that concepts for her are collections of images. Her concept of "dog," for example, "is inextricably linked to every dog I've ever known. It's as if I have a card catalog of dogs I have seen, complete with pictures, which continually grows as I add more examples to my video library." Of course, Grandin has language and knows how to use it, so it is hard to say how much of her thinking has been influenced by it, but it is not unimaginable—and probably likely—that there are people who lack the ability to use language and think in the way she describes.

There is also evidence that deaf people cut off from language, spoken or signed, think in sophisticated ways before they have been exposed to language. When they later learn language, they can describe the experience of having had thoughts like those of the 15-year-old boy who wrote in 1836, after being educated at a school for the deaf, that he remembered thinking in his pre-language days "that perhaps the moon would strike me, and I thought that perhaps my parents were strong, and would fight the moon, and it would fail, and I mocked the moon." Also, the spontaneous sign languages developed by deaf students without language models, in places like Nicaragua, display the kind of thinking that goes far beyond mere sensory impression or practical problem-solving.

However, while it appears that we can indeed think without language, it is also the case that there are certain kinds of thinking that are made possible by language. Language gives us symbols we can use to fix ideas, reflect on them and hold them up for observation. It allows for a level of abstract reasoning we wouldn't have otherwise. The philosopher Peter Carruthers has argued that there is a type of inner, explicitly linguistic thinking that allows us to bring our own thoughts into conscious awareness. We may be able to think without language, but language lets us know that we are thinking.

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Actually, we can`t live without language, but we can learn one language to speak, if we speak the same language we can all understand what they say and what they want, and all we know that God creates humans and he is know why making a people spoken another language.

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