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Why Is A Religion So Important To Humanity?

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One of the subjects that people consider most relevant in the discussions among others who think differently is religion despite being one of the least addressed among them. Even so, there are those who customarily confront what a person who has a religion believes with an uncomfortable question, and behind the question, although in disguise, is a certain type of prejudice with those who practice it. It questions religion as if it were something unimportant in people’s lives. Curiously, the same people who ask about the reason to have a religion believe in something. On their scale, understanding about ways to surprise the palate may be more important than discussing the faith that moves them, others suppose. Anyway, some questions directed at people live to an interesting topic: Why is a religion so important? Why do people set out to follow a certain code of conduct supposedly defined by these beings or gods? What leads a large part of people mankind to believe in the existence of God or a right religion?

The issue is rich and controversial in nature. One might say, for example, that religion offers answers to a series of questions for which science is simply silent: Where do people come from? Where are they going? Is there Internet? This, however, explains why people need religion, but it does not explain its importance in itself. People need religion as a way of comforting them in the face of their apparent irrelevance to the Universe if there were no purpose in the creation of the human being. It is to say: if there is not a God behind every particular action in the Universe, people would have to accept that they are the result of chance and the random conjunction of particles and events. Then, after this brief earthly existence, they will have no other choice but to follow Lavoisier’s Law of Mass Preservation and turn them back into particles and molecules, which will randomly form a piece of ground or water from this small planet.

Religion is important not because it gives answers to existential doubts, however, because all of them, in one way or another, establish a commitment clause with their believers. There are a series of rules that must be obeyed to satisfy a certain divine entity and that, once disobeyed, they disgrace those who do not follow them. It is these rules that set aside a man’s absolute freedom of action which could lead to a permanent state of social chaos. This can best be explained by quoting Shakespeare. During the famous reflection of being or not being, Hamlet questions the convenience of suicide, wondering who would lead a life so exhausting if he had no fear of what could happen to him after his life if he killed himself. It is to say: what would prevent suicide but divine punishment for those who practice it? The existence of a higher divine entity prevents people from doing all that is in their minds, without worrying about the consequences of their actions.

Religion, therefore, is a permanent consciousness of every human being. For who would mind committing any kind of atrocity or ignominy if, after all, life will pass and nothing will happen after it? In addition, religion is important because it provides moral support for rules of conduct. From the strictly legal point of view, the dividing line between right and wrong is drawn by being inside or outside the law. So if people drive within legal limits, they are acting right. If the opposite occurs, they fail to comply with what the law determines and act in the wrong way. However, if the law that divides the boundary between right and wrong is unfair? In Nazi Germany, for example, all anti-Semitic actions were firmly enshrined in the legal order. Will Eichmann and the other members of the Nazi troupe behave correctly in the holocaust? Obviously not. This radical example serves only to demonstrate that the legal norm is by definition somewhat devoid of moral content. It can be good or bad, just or unfair, according to the regime that produced it. To have it, therefore, as a rule, to demarcate the boundary between right and wrong may not always be the best option.

This is where religion comes in. Whether in Christianity, Islam, Judaism or even a religion like atheism such as Buddhism, it establishes for its followers a code of conduct based on moral principles, such as doing good and respecting others. The fact is that much of what they now know as fundamental rights are based on religious principles established more than two thousand years ago: “Thou shalt not steal,” “Thou shalt not kill,” “Thou shalt not bear false witness,” and so on. Many philosophers – such as Sartre, for example – tried to develop a universal code of conduct that did not depend on any religion. The so-called “lay moral” was intended to establish a series of rules based solely on reason, logic and even the intuition to govern human behavior. However, resulted in a resounding failure. Religion teaches morality because religiosity is concerned with defining right and wrong, and helping its followers to know that it is evil and good. On the others hands, there are bad people who control some religions to practice no barbarities like the Holocaust. However, every society is built on moral values ​​that the true religion produces. Therefore, the religions of the world cherish the traditional family: father, mother, and children. This social base is protected by religious beliefs. Marriage is sacred in almost all religions which is a solemn act clothed with symbolism and beauty. Children are considered precious treasures. This is why humanity needs healthy religious principles.

A large part of humanity believes in the existence of gods and follow their norms religion. Believing in God and consequently in a religion would work. For example, as a comfort in the face of the inevitability of death. Thus, giving a purpose to existence for their passage through the Earth would be only one of the stages to be fulfilled. When people are in a foreign city, they become insecure. It’s always like this: people need to build something around them so they have security. Many people want to understand and make sense of everything around them. Therefore, belief in God meets this elemental need. With the advancement experienced by all areas of knowledge over the last 150 years, faith has had to adapt. However, there was no sign of fragility. On the contrary: never in history have so many people believed in some form of God. The concept that everything is a product of chance does not seem convincing to many people. Some people accept this hypothesis and live well with it. However, there are those who would rather believe in God.

Given these reasons, religion is important because it prevents people from doing wrong and helps them do good in most cases. Religion lived in an authentic way leads the human being to be more human. Otherwise, what is lived is not true religion that originates in love, in the personal ambitions of some ill-intentioned people who disguise themselves as religious. When people study philosophy and compared religions they understand that light comes to all. There are no favorites of God because he gives free will for all. Thus, they see that religion is not synonymous with a religious institution or even segment that speaks of God. It is an orchestra of values, rituals, principles, and teachings that come from love because God is love, which gives meaning and aims to lead people to a better life. All human beings are brothers in God, learning in their various religions to love and to do better for each other.

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