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Discussion of Whether Animals Should Be Kept in Captivity

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In this essay we are going to look at the positives and negatives of keeping animals in captivity.Now a days they are many animals attractions world wide. This ranges from large sea animals such as orcas to rabbits at a petting zoo. Zoos are seen to be very bad for the animals as people think that animals should not be caged but should be running free in the wild were they are meant to be, however others see zoos as a good was to educate one and other about animals and save the endanger animals from poachers. Zoos are good for animals because it lets humans make a bond with animals that’s are not pets. The experience of been able to care, feed and play with unusual animals is an amazing thing to have. Zoos really encourage people to save animals as they are more educated on an animals and see how caring and loving they are instead of thinking they are killer for example a lion. Poachers are a major issues in the wild for animals been in captivity protects them from this. It also gives them a permeant habitat that’s it not going to be distorted by humans An example of this is; the amazon rainforest fires, killing a massive amount of animals and distorting there habitats. As well as the increasing amount of trees that are getting cut down and taking away a massive amount of animals habitats.

Zoos include different interventions such as breading for the animals that a targeted by preachers to try save them from going extinct. Out off captivity animals may struggle to have the off springs and the off spring might not survive, however zoos provide health care and are able to make sure the off spring is happy and healthy. Creating these interventions increases the animal population so the world has a wide spread of different animals that you can learn about. Zoos are extremely horrible,  as humans we don’t have the right to cage and force them to have off springs. If the animals are become more and more endangered humans don’t have the right to try save them by making them have off springs. Humans are part of the problem animals are going instinct so why do humans want to help save them?. Inclosing animals in fine spacing can cause a lot of problems, for example anxiety, boredom and  frustration as the spaces do not reflect the size of the natural habitats. Animals in zoos don’t always stay in one place they may be moved around to make the public happy, but this causes the animal to struggle with trust. Animals are made to create a bond with zoo keepers as animals create a trust with and are made to be moved zoos the trust made with the fellow zoo keeper will be lost and this could cause a massive concern on the animal. This may make them vicious as they are scared and will be very hard receive the trust back. New off springs been born in a zoo makes more people want to visit to see the new arrival. Great for the zoo earning all the money, but as more off springs are born this makes the animal population increase in the zoo and can led to overcrowding. Which also will decrease the space in the in closures and affects the animal a lot 

Zoos are proven to be bad, as an elephant doesn’t survive as long as it would in the wild this shows that holding animals in captivity shortens their life expectancy. When visiting a zoo majority of the animals look very depressed. Very rarely will you see animals playing or even just looking happy. Captivity for animals is like a place of torture, as their habitats do not match with the size of their natural homes. When animals are stuck in captivity they are unable to do what they like such as travel miles with their family’s. When animals are in captivity it causes the animals to be under a lot of stress. This usually leads to harmful actions, such as roaming in tight circles or even rocking. Even in one of the best zoos the enclosures are no where near the size of the wild, so the animals will always feel trapped regardless. The majority of animals in captivity are not in any warning of becoming endangered, so why have them in captivity in the first place ? All its doing is increases the chances of them going endangered. Zoos repeatedly breed animals as the visitors love seeing off springs but this can cause serous health problems as its not good to forced animals off springs as it should come naturally. At the end of the day zoos are just a business entertainment for visitors as a trip to the zoos sounds fab. But no one knows the effects it has on the animals. Zoos are not there for educating anyone there only there as they make a lot of money.

In conclusion there is a variety of different opinions for and against zoos. In my opinion I think that zoos are not good for animals as it can cause many complications and mentally affects animals. An animal is very similar to a human, and putting animals into a zoo where they are forced to make a bond with there keeper. Not all animals will stay in the same zoo with the same keeper all its life. It may be moved zoo or the keeper may not stay at that zoo. Animals may be moved to other zoos this makes it harder for animals as it will be in an unusual habitat. This is a challenge for them to settle in as they are not use to the new environment. The animals will also start to lose focus if its getting moved constantly and potentially could make the animal frustrated. 

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