Why increasing the age of acquiring a driving license to eighteen is not a solution: [Essay Example], 550 words GradesFixer

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Why increasing the age of acquiring a driving license to eighteen is not a solution

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Teens these days are eager to start driving, because for them driving means freedom and fun. However, for parents they’re more concerned about their teenagers’ safety. Many parents want to raise the driving age, but is it age or experience? Raising the driving age to eighteen years old would not change anything, the highest driving accidents will be eighteen years old due to lack of experience. Teens like a little freedom in their life if they move the driving age to eighteen, then there will be more teens driving illegally.

The minimum age to have a driver’s license is sixteen, raising it up to eighteen isn’t going to stop teens from driving. Teens do not like to be cooped up in their homes, they wanna go out and have fun. It is not about how old the teenagers’ is, it is more on how experienced they are. “I don’t think it matters what age you are,” the Hinsdale Central High School sophomore said before going to her driver’s education class, “as long as you have the practice and experience.”. Initially, at first it would seem that a eighteen year old has a less chance of getting in a car accident than a 16 or 17 year old. However, if they raise the driving age to eighteen wouldn’t the highest driving accidents happen to 18 year olds because they’re inexperienced?.

The age of sixteen would be the best time for parents to monitor and teach their teens about driving. By 18, teens are moving out or going to college which means their parents would have little to no influence on them and how they drive. This means that there would be more car accidents than there is right now. That is why 16 is the best time for teens to start driving and get used to how it works. Driving is more on experience rather than age. If they move the age to eighteen a teenager without any experience is more likely to be in a accident than a teenager with experience.

Why force the government to make laws about the driving age; when parents can decide if their teens should drive or not. Who knows a teenager more than their own parents. If parents worry about their teenager’s safety, then they should teach them and supervise them so they will know how to drive better and cause less accidents. Why wait until teenagers are eighteen and then give them a car with zero hours of experience; instead, we should teach our kids and see if they are trustworthy.

However, the biggest problem with teenagers’ is the use of cellphones. Most teenagers’ these days use cellphones to communicate with their friends and family. They be risking their life and sometimes other lives since teenagers’ carpool to or from school. Sixteen and seventeen year olds are not mature enough for driving. Simply raising the driving age to 18 would make the roads safer. It will better for the driving age to be raised because teenagers will have more time to learn how to drive. It will not only benefit the teenager and his/her family it will also help other people who’s driving. Accidental rates will drop and the roads will be safer for everywhere if the driving age got raised.

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