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The Situation of Bullying and Cyberbullying in The World and Its Prevention

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I chose this topic because it’s making people enter depression and issues that evolve into bad scenarios. It is breaking the community of online users and is going to spread more and more with negative users. This issue of cyberbullying has become globally significant. Because of how many adults and children commit suicide. GlobalThe total number of kids that get bullied and tell their parents are 1 in 10 says ‘U Know Kids’ website. Dr. Sameer Hinduja says that this is the cause that 4,500 kids kill themselves per every year according to his own website, ’’. It is because they keep it inside them and don’t try and seek help as they should be doing. 20% of kids worldwide think about suicide because of their cyberbullying situation.

The number has started to gradually go down since 2016. ‘’ explain that “1 in 9 have attempted but failed to commit suicide and 3 million kids globally skip school because they feel unsafe and uncomfortable to even try and step foot into their school.”Nearly 43% of kids have been bullied online this past year globally. 1 in 4 of those kids had the bullying happen to them more than one time.1 in 4 of those kids had the bullying happen to them more than one time.

The UN is right now trying to tackle this situation and reduce the number of bullies in the world. They are doing this by trying to imply the custodial sentence everywhere around the world ass soon as they can. 71% of students see the bullying go on quite frequently and do nothing about it and are just bystanders. ‘WebsitesWorldWide’ say that if cyberbullying does not get better,

Then the level of kids that are bullied a year will be at a rate of 75%. To stop it, More people are recommending to have the created prison sentence if caught bullying. I believe that cyberbullying can be the most aggressive way to talk to someone on technology. This is because of all of the things that you can say anonymously. I am very supportive of the idea of having prison time for this ‘crime’ and we should continue to try and have everyone listen to our voices and hopefully create a movement. There will be almost no more issues and we won’t be worried when we log on to our technology. This will bring peace to the community of social media groups and finally won’t have any more problems. Nationale decided to do The United States because the rate of children last year reporting to be bullied was 28%. Now it is about 49% according to the ‘American SPCC’.

The US has a reputation to have problems with bullying. Between and 1 in 3 US students say they have been bullied at school. The most common types are verbal and social bullying. Local//Hong Kong kids suffer in silence as cyberbullying contributes to suicidal attempts. Since the beginning of the year, at least 6 high school students have taken their lives because of bullying.// Dr. Paul Yip Siu-Fai from the organization ‘The hong kong jockey club center for suicide research and prevention’ have said that in the last year 33 people were estimated to have committed suicide because of being unhappy or depressed. 17 out of those 33 people have killed themselves because of their type of bullying. 11 of those 17 killed themselves because of cyberbullying. This just shows the rate that hong kong must reduce. Dr. Phila Siu predicts that only in 2020 there will be fewer deaths because the number has gradually been going down since 2003. It is estimated that there have been 4,400 suicides in the past 17 years only in Hong Kong because of bullying and cyberbullying. ‘Evidence-Based Living organization’ who come from Hong Kong say that bullying and cyberbullying have very similar results.

They also have found out that in the lower years of school, It is often physical bullying that happens because the kids still don’t have the technology. Dr. Chen Ji kang, From the ‘Department Of Social Work’ assistant professor in the department who created the survey, said the rate in Hong Kong was only slightly higher than in other countries or regions and the differences was because of the error with different kinds of study methods. The situation deserved public attention. School violence has a huge negative impact on pupils and will affect their academic skills, results, and intention to go to school and their normal school life. So we should pay extra close attention to it. Dr. Chen Ji Kang suggests that they try and get schools to implicate a new system and spread the new system everywhere around the local schools. Dr. Chen Ji Kang also wants to have one system for every local school to follow and one program so that it is easier for the students. This movement has made improvement by collecting more schools to have the same curriculum but has not made local schools implicate a new system yet. I agree with Dr.Paul Yip Siu-fai because the statistics have gone down.

In Hong Kong, it is going down slowly but it is going down as fast as it can. It is not in a click of a finger where you can just completely stop all types of bullying. Personally, I would try and find help for example with a counselor because it can help you find a hole and get out of the mess that you are in. It can help you heal and not have any more worries when you go out or go on social media. If I was in this situation and my friend was in a dangerous position, I would immediately tell close family members to contact a professional to get the person better. The thing not to do is try to keep it inside of you and keep it away from the public.PersonalCyberbullying is a form of bullying but is just worse because it is not in a face to face situation as in real life, it is. It is through the internet which is a very dangerous place to be on. In the higher years of schooling,

There is mostly cyberbullying due to the technology that they have. If I was in this situation, I would have stuck up to the bully but it isn’t that easy due to the victim being anonymous. This is why cyberbullying is so much more powerful than bullying physically. If I encountered a bully, The first thing that I would do is record evidence of it and hold onto the evidence. The next step that I would try and do is report the bullying to my parents and school. That way the school could try help me get through it with a counselor. The school would try and hunt down the bully and possibly have a jail sentence for the actions the victim took because it has now become a big problem everywhere in the world.

I think that Cyberbullying in the future will improve because of the statistics that have been getting lower and lower by the years that have passed by which means that there will eventually by no means have less bullying. When you put it in mind, The amount of kids and adults that have committed suicide because of cyberbullying has slowly but surely been lowered since 2013. The number of deaths due to bullying was 42% and now in 2017, It is at a rate of 37%. It does not seem like a big progress but when you think of it, It is about deaths. It is 5% fewer deaths in the past 4-5 years. It can not immediately happen that the percentage will be put down to the lower 20% or even lower than that.

The major issue happening is the cost of cyberbullying. Real money needs to be used because of you getting bullied. Estimated, Around 17,000 HKD is spent on kids when they are bullied. This could be when they got injured physically. Mr. Simon Lee was a student that experienced getting bullied. He says in his text that he was very badly bullied at his local school. He was also cyberbullied and said that bullying is nothing compared to cyberbullying because you cannot see the person and the person can’t see you.

I think that the resolution For cyberbullying is to implement the custodial sentence. It is the only way that we try and stop people from hurting lives. If or when it is applied, The world will be one step closer to being safe and there will be much fewer cases of death because of bullying in a very quick amount of time.

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