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How to Write On Social Issues For a College Assignment 
Why Should We Write About Social Issues? 
Top 5 Social Issues We Faced in 2024
170 Social Issues Topics for College Students Divided by Subject 
The Most Popular Social Issues Essay Topics 
War in Ukraine Social Issues Essay Topics 
Environmental Social Issues Essay Topics 
Gender-Related Social Issues Essay Topics
Social Topics for Essays on Racism
Social Justice Essay Topics on Human Rights
Current Social Issues Topics in America
LGBT Topic Ideas
Feminism Essay Topics
Abortion Essay Topics
Migration and Immigration Topics
Inequality Social Issues Topics
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170 Competitive Social Issues Topics for College Students [Updated 2024]

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How to Write On Social Issues For a College Assignment 

Since you are here, you must be looking for inspiring social issues topics. You are in the right place and about to discover 150 amazing discussions divided by uni subject for you! If the concept sounds confusing, it's enough to have a closer look around because the majority of social issues that you can write about are always around you or can be found in the news.

We often overthink the possible topic ideas as we keep our research overly complex, yet the secret trick is to choose something that inspires you. The key is to bring something to the proverbial plate or explore a subject in a special way that has not been done before. Start with a list of possible ideas that motivate you and do a basic web search to see how other people have approached the specific social issue. 

Why Should We Write About Social Issues? 

Every type of research can influence others and inspire researchers for helpful solutions. If we take the problem of bullying in middle schools or college environments, the first thing that comes to mind is starting a campaign or reporting the issues. If a student creates a presentation or composes an assignment with the facts, it helps make everyone aware of the problem. Looking through social issues essay topics, you can discover something that feels close to you, so you can discuss it in writing or create a special presentation to contribute to our society and scientific community. 

Top 5 Social Issues We Faced in 2024

While many social issues that emerged in 2022 remain relevant, the focus has shifted in 2024. Here is an updated list of the 5 most pressing social issues based on 2024 news:

  • The Ongoing War in Ukraine: The war continues, causing a humanitarian crisis, population displacement, and impacting global security.
  • Deepening Economic Inequality: The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated economic inequality, and 2024 is likely to be a year of addressing it. This issue encompasses access to education, healthcare, and employment opportunities.
  • Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events: Extreme weather events linked to climate change are becoming more frequent and devastating. Increased efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change are expected in 2024.
  • Labor Shortages: Many countries are facing labor shortages in key sectors. Finding solutions to this problem will likely be a priority in 2024.
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Society: AI is rapidly developing, and 2024 will likely see increased discussion of its impact on jobs, privacy, and ethics.

These social issues are interconnected and will require comprehensive solutions.

170 Social Issues Topics for College Students Divided by Subject 

The Most Popular Social Issues Essay Topics 

  1. Puppy Mills Research Paper.
  2. The Ethics and Benefits of Animal Research.
  3. Animal Testing: A Necessary Evil?
  4. Argumentative Paper: Against Animal Testing.
  5. The Ethics of Animal Testing: Scientific Progress and Animal Welfare.
  6. Overcoming Bullying: My Journey to Self-Confidence.
  7. Satire on Bullying.
  8. The Cause and Effect of Bullying: Unveiling the Cycle of Harm.
  9. The Death Penalty: Arguments and Alternative Solutions.
  10. Workplace Discrimination: Forms, Impact, and Strategies.
  11. Primary and Secondary Aspects of Diversity.
  12. Euthanasia: Understanding the Debate.
  13. Physician Aid in Dying: a Controversial Ethical Issue.
  14. The Ethics of Euthanasia: Analyzing Deductive Reasoning.
  15. Voluntary Euthanasia Persuasive Speech.
  16. Compare and Contrast: Trebuchets and Catapults.
  17. Navigating the Challenges of Urbanization: Exploring Solutions for Cities.
  18. Abina and the Important Men Summary.
  19. A Fierce Discontent: Summary.
  20. Research Paper on Illegal Immigration.

War in Ukraine Social Issues Essay Topics 

  1. The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine and the safety of logistics. 
  2. Children are the true victims of the war against Ukraine. 
  3. Defending the Motherland: the voices that are not heard. 
  4. European versus American perception of war against Ukraine. 
  5. Work of NGOs in Ukraine before and during the conflict. 
  6. Power outages in Ukraine: electricians or true heroes bringing light. 
  7. PTSD and education of children during the war against Ukraine. 
  8. Assimilation of Ukrainians in Poland: the learning barrier.
  9. The most common misconceptions about the war against Ukraine. 
  10. Talking about the war against Ukraine to the youngsters. 

Environmental Social Issues Essay Topics 

  1. Indian territories in Canada and the environmental impact. 
  2. Ocean pollution and the use of AI-based environmental protection air trackers. 
  3. The challenges faced by the Monarch butterflies in the State of Texas. 
  4. The pros and cons of air conditioners for our environment. 
  5. Is it ethical for celebrities to promote environmental projects? 
  6. The cultural heritage of Afghanistan and the risks of social inequality
  7. The social responsibility and prevention of forest fires. 
  8. The inspiration that one can share by helping the kids join the Scouting movement. 
  9. Social media is the platform to promote the biodiversity of a particular region. 
  10. The need for knowledge about phosphorous and nitrogen cycles. 
  11. The countries that ignore the problem of overfishing. 
  12. Water supply to the remote regions of the United States. 
  13. What are the simplest things people can learn to decrease climate change? 
  14. The books that every child should read to learn about our environment. 
  15. Deforestation and logging practices in the United States versus Canada. 

Gender-Related Social Issues Essay Topics

  1. A Struggle for Recognition and Equality.
  2. The access to education of girls and women in Afghanistan. 
  3. The emotional turmoil between male and female teachers. 
  4. Gender Hierarchies, Stereotypes, and the Fight for Equality.
  5. A Critical Analysis of Gender and Cultural Representation.
  6. The biased attitude of college professors concerning female learners. 
  7. Should women play a part in the country's defense sector? 
  8. The problem of child marriage in India. 
  9. The reasons why girls can cope with certain emotional abuse better. 
  10. The pros and cons of choosing a male babysitter. 
  11. Boarding schools in England: the role of gender in education. 
  12. Manifestations, Impacts, and Strategies: Combating Sexism.
  13. Religious freedom of males and females in the United States. 
  14. Access to resources between male and female law enforcement employees. 
  15. Are boys more ambitious than girls, and why have the mirrors turned? 

Social Topics for Essays on Racism

  1. Black Lives Matter: Historical Context, and Future Implications.
  2. The social aspect of racial prejudice. 
  3. Why is there an economic constituent of the Black Lives Matter movement
  4. Racial clashes of students in the United States during the 1970s.  
  5. Mamie Phipps Clark and the Doll Tests.
  6. Analysis and Impact of MLK's "I Have a Dream" Speech.
  7. Analyzing The King's "I Have a Dream" Speech.
  8. Criminal justice issues or the culture of wearing a hoodie. 
  9. Racism runs in the family: what do we learn from our parents? 
  10. The dark secrets of racial profiling. 
  11. The bond between sexism and institutionalized racial prejudice. 
  12. Islamophobia: Historical Roots and Strategies for Combating Discrimination.
  13. All Lives Matter or striving for racial equality. 
  14. Recovering from racial trauma. 
  15. Living in an ethnic minority family in the United States. 

Social Justice Essay Topics on Human Rights

  1. Importance and Significance of Animal Rights.
  2. The Controversy of Animal Testing in Scientific Research and Testing.
  3. Ethics, Legality, and Culture of Physician-Assisted Suicide.
  4. The Civil Rights Act of 1964.
  5. Death Penalty: Annotated Bibliography Sample.
  6. The Ethics of Euthanasia.
  7. Protection of Human Rights.
  8. Balancing Individual Rights With Public Order.
  9. "I Have a Dream": An Analysis of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Iconic Speech.
  10. A Brief Summary of "All Souls" by Michael Patrick MacDonald.
  11. 13th Amendment Conclusion.
  12. Abel Fields Free Speech.
  13. Arguments against Physician Assisted Suicide.
  14. Case Conceptualization: John Nash (Beautiful Mind).
  15. Child Sexual Abuse: Causes, Consequences, and Prevention Strategies.
  16. Definition of Freedom.

Current Social Issues Topics in America

While you are working on social issues that are purely related to the United States, you may also consider various topics in developmental psychology. They will help you explore the growth of social movements or how things have changed in our history. See these helpful ideas below:

  1. A Closer Look at Youth and Nicotine Addiction.
  2. A Teen's Perspective to Regulating Vaping.
  3. Fat Shaming and Its Psychological Impact.
  4. The Effects Bullying Can Have on Children.
  5. Bullying: Cause of Depression and Teen Suicide.
  6. Comprehensive Analysis of Vaping: Health Risks and Regulations.
  7. Gun Control and Crime Rates: Analyzing the Deductive Reasoning.
  8. Gun Control: An Essential Step in Reducing Gun Violence.
  9. The Gun Control Debate: the Left's Perspective on Gun Laws.
  10. Gun Control in the US, Its Comparison to the Soviet Union and Latin America.
  11. The Absurdity of Poverty: A Satirical Examination.
  12. The Second Amendment in the United States.
  13. Homelessness: Causes, Effects, and Solutions.
  14. Persuasive Speech about Police Brutality.
  15. Electronic Cigarettes and Vape Products Should Be Banned.

LGBT Topic Ideas

  1. The mental health aspect of belonging to the LGBT community. 
  2. Are LGBT people more creative and artistic based on the arts field? 
  3. The countries where the freedom of LGBT people is violated.
  4. The Complex Issue of Gay Marriage.
  5. Talking to children about the LGBT movement. 
  6. Employment problems for people of different sexual orientations. 
  7. Incorrect portrayal of LGBT people in movies and books. 
  8. Scandinavian way of life or why there is no public problem seen. 
  9. The freedom to live in a society where every belief is expressed. 
  10. Do people have a right to say "No" to the LGBT movement? 
  11. Are we born the way we are? 
  12. Can people of different beliefs still be friends with LGBT representatives? 
  13. The pros and cons of coming out. 
  14. Emotional turmoil by keeping secrets about one's sexuality. 
  15. Talking to a priest about your feelings as a young person. 

Feminism Essay Topics

  1. A Rhetorical Analysis of Elizabeth Cady Stanton’s Address on Woman’s Rights.
  2. Sojourner Truth Research Paper.
  3. The Impact of Feminism on Society.
  4. The misconceptions about feminism and politics. 
  5. The concept of shared responsibilities and the historical part. 
  6. Social media cause eating disorders and body image problems. 
  7. Reporting sexual harassment: why you have to believe the reports. 
  8. The portrayal of women in popular culture. 
  9. Gender-based violence in the workplace. 
  10. The reasons why the media have distorted sexuality. 
  11. Liberal beliefs and the rights of women. 
  12. Marxist views and the voting rights and equality of everyone. 
  13. Why is radical feminism wrong and leads to egoism? 
  14. Oversimplification of the feminism theory. 
  15. Gender inequalities are harmful to both men and women. 

Abortion Essay Topics

  1. The men have a right to make the final decision on abortion. 
  2. The religious aspect of abortion: the reasons why Christian charity centers exist. 
  3. The lack of responsibility is the result of teenage pregnancies. 
  4. The pro and anti-abortion campaigns: why there is no agreement. 
  5. The moral aspect of abortion and the ethical concepts. 
  6. A Pro-Life Perspective on Abortion.
  7. The abortion legislation in the United States. 
  8. The psychological aspect of life after abortion. 
  9. Educational attainment and the cases of abortion. 
  10. Child poverty and the arguments of pro-abortion activists. 
  11. The women choosing abortion strive for a higher life quality: the ethical aspect. 
  12. The career of celebrities and abortions. 
  13. Medical arguments against abortion and healthcare risks. 
  14. The controversial social issue regarding racial abortion statistics. 
  15. Abortion argumentative essay: The use of contraception and school education.

Migration and Immigration Topics

  1. Complexities of the Global Refugee Crisis.
  2. My Journey as a Syrian Refugee.
  3. The challenges of the Mexican immigrants and separation from the children. 
  4. Migration crisis in Ukraine and the war conflict. 
  5. Adjustment of exchange students in the USA and the cultural difficulties. 
  6. What are the pros and cons of hiring an immigrant? 
  7. Language barriers between migration groups and the logistics. 
  8. Introduction of new cultural concepts and beliefs as the effect of migration. 
  9. Looking for American Dream or why immigration is not always successful. 
  10. Forced migration and human trafficking. 
  11. Immigrants are often more educated than local specialists because of the higher demands. 
  12. Immigration leads to social conflicts, low wages, and increased crimes. 
  13. Religious conflicts and the internal migration in Iraq and Afghanistan. 
  14. Immigration officers and the bias towards certain professions. 
  15. The immigration policy in the United States: what things must be changed. 

Inequality Social Issues Topics

  1. The Impact of Cultural Diversity on Workplace Creativity.
  2. Workplace Discrimination: Forms, Impact, and Strategies.
  3. Biracial Children: Challenges, Advantages, and Parenting Strategies.
  4. The Impact of Absolute Equality.
  5. Homelessness Problem Solution.

Getting Some Help and Inspiration

Sometimes we have to deal with sensitive topics or those social issues that sound too challenging. Even as you read through the grading rubric, it is still challenging to make sense of things! Keeping all of these issues in mind, we decided to go further and take things one step closer to success. When you need to create a strong topic on social issues or already have something in mind, you have to visit our free database of essays and topics. There is something for everyone, as we have thousands of topics on various subjects that inspire you.

If you are looking for a social issue or want to talk about hardly approachable things, take a closer look at the free samples we have for you and use the assignment as a template. It's always easier to start with great social issues essay examples because it instantly gives you a study boost and helps to overcome writer's block. Head over to our website and enter the keyword based on your idea!