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Evaluation of The Significance of a Disaster Recovery Executive

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Disaster Recovery Plan Decision Making Manager It is important to establish a decision-making manager before we start the disaster recovery plan. This person will be in charge of the disaster recovery operation. For SIHE the person in charge of this will be the security manager at the institute (Mr Hue Williams contact : 01792 455695). He will make sure that all the proceedings of the disaster plan will be carried when needed. Also another manager will also be indicated this person will be the security manager who is situated in Townhill campus. If for any reason the first security manager is unavailable this person will take his or her place. (Mr Greg Adams contact : 01792 477895 ext 665) Staff Assignments and Responsibilities Backup- Staff should regularly back up their work and save it on disks as well as on the computer.

Comply with security policy- All staff should be given a security policy and must comply with the corporate information security policy and no software other that is available to them should be used on the network.

New Location – If needed all staff should be prepared to work in another location if a disaster occurs which unable them to work in their current location.

Training – Staff should undergo training so that they can be prepared and be able to cope.

Network manager – This person will ensure that the universities network is up and running if a problem occurs. He should be contacted when this happens. He should know all the procedures and backup plans when a problem occurs and where know where all extra equipment is kept if a problem were to occur. A second or a backup network manager should also be appointed in case the network manager is unavailable.

Contact Information NamePositionResponsibilityContact Hue Williams1st DMMPlanning of recovery01792 455695 Greg Adams2nd DMMPlanning of Recovery01792 477895 ext 665 Jon DavisNetwork ManagerRecovery of Network01792 468356 ext 8864 David GreyTechnician General Recovery of software and Hardware01792 665748 Robert ThomasSecurity OfficerAccess to Backup01792 558657 ext 445 In a major disaster all of the above named people should be contacted insure full disaster recovery.

Threats The threats that Swansea Institute may encounter are deliberate physical, accidental and natural disasters.

Deliberate Threats: Hardware sabotage Hardware theft Software piracy Copied or stolen data Fire Viruses Accidental Threats Loss of data Accidental deletion of data Circuit failure Network failure Computer failure Natural Disasters Fire Floods Weather damage i.e. storms Power loss List Of Priorities Swansea Institute has four man departments located on the network they are :- Student area Academic area Finance area Registry area Networks area this include 1 logon server 1 web server 1 e-mail server 1 DNS server 1 DHCP server 1 Library server I am now going to put into order say what has the most priority in the network i.e. what should be fixed first I have colour coded in order of importance: Red = Danger has to be fixed immediately Orange = Risk should be fixed as soon as possible Blue = No immediate risk but should be fixed when possible [1] Finance Area (code red) – This should be fixed immediately and the network server manager should be contacted when faults occur and the full backup procedure should be used.

Networks area (code orange) – This should be fixed as soon as possible.

Registry Area (code orange) – This should be fixed as soon as possible.

Student Area (code blue) – Even thorough this has been coded as blue since there is no immediate risks this also should be fixed as soon as possible as it contains student work, which they might need to access quickly.

Academic Area (code blue) – Again this also should be fixed as soon as possible even through it has only been given a code blue as this might contain teachers notes for lectures as well as exam papers.

The Network (code red) – If the network goes down this should be fixed immediately and the network manager should also be contacted as soon as the problem occurs if he/she is not available then the second network manager should be appointed.

Where location of backup is to be kept Data and Hardware Several copies of backup of data should be kept in several locations they are :- 1 copy of data to be kept in the building of Mount Pleasant 1 copy of data should be stored at the Townhill campus 2 copies of data should be kept outside the building in Mount Pleasant Several people should know the location of this data so that it can easily be retrieved when needed. The same applies for hardware and software.

All backups are kept in 3 different types of backup media so that is one becomes corrupted then another version can be used.

Networks, circuits, backbone, cable Extra equipment such as circuits, repeaters, backbone, extra cable, and bridges should be kept within the Mount Pleasant building as well as some outside the building and in the grounds of the Townhill campus. The network manager should know the exact location of where these are kept and should be stored in a place it is easy to retrieve.

Procedures To Ensure Adequate Testing Of Recovery Plan Testing of backup procedures should be done as regularly. This can be each time the institute perform a fire drill. During the test you should perform all procedures that could happen in a real disaster such as test that the power generator works efficiently if there was a power failure. All backups of software and data should also be checked so that if any data is lost it will be easy to retrieve it. Always check that you can read from the media that you have backed up. Also if any data is encrypted make sure that more than one person knows how to decrypt the data.

Create multiple backups so that you redundancy in your backup system. Also if for any reasons one of the backup media is damaged or lost there is still other backup media available. Extra backup should also be kept offsite the mount pleasant building such as in the Townhill campus. Extra care should be taken to make sure that backup media is not stored in a place where it is prone to damage such as heat, water and wind. It is also important not to forget to check automatic backups you must check that it working properly by doing routine checkups regularly.

Once a tested backup has been done a report should be made on how the backup was retrieved were there any problems and ways to improve the backup procedure.

Backup Strategy The file server should contain two disk drives, mirrored disks containing identical data. All data is saved simultaneously to both disks, so that if one disk crashes, the other disk drive contains all the data.

A daily back up of all data is taken to tape and stored in the safe. On a weekly basis, one tape containing a copy of all the data is stored at an off-site location. The system administrator should review the system logs daily to ensure that the back-up process has executed successfully. Periodically the recovery process is tested to ensure that the recovery procedures are operational and valid.

A copy of all the original system programs is stored on site in the IT library and a further copy is stored off site. A back-up copy of the system programs is made on a monthly basis to ensure that all relevant software patches would be included in the recovery processes. This monthly back-up copy is also periodically tested to ensure that the recovery process is valid.

Daily backups should be kept for a week Weekly backups should be kept for a month Keep all monthly backups for a year All backup media should be careful labelled which includes of what was backed up and when.

If the data that is being saved is only changes then incremental backups should be done as will save on storage space however this should only be done once a full backup has been made.

Standby Sites A standby site will be allocated if for any reason recovery of data cannot be done at Mount Pleasant then the standby site will be at Townhill campus also another standby site should be available outside the main building of Swansea institute. These standby sites should contain all the facilities to proceed in a backup such as computers, necessary power and cabling etc. If possible an agreement should be done with another site in case a recovery plan is unable to take place either in the Townhill campus or the Mount Pleasant campus in this case it should be held in the Swansea University of Wales.

Storage Of Data and Software Various types of media should be used to store data and software.

Tape backup. Small amounts of data that do not need to be updated or changed can be stored onto here as well data that needs to be regally backed up. This also inexpensive. However tape backups are time consuming so it is not a good idea to use them when a lot of data needs to be backed up fast.

Recordable CDs. This type of medium is useful when keeping copies of software as they, are able to hold large amounts of data as they can hold up to 640 and 800 megabytes (MB) of data. Software should not need to be backed up providing that you have the original backup unless the software has been changed or updated.

Floppy disks. These again can be used when not a lot of data needs to be stored a simple method of write protecting disks can be used to ensure that data is not accidentally or purposely over written.

Automatic backups. Backup Exec is preferred because it can be made totally automatic and is one of the top-rated products industry-wide. You can buy this from the website

What To Do In An Event Of: Power Failure In an event of a power failure the backup generator should be switched on this is located between server 8654A and 64368B in room 312(level 3). Another backup generator is also located in the FADE building in the security office, which is room H6A7 (level 1). The person in charge of both backup generators is Hue Williams.

If the main Building is Inaccessible If the main building is inaccessible due for any reason then e.g. building damaged and is dangerous to enter. Then the standby site should be used there is one in the Mount Pleasant Campus which is building Tarn which is located next to the Owen library. Alternatively the Geet building should be used which is located in the Townhill campus. Both standby sites include equipment in order for the disaster recovery procedures to take place.

Fully Mirrored Site – Mount Pleasant Campus (Tarn building next to the Owen Library) 2nd Fully Mirrored Site – Townhill Campus (Geet Building) Hot Site – University Of Wales Swansea Accidental Or Deliberate Loss Of Data Backup media should be used several copies of backup is kept within the Mount Pleasant Campus and in the Townhill Campus.

All the institutes data can be retrieved from either room 312 in the safe or in the tarn building. Various different types of backup media is used so that is 1 version become corrupted then another can be used. Both Mr Hue Williams and Mr Greg Adams have access to theses locations. If they are unreachable then the Owen Library security officer also has keys to these rooms.

Fire/ Explosion/Flood All fire doors should be closed if possible. The Co2 automatic extinguisher will automatically be turned on, however if for any reason this fails to do so then the an alternative switch can be found at both the main reception in the mount pleasant building and outside directly next to the security officers office. The fire brigade will also be automatically be contacted. Then once the fire has been put out recovery procedures can be taken place if any data is damaged then backup media should be used. If the building becomes inaccessible then one of the standby sites should be used.

Software Damage or Corruption Again backup software can be located in the same place as data this is stored in a separate filing cabinet and all software programs are alphabetically ordered. This will be stored on CD – R.

Air conditioning failure This can cause hardware to stop working properly and equipment can become over heated resulted in hardware failure. Portable air conditioners will be used as backup several of these can be found in room 312 in the Mount Pleasant building as well as in room H67 in the FADE building.

Hardware Failure In an event of hardware failure alternative hardware is stored in Rm 301 (level 3) in Mount Pleasant this includes cabling, PCs, Monitors, VDUs, keyboards etc.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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