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Discussing the Causes of Alcoholism in Teenagers

  • Category: Food
  • Topic: Alcohol
  • Pages: 1
  • Words: 497
  • Published: 27 May 2018
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There are many different reasons why teenagers start drinking. These reasons include: experimentation, popularity, and depression. Experimentation is one of the leading factors of teens starting to drink, because they’re very curious. Teenagers also have a need to fit in, so to become popular, they think they have to drink alcohol. Depression leads them to drink as well, because it drowns out thier depression for a short time. It’s quite disturbing, how many tragedies and other negative occurrences become present because of alcohol. Due to the effects of alcohol many people’s lives have been ruined and even lost. Many teens have the desire to try something new. They sometimes like to experiment with dangerous things, such as alcohol. They usually experiment because they want to know what the big thrill is, and what alcoholic beverages taste like. Experimentation is one of the leading factors in the teenage drinking problem. After they’ve experimented, they want to know how far they can go. This usually leads to problems with the law, and experimentation with other drugs. Teenager’s usually feel inadequate and have an extreme need to fit in. Many teenagers feel that to fit in they must do what the other teenagers are doing. The consumption of alcohol seems very cool from most teenagers point of view. The promise of popularity usually leads teens into drinking. Peer pressure often becomes a factorin the teenager’s decision to drink. They often feel that being a risk taker will make them more popular and that is also why they drink alcohol.

Depression is also a problems that many teens suffer that causes problems within our country. Depression usually makes people seek esperately for a cure and in this case, they think the cure is alcohol. Depression usually stems from things such as problems with a relationship with a significant other, friend or family member. A death in the family or in the community can also lead to depression and eventually the consumption of alcohol. A loss of a job, or a problem at school leads to stress, which can often lead to the consumption of alcohol. Depression and stress is definitely something to be concerned about. It’s sad that people are suffering from such an ailment as alcoholism. Rasing the drinking age, or the penalties for being caught with alcohol at a young age, would probably slow down and maybe even stop teh problem. The dangers of getting killed from alcohol poisoning and/or drunk driving is something that cannot be ignored. The problem is being addressed, but not in a very productive way. The ANTI-ALCOHOL groups that are working hard, are doing a good job, but they’re not doing enough. As long as teenagers are dying because of alcohol, we’re not doing enough to use alcohol as a cure for they’re curiosity, depression and need to fit in. We can stop it by educating them with movies and books and keeping advertisers from portraying alcohol in a positive manner.

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