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What I've Gained Through Internship Placement Program Experience

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Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Career Ambitions and Future Profession
  3. Soft Skills and Their Relevance
  4. Reflection on Soft Skills
  5. Time management
    Communication Skills
    Leadership Skills
    Customer service Skills
  6. Lessons Leant From the Internship Replacement Program
  7. Challenges Encountered
  8. Conclusions and Recommendations


Before digging deeper into my personal experience in academic achievements the aim for this internship essay is to define the term of internship program, it’s benefits for students and show up what I’ve gained during my internship replacement program. Internship is a period of work experience offered by an organisation for a restrained duration of time which are generally undertaken by students and graduates searching to reap relevant skills and journey in a specific field. An internship consists of an change of offerings for experience between the intern and the organization. Internships are used to decide whether or not the intern nonetheless has a pastime in that discipline after the real-life experience The purpose of an internship is to provide real-world day trip that permits you to put the entirety you’ve realized into action, and these can aid you reap competencies that can be utilized to future jobs. However, Internship have been replaced by internship simulation workshop (ISW) which kept students off the normal field internship due to the global pandemic, COVID-19.The focus of the program is to expose students to the corporate surroundings and for this reason assist them genuinely become aware of the nexus between the aforementioned and the training received in school. The internship replacement program featured some topics such as customer service skills , time management, leadership skills, presentation and verbal exchange skills. Most college students have the concept that there is so plenty disconnection or difference between what is studied in the classroom and what is executed on the job. As such, the internship substitute program, by means of large, is meant to assist college students apprehend the dynamics and relationship between what used to be leant in the study room and what is surely executed at the workplace.

Career Ambitions and Future Profession

Career ambition means you have a desire to move from your modern function to something else, preferably up the professional ladder. To succeed, you ought to make things happen as an alternative of waiting for them to happen. Anyone can wish for a merchandising or dream of starting her very own enterprise one day, but ambitious human beings set specific goals, research the steps it will take to obtain them and commence doing the work to get there. Learning how to set outcome and overall performance desires will assist you gain your long-term profession ambitions. And my career ambition is to become a branch manager of a bank, starting my own business and giving back to the society.

Soft Skills and Their Relevance

Soft capabilities refer to each character traits and interpersonal capabilities that will have an effect on how nicely a character can work or have interaction with others. The term tender capabilities covers a broad vary of capabilities as diverse as teamwork, time management, empathy and delegation. These capabilities make it less difficult to structure relationships with people, create have confidence and dependability, and lead teams. Soft capabilities are needed throughout all industries, creating every gentle talent comes with its personal advantages, for instance, communication skills; enhancing conversation will assist your employees engage more efficiently and improvements in time-management can extend productivity. Soft skills expand productiveness, employees’ efficiency in their duties and duties increases which will assist carry the corporation nearer to attaining its goals. These also helps improved teamwork, for a business to characteristic efficiently humans need to work well collectively in order to obtain a common goal. The excellent of work improves when human beings use their man or woman strengths and abilities together in collaboration. The soft skills helps retention rates, thus people desire to work at a corporation that invests in employees’ career development, most employees would exchange their company if they are supplied a job at a company with more education opportunities. Also, recruitment costs for the corporation reduce with multiplied body of workers retention. Investing in employees’ candicates them that they are valued. Feeling favored and having a positive outlook of the organization increases job satisfaction which improved workers pride. This also improved management; Soft competencies help put together personnel for management positions because specific competencies are needed, such as, active listening, empathy etc. This is essential due to the fact 50% of personnel go away their job due to poor managers. It helps attracts new customers; If your customers are happy with your company’s service, they are more probable to advocate you to other clients. This gives your employer with new enterprise opportunities. Soft skills also increased workplace communication “Effective verbal exchange between workforce will increase which therefore reduces the risk of messages becoming distorted”. This lets in the employer to function more smoothly.

Reflection on Soft Skills

Time management

This is when you use your time efficiently and productively. It is important to work within time. Activities should be deliberate with time frames so as it will be easy to estimate the time to which jobs can be completed. This will also prevent procrastination and indiscipline. Time management ought to move hand in hand with planning. As things to do are to be deliberate based totally on timelines, thinking about the time on hand for the a range of things to do that need to be done. Through the internship replacement program, it has emerge as essential for me to make sure time points allocated for each and every activity in engaged in. each and every pastime I am engaged in has to be timed. Also, the end result of procrastination used to be greater evident at some stage in the program. Procrastination delays work and additionally eats into the time to be used for other indispensable activities. Time lost can’t be retrieved. When unnecessary and unplanned activity is undertaken earlier than a planned activity, it is equal to dropping valuable time. As the time used to execute the recreation that is no longer planned would shift the time allocated to the deliberate activity.

Communication Skills

Communication is simply is the transfer of facts from one person to another, referred to as the sender and the receiver respectively. Communication is only whole when the receiver sends a response to the sender. In order for the receiver be capable to ship feedback, the receiver should first obtain the message, decode it in order to apprehend it, and then comments can be given. As a finance scholar you are probably to have some purchaser interactions which could range structure the initial assembly to talk about the client’s finances, to intense networking in order to get new businesses. You need to be in a position to communicate in individual and over the smartphone or sending a message. And you have to be capable to take advantage of his conversation capabilities to explain complex financial problems in easy way that can be understood through everyone.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills are abilities you use when organizing other people to attain a shared goal. Whether you’re in a administration position or main a project, management skills require you to motivate others to complete a series of tasks, often according to a schedule. Leadership is not simply one skill but instead a combination of numerous distinct competencies working together. Some examples of skills that make a strong leader includes; Empathy, patience, Active listening, Reliability, Dependability, Effective feedback, Timely communication, team building, Flexibility, Risk-taking, Ability to teach and mentor, etc. As a bank manager or someone who works in the finance sector, must have a strong interpersonal relationship and communication skills to help get clarity of every transaction that will take place.

Customer service Skills

Customer service skills are traits and practices that equip you to address consumer wants and foster a positive experience customers continually anticipate their troubles and grievances to be solved inside the shortest viable time. It is also worthy to know, that clients are the coronary heart and blood vessels of each business. Without them, businesses would no longer exist. This implies that, they have to be handled with care. Customers have to be handled in such manner that will exhibit that they are important and their purchases are appreciated. Should customers be handled in this way, constantly, the businesses will start to see a full-size boom in its purchaser base as a result market share and market growth. How would this happen? Through clients referring different conceivable customers, in multiple, supplied they continually feel vital and appreciated all the time. customers are received well, they may, on a few occasions relay the desirable title of the enterprise to other people. This, most regularly would be to the extent to which the patron had felt appreciated. As stated earlier, the extent to which clients will endorse a enterprise to different humans can additionally depend on the extent to which they have been received and served when they visited the commercial enterprise premises for the very first time. The extra clients are acquired and treated well, the better the danger of the enterprise to amplify its purchaser base thru referrals. The same way when a customer is not well received is expected that the customer reacts in a negative way.

Lessons Leant From the Internship Replacement Program

I have been able to learn and acquired skills that will help me to survive in the business sector and this lessons include:

  • Time management: It is important to work within time. Activities must be planned with time frames so as it will be easy to estimate the time to which jobs can be completed. This will also prevent procrastination and indiscipline. Time management must move hand in hand with planning. As activities are to be planned based on timelines, considering the time available for the various activities that must be done.
  • Team work: Working in a team is also one way of tolerating other people and leaning bow to work with people of different ideas, behavior and different ways of understanding things. Team work facilitates collective ideas, accuracy, and collective responsibility.
  • Managing customers: Customers need to be treated with utmost care. Their problems must be responded to within the shortest possible time and businesses must train their front desk or receptionist on which words that can or cannot be used in interacting with customers. This is because, some words are irritating and doesn’t sound pleasing. Customers must not be kept waiting for a long time. As much as their problems cannot be solved immediately, it is important to keep them busy, by way of shifting their idealess to a concentration. This can be done through entertaining them, either via television, newspapers, magazines or journals.
  • Appearance: The appearance of front desk officers matters as it speaks on the brand and reputation of every business. Every customer upon hearing the name of a business initially has a perception about that business. This perception, no matter how big or small, must be maintained or if possible, the customer’s perception or expectation must be beaten. Despite the fact that this cannot solely be achieved by appearance only, it is still the foundation on which the customer’s expectation can be built. Businesses must ensure that their staff are always well dressed in a decent and presentable manner.
  • Presentation skills: Presentation is required on almost every aspect of academic and professional life. Presentations must be straight to the point and concise. Where visuals are used, they must explain the main point efficiently. Breathe control is also important to note. Presenters must also demonstrate courage and confidence during presentations.


Challenges Encountered

During this Internship simulation workshop, this are some of the challenges I encountered:

  • Unstable network to facilitate the online deliverables, for instance, downloading slides, assignments and uploading solutions.
  • Feeling nervous about how this is going to be handle since it is off the normal class work done, Thus to practice what is learnt in class on the work field.
  • Insufficient data to be able to download all learning material and also participate in the zoom meeting.


Conclusions and Recommendations

The internship replacement program has been beneficial and it gave insight of how to control the little time that is available for a pile of task. It has also revealed the impact of clients are treated. Internship program are normally meant to give some trip to the intern even though it is limited. This make one self-assured to face the toughness of the job market because the workshop presentation made the activities look real and very near at hand. This internship replacement program cannot be included on the curriculum vitae of students that undertook it. It should therefore be well designed for possible inclusion on relevant documents of students, subsequently.

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