Arguments Against Abortion: Why It is not The Only Solution

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About this sample


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Published: Mar 18, 2021

Words: 1690|Pages: 2|9 min read

Published: Mar 18, 2021

Table of contents

  1. Thesis statement for argumentative essay on abortion
  2. Introduction
  3. Arguments and Alternatives
  4. Conclusion

Thesis statement for argumentative essay on abortion

Abortion is a topic of great controversy, and there are many argumentative essays against abortion that have been written. When women become pregnant, sometimes it was never planned to happen. Some women decide to keep the baby because they were planning on having one in the future anyway. But to other women and teenagers, this can become a very scary moment in their lives. A major controversial topic discussed today is abortion. Abortion is the termination of pregnancy by removal of the fetus or embryo before it can come out and survive out of the mother's womb. This paper will be discussing the reasons why women decide to keep the baby instead of having an abortion. This paper will also discuss the different situations that women face that factor in their choice of having an abortion. It'll be arguing against abortion and why it shouldn't be a free choice and should not be legal.

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There was a point in time in United States history where abortion was just apart of American life. It wasn't the hot topic it is today where people rally and protest. Drugs to help abortions were actually booming businesses. Roe v. Wade legalized abortion across the entire 50 states in 1973 and since then, states have enacted over 1000 laws to limit the procedure. The impact of abortion has different effects for both the parents of the fetus. Some effects that abortion has on the American people is that it can cause psychological effects like depression, guilt, regret, and sense of loneliness just to name a few. (Emotional Side) Different authors have different views on this topic because some believe that abortion gives women more freedom and choice to decide for their own life and future while others believe that abortion is murder and taking life away from an unborn child. Whether you are pro-life or pro-choice, everyone can agree that abortion is tragic. When the life of an unborn child has to be stripped away before it can even see its own mother or even take a breath of air, no matter what the reason may be, it's just sad and could have been handled differently. Many people use rape as an excuse to have an abortion. Although victims of rape must be cared for compassionately, that does not require the killing of an unborn child to do so.

Arguments and Alternatives

Women who are thinking of having an abortion must consider the other choices that they have. They must also consider the challenges that choosing abortion comes with. For example, “Abortion costs can range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on a woman’s circumstances, the stage of her pregnancy, the clinic she uses, and a number of other factors.” Many women feel like they aren't financially ready to have a child but don't understand that having a child and putting it up for adoption is free other than murdering an unborn child that can cost several hundred dollars to even several thousand dollars. Some alternatives to abortion can be placing the baby with a family member, becoming a single parent, or placing the baby for adoption.

Religion is a major factor that plays a huge role in the choice of getting an abortion. Although not everyone shares the same religion and some don't claim a religion at all, to those that do, religion can be the only thing they need to help them decide whether or not to have an abortion. Also, different religions have their own different view on abortion. For example, in Islam, abortion is forbidden and wrong but can be accepted in some cases. Many Islamic scholars believe that after four months, abortion is not allowed and is forbidden because that is when it's believed that the fetus is now becoming a living soul. Before four months, scholars believe that it is permissible to have an abortion only in instances where the mother's life is in danger or of rape. Catholicism is also another religion that forbids abortion but the only difference is that it completely forbids and under no circumstance does it find abortion permissible and also usually lead the debate on abortion. Buddhism has no official position on abortion. Many Buddhists believe that life begins at conception and the killing is morally wrong but there are also places and Buddhists in Japan that openly practice abortion. “Abortions are commonly practiced and often involve the Buddhist tradition of Mizuko jizo, in which aborted fetuses are thought to be led to the land of the dead.” This author's point of view differentiates from the previous one because he focuses on the religion aspect and view on abortion while the previous one focuses on the alternatives to abortion. Although religions have different viewpoints and opinions on abortion, religion can be the only thing one may need to look at to help their decision on having an abortion.

Many women see abortion as a simple and easy escape. They don't realize the effects and complications that abortion carries with it and what recovery takes that can potentially change their mind until it's too late. Both medical and surgical abortions are generally safe but both can result in complications and cause side effects. For instance, bleeding is a very common side effect that takes place after having an abortion. Passing blood is also a normal effect but when the clots become large (as a golf ball for example) that's when it becomes unusual. For example “Consistent heavy bleeding is defined as going through two or more maxi pads in one hour, or bleeding heavily for 12 hours or more.”(Gotter, Anna.) If the blood begins to appear bright red instead of a dark red 24 hours post-abortion, this may be a sign of complications and also if you begin to feel a consistent stabbing pain. Infection is also a very common side effect of abortion that can be caused by a number of different factors such as having sex too soon. Infection also carries its own symptoms. “Symptoms of infections include strong-smelling vaginal discharge, fever, and severe pelvic pain.”(Gotter, Anna.) Abortion can also have very dangerous and fatal effects on future pregnancies. “You will be less likely to have a normal delivery in future pregnancies.” This author's point of view differentiates from the previous one because she focuses on the side effects of abortion while the previous author focuses on the religion aspect of abortion. Although medical and surgical abortions are typically safe, they both carry side effects that can cause serious pain that if women knew about, they could possibly change their decision.

Unfortunately, rape is a real problem that some women face and must live with for the rest of their lives. People may argue that women should not be forced to carry a child after such a terrible incident and that the baby would just remind the mother of the rape. Although abortion that occurs because of rape is only 1.5% of all abortions, those women's lives still matter. Women should be able to choose if they want to keep the child. People would also argue that no matter what the situation, abortion is murder and the fetus has its own rights. For instance, “The Supreme Court decided in 1973 that the unborn fetus had no constitutional rights until the third trimester (24-28 weeks), as it is incapable of functioning independently from the mother until that time.”(Luhrmann, Tanya) Its believed that the fetus is not a person right at conception and which would make it ok to terminate the baby in the early stages of the first trimester. Women deserve to be able to decide for themselves what to do with their bodies and if they want to keep their child. Now, I'm not saying that putting your child up for adoption is an easy choice, but it's a much better choice than striping the child's life away completely. Many women even receive help with their living and pregnancy expenses through the adoption programs. Putting your child up for adoption also gives the mother a chance to still communicate and see her child which can make the mother feel more happy and content that her child is in good hands and well taken care of. This author focuses more on the different choices that women have other than abortion while the previous author focused mainly on what religion has to say about abortion. Abortion is tragic no matter what may have caused the decision leading up to it. Considering your other options like adoption can help save money and provides a much better future for the child. Also, it is very important for women to think about the side effects and possible outcomes of having an abortion like infection, heavy bleeding, or in some cases even death. The authors have a similar POV to me because I am a man of religion and agree that abortion should be forbidden unless the mother's life is in danger. Also, I think it is very important for women to take time to really think about the consequences of abortion. They should also research what they're doing and make sure that they can accept the physical and mental outcomes that go along with having an abortion before agreeing to go through with it.

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Abortion is a major controversial topic discussed today that many people have very strong opinions on. Pregnancy can be a very alarming and terrifying moment in some women's lives. Although some pregnancies are not planned, having an abortion and stripping away a child's life before it can experience the touch of its mother is unjust, morally and overall just wrong. My position on this topic is pro-life and the authors I have cited corroborate my position because they provide information and that show why abortion can be dangerous and other solutions. All children, whether planned or not, whether raised by a single mother with no money or one put into adoption, every child deserves a chance at life. Every child deserves to have and fight for dreams of their own. All deserve to feel what love and happiness feel like.

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