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Analysis The Disruptive Technology in The Food Industry on The Example of KFC

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The purpose of report is to analysis the disruptive technology in the food industry in last two years and disruptive innovation trends happening globally. Also to identify the needs of the company and to manage the potential outcome from the implementation of these trends for the company. The main objective of this report is to give an overview of the food industry changing trends globally and to the approaches the organisation is using to sustain the trends. The disruptive technology process is used to achieve the new trends in the new industry to create the completely innovative trends in the market. Research methods I have referred for this report are the literature review, articles and the official website of the KFC which gives an understanding about the organisation and their products. Finding showed that the company having an issue of lack of staff since past few years and but they keep on working on the innovative ideas towards the welfare of the company to attract more customers, which usually on KFC menu. According to the recent promotion of the kfc’s on their website in the Auckland they have introduced Hot and Spice which was a successful promotions for the company as per the review. For the recommendation, i would like to recommend that the organisation should work on their front of house, which can be facial reorganization for the employees, which will help them to clock in on their arrival at work.


The organisation was established in 1896 in United of States of America by Harland Sanders who was the founder of the KFC. The popularity of the kfc started hiking in 1950s and later he opened 600 outlets in both the US and Canada. In 1971 the KFC hit the New Zealand shores and now expanded to 68 stores in the nation. The most popular delicious Original Recipe have become popular in kiwis. According to there website most recent transformation of the stores into booth seating. The structure of the organisation is to arrange employees and management in a way so that both can work efficiently to meet the goal. The structure has been set with in the Human Resources Management (H.R). The vision of the company is to serve the quality product and maximize the profitability and sustainable growth. The managers who look after the employees activity on job and ensure the store functioning well. The popular product of KFC is delicious chicken which has provided an organisation a reputation of expert chicken. Their chicken is unique in taste and that recipe has given the brand their own identity. The store manager focuses on the store success and ensure that it is following the guidelines. However assistant manager is an employee who manages the work with the manager and usually do the hiring and firing. To support the manager in day to day work there are team members who run the shifts and assist the manager accordingly.

To fullfil the quality expectation there is a quality control team which looks after the quality factor in all departments. However the financial account department keeps the record for the profit. Since the human resources are the main personal management to handle the recruitment, pay and discharging it established the structure.

The KFC follows the traditional concept for the organisation. When it comes to the customer kFc does have all the variety in he segment. Depending on the main focus the drive thru stays more busier than in house. It is pretty complicated when it comes to the drive thru because when we are talking about the drive thru it starts with greeting, packaging and ending up giving the customer their order, and according to their policies it should be done in 3 minutes of time.

The main competition of the KFC is Mcdonalds and Pizza hut at the moment in New Zealand. According to the restaurant brand new Zealand the profit for the KFC food outlet is 7.8 percent per year. The net profit is $26 million in 52weeks. According to the article on restaurant brands, the pizza hut is growing by 12.6% and kfc on 5.9%. But gradually the KFC is taking over with great success in Kaikohe and Taihape region. And last year KFC’s growth was 20 %.Identificaton of the two deisruptive technology.

A distruptive technology is an innovation that alters the way business or entire industries operate. These trend help the business to build their reputation and innvotive way of being into the industry.So would like to explain about the chosen two disruptive technologies for my report which are facial recognition and sustainability. The identification for these trends are the technology is introducing the trends into the organization. The technology these days plays very important role in keep the market sustainable. Facial recognition software is 100 percent accurate and it has a record of not giving the false report.

The disruptive technology is a innovative idea that create value for the company and existing market to establish more sustainable in to the industry. The identification of the disruptive technology will help the company to move a head a step. The chosen technology for the business is facial recognition and sustainability in innovation. It gives a boost in terms to get the growth in the industry. The facial recognition is a compters abilty to give the verifition of the particular persn from developing their photos through the camera.

The technology is being used globally and gradually developing across the food industry. According to the article on the facial recognition system for security, the facial recognition is one of the popular technologies used in terms to use cell phones these days, which has been successfully accepted among youngster. For so areas in the businesses these days people are using biometric is one of the popular choice as well. Facial Biometric system is efficient for the According to the Dov Michaeli’s article the advantage of the facial recognition is to benefit the individual to create an data base for their personal use and secure their personal identity, which also store their information in to the system by this software. Most of the businesses these days are using this system for their employers to recognize them by their personal identity. It is also benefit the company to keep on a track for the particular person because of the facial scanner which gives an authority to recognize in specific area.

Apart from the better security, there is a less chance for the fraud and the company need not to worry about the attendance record. The facial recognition software is one of the disruptive technology, most restaurants are still testing this software to provide getting the orders done. However there can be challenges to implement this process on site, it can also bring revolution to the industry. The process of the facial reorganization is something in which a customer can use this software to order the food and doesn’t have to subscribe or sign up. The software stores the facial pixels of a person and when the customer comes again to order the food it flashes the last record of the person, this way they don’t have to signup every time they came back. The disadvantage of the technology is it can be the hacked or make the system slow as the data stored in the data base. however the facial reconginition can be a failure sometimes if the angle of the persons face is not on the right degree eg if it is on 45degree or more the result can be mismatch. To prevent that it is better to refresh the data in the data base. it can also lead to false matches if the software incorrectly match the person.

On other hand, the sustainability of the company is between the consumer and government which lead to the social benefits. The fast food industry is keep on growing day by day as per the global trend which project the increase nearly 8 billion by 2030 and more than 9 billion by 2050 with increase in middle class, and which will also increase the demand of high quality of the diet and at the same time world population facing the problem of the under nutrition. Other aspect of the urgent need of the disruptive trend of the siustainbility is that change in diet which has been less sustainable and less healthy by looking at the people into fast food.

The progress of the business depend on the constant sustainability of in the organisation, by treating the goal can develop the competitive advantage for the company. By looking at the past two decades the US and china made their first deal between an industrialised and developing country on climate change, and agreed to cut the peak emission around 2030. This example gives an insight for the importance of the sustainability among the globe. However the 25 countries have also did the same for the green climate, established to help the developing the nations to make the environment sustainable. The affect of this trend on the fast food industry is really huge as every organisation needs to learn how to use the sustainability trend and also practice in a way that it can help in rise in coming years. Which will be discussed further in the report. Justification for how the chosen technology/business process will be disruptive to the business The justification of the disruptive technology in the food industry has been revolutionary lately, everyone trying to fit in advancement of technology in their businesses to attract the potential customers. The business of food industry is nothing but profit if it works. Using the technology like facial recognition is pretty popular among the cell phones especially in IPHONEs and in china the KFC branch using it for the ordering system. According to the article of RocketSpace the market of the facial recognition will be double in next coming years from $3.35 to $6.84 by 2021. Coming back to the chosen organisation the facial recognition can be used for the clock in purposes for the employers at KFC, while working at KFC i got to experience their way of working and way of using the technology for the staff, which can lead the organisation to the next level. The clock in is a track of the employers which can also be substituted by using the analysing the face of the employer which can maximise the risk of any fraud. it is not a new concept in the world of disruptive technology but implementation in different areas can be uncertain. In the country like china where employers using their phones to gain the entry at the organisation is a step to initiate to the better conveniently to get their attendance done. It has been said by the experts that by 2022 the global facial recognition technology will hit $9.6 million in the market. If we consider the security perspective in terms to use the FR in the KFC is also a powerful application of artificial intelligence. Secondly, if someone have an criminal record and the employer is concerned about the clearance record of the employee, the FR can be efficiently can scan the authencity of the persona and later it can help the employer to check with the police, if the verification is needed. Although it has been already in debate that how it can be used against the individual privacy, but the bottom line is,it still out there, which will soon worth $15 million by 2020. Lastly if the robbery happens at certain point of time, the facial recognisation can be very much helpful to record the criminal face and By looking at the artcle on the guardians the relevance of this tech to the organisation is only found in beijings (china) kFC has started to develop the facial recognisation technology that can predict their customers orders.By justifying the sustaiblity among the fast food industry create the awareness among the organisations for redefining the rise of profit and more customers. Using this trend is one of the wisest idea for any businesss. there is no such fast fod outlet globally which can moving fast without opting the sustainblity trend into their business.

Going through the global data from the article it justifies the key trends among this tech into the kFC it self as well The article mention how the any food industry can justifies the effiecent sustainable food system, which can work in number of areas. The better technical knowledge about the environment imoact on the any kind of food. Also promoting the sustainable food consumption and imporving the fod policies coherence. The chosen technologies are hitting the food industry in a positive way lately as business is always profit oriented and people are also trying to find the new technologies to run their business innovatively. According to the Dave Gershgom the KFC in china is responding well for the facial recognition where the software scan the customers face and use their trait like age and gender, facial expression to evaluate their need for the particular product. Acording to the TechCrunch the restaurant will save their pictures of each face with their order and that will be convient when they next came in. By collecting the data for the traits like age and gender it can give the better understanding of their preferences in the market, which can be beneficial for the organisation.

The facial recognition can be next online market revolution. The one of the past example of the facial recognition is that several brands are using it but in limited capacities. Most of the companies globally taking advantage of this new tech. The user data and personalised ads can be one of the most important tool related to collect the data and utilise that data in monitoring the persons facial expression. i would like to propose an the action plan for the organisation is based on the article of the Forbes. In the chosen organisation KFC can use the facial expression by using the tech to get the choice of product the customer need in the future. However they can use the advertiser to provide better options and to sever more in long term. By using this pattern of the software they can quickly learn about the likes and dislikes of the customers. In the end there will be happy and more engaged customers. The ad viewership is recently the most form of the online video advertising which the organisation use by uploading their Ads online, which can currently detect the status of the ad playing by the customer, so facial recognisation can actually help them to see how many actual customers are watching the ads. It can be annoying sometimes for the customer but it can rise the engagement rate. Aggregating data by this tech can be help the organisation to broader their horizon and help them to analyse the market trends. it also can track the number of the customer walking in to the outlet and viewing their store.

On the other hand the sustainability of the tech is immensely important as everything needs to be maintained at certain point of time. The customer attraction can be satisfies by the matching their needs from the organisation and the reputation of the KFC is pretty globally known, so the sustainbility is one of the biggest concern of sustaining the business as well.

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