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Most high school and college students will have to write a reflective essay, especially at the end of a semester. This assignment type is quite demanding, as it requires an author to explain their attitude regarding an event, belief, concept, personality or particular experience. Unlike research papers, there is no need for references, statistics or sources because topics usually involve journeys, description of things learned during the course, charity activities or hobbies. As an example, one can write about favorite middle school teacher who became an inspiration for choosing particular course. Reflective writing has a crucial feature - keep things emotional. It is a personal narrative statement, which has an educational purpose both for the author and a target audience.

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What is a reflective essay?
In a certain sense, it can be compared to a basic personal narrative with the only difference being that one must reflect on what has already taken place. It can be a nursing journal reflection or analysis of internship experience at a large corporation. Most personal reflective essays incorporate a person's practice with a set of ideas that have been mastered or explored during a certain time period.
How to write reflective essays?
It usually starts with a brief introduction of topics that will be covered further on and a thesis statement. The body parts will tell chronologically about an experience starting from the most important to less important aspects. You can see a reflective essays sample to see the structure and how the topic sentences have been used. It will help you to understand how the ideas become connected to a thesis.

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