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Living a Chaste Lifestyle: a Good Idea Or not

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Living a Chaste Lifestyle: a Good Idea Or not essay
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Chastity As A Lifestyle

I think that when it comes to finding a life partner there are important factors in which people should consider before agreeing to get married or even agreeing to spend the rest of their lives together, such as if there is any previous medical issues that may harm their spouse,(STDs), if the girl may have had an abortion which may affect future pregnancies, and whether him/her are living a chaste lifestyle. These factors can prevent a couple from living a happy life together and can cause many future relationship problems. These factors can stem from previous relationships that him/her may have had in their early life as well as factors that developed over the years. Living a chaste life will lead many people to a happier marriage and life ahead of them. By living a chaste life you are saving yourself from many problems that may occur or prevent you from living a happy life. Factors in which can help a person decide whether or not someone is a suitable/unsuitable spouse are; pornography, contraception, abortion, lust, and fornication.

There are many reasons why pornography can have prevent a couple from living a happy life together. Pornography emasculates men, degrades women, destroys marriages and offends God. Pornography cripples a man’s ability to love. A man through the use of pornography denies a woman her dignity in order to satisfy his lust. Pornography becomes very addictive to whoever chooses to use it. Pornography allows people to fulfill their lust without worrying about pregnancy or STDs, it encourages people to live in a world in which sexuality offers only pleasure without meaning or consequence. People who indulge in porn, the purpose of sex becomes the satisfaction of erotic needs not the communication of life and love. People take what they see in social media to bed with them and forget the true meaning of sex. Pornography trains men to value a woman for what she gives him rather than whom she is. Men see women as an object rather than a human being. Pornography can also lead to rape. Victims of child molesters say pornography was used to seduce them. Pornography trains people to react to the sexual value of a male/female and nothing else. Men for example believe that women should be physically flawless and sexually accessible. The presence of lust in the heart of the man blocks his ability to view the woman as a person. He has reduced her to an object. This forfeits love. True intimacy becomes impossible. If a man/woman pretends that their partner is someone else in order for them to feel excited then they become less drawn to that person. At the moment a man is supposed to be renewing his wedding vows with his body he’s committing adultery in his mind. Pornography has many different traps that it can set on people. It messes with the persons mind and makes them believe that sex is not for the purpose of procreation and love but just for a way to fulfill their sexual desire.

Contraception can be harmful to relationships because spouses can be unfaithful without fear of pregnancy. Rates of marital infidelity increase because of this. Men lose respect for women. They consider her as an instrument of selfish enjoyment, no long respect their partner. Many women who were on birth control say that they were no long attracted to their partner and had no desire to take part in sexual activity. Birth control is a contraceptive that can mess around with a women’s hormones. When the pill messes around with a women’s hormones it can lead to her not having any sexual desire and could even turn her away from her companion. While a woman is taking birth control she may think that she is now free to have sex with whoever she chooses because her risk of pregnancy is slim, but what she may not know is that she is still at a high risk of contracting an STD. It can be unsafe for a man to have sex with a woman who is on birth control because even though both him and her have the desire for sex and don’t think they can get pregnant because she is on the pill and he is using a condom he doesn’t know how many other men this woman could have slept with, allowing her to possibly contract an STD. If a man and woman choose to have sex while using contraceptives they are still both putting their bodies at risk of a disease. This can affect their relationship because if one of them were to contract a disease they would blame their partner and this could lead to the couple separating. Which then could lead to them finding a new partner having sex again and then spreading their disease. Even a couple who are using contraceptives and feel as though they are safe to have sex should wait until they exchange vows and are committed to spending the rest of their lives together before giving their bodies to one another.

Abortion is something many young women are choosing to have these days. Many young women who think they are having safe sex are still becoming pregnant to this day and are choosing to abort their baby because they don’t want family or friends to find out or because they fear the responsibilities of becoming a mother. What many of them who choose abortion don’t know are the side effects that can develop early on in their life and even later on in future relationships. These problems can also lead to relationship problems. It can be hard for a couple to deal with the aftermath of an abortion. It may cause constant arguing between the man and woman which could lead to them separating.

An important question in which a couple needs to ask each other is are we in love or in lust. There is a difference between a couple being in love and being in lust. If you are in lust you want sex just for pleasure your partner is only interested in your looks and your body, and they only want to sleep with you they don’t want to develop a relationship. It is sex without meaning. If you are in love you want to spend quality time with your partner and you don’t just want sex. You want to make each other happy and bond with one another. You see yourselves spending the rest of your life together. Lust can lead to a woman feeling heartbroken and depressed. If a man is using a woman for her body and not for true love then she feels like she is being used, and that she isn’t worthy of true love. It is important to start conversation with your partner about what they want from a relationship. It is important that your partner is choosing ti spend time with you because they see the relationship leading somewhere in the future rather then you just being another object in which they are just using for pleasure and are going to leave you once they have sex with you.

Fornication is adultery. Choosing to have sex with someone who you are not married too. Many people think that because I love this person and because we have been together for more than a year that it is okay for them to take part in sexual intercourse when in fact it is wrong. Many studies have shown that couples who have sex before marriage are more likely to become divorced because they lose interest in one another during sex and their sexual life doesn’t please them anymore. Fornication leads to more infidelity, divorces, decreased sexual activity after marriage, decreased feelings of romance, it leads to unstable relationships. By waiting to have sex until marriage you are increasing your chances of being happy with your partner, and you are decreasing your chances of divorce.

By living a chaste lifestyle you are increasing your chances of leading and living a happy and healthy lifestyle. You are more likely to be satisfied with the person you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with if you know they have never had sex before and have saved themselves for you. Chastity increases the strength of men and makes women less likely to contract STDs. Sexual intimacy between to people creates a bond and by saving yourself for your future spouse you are making that bond even more special. Chastity makes true and real love last forever.

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