Reasons Why a Woman Should Say "No" to Induced Abortion

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Abortion is a very controversial issue in our society, we have witnessed in recent years how people from all over the world is asking for the legalization of abortion, as an indispensable need in the human being. Now it is seen as an option for social improvement, as a valid option to protect the rights, human dignity, and social justice of women, without taking in consideration the lives of who is growing in the womb.

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Likewise, I would like to mention the most predominant reasons why a woman must not practice an abortion, and the first one is the religion, The Bible teaches that human life is different from other types of life that human beings are made according to the very image of God. (Pavone, 2009) The second, are the risks that a woman faces, in most cases the woman is not explained, or is not able to investigate, all the possible physical and psychological effects of abortion, which may be present for the rest of her life, and those complications can occur immediately, or they can be manifested in the long term. And the third reason is, the right to be born, life is the first human right, therefore, to be born is the first right of the child, whatever its condition. Woman can decide on her body and it is fair, but when it comes to another body and another life, it is not.

As a result of an unwanted pregnancy, the woman seeks the possibility of induced abortion, without knowing the cons, and that is the purpose of this written paper, to give the reasons why a woman should say no to induced abortion. Who makes the decision to abort is part of a society and societies create their coexistence frameworks, to live in harmony and according to the social system, debates arise about what is right or wrong.

The Bible teaches that children are blessing that we have to love and appreciate them, because they are a sacred gift that God has given us. Some people point out that the word "abortion" does not appear in the Bible, and they are right. However, teaching about abortion does appear, and everybody has listen about it. As an example we have this passage “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb”.(Psalm 139:13).Here we can realize that God gave us life, since we are in the mother’s womb, it is not possible that we intend to kill the child’s life, simply because we cannot be responsible for our mistakes.

Another biblical verse that we should remember is “You shall not murder”. (Exodus 20:13).Almost everyone knows this phrase, since it is the fifth commandment that God tells us that we must fulfill. The bible repeatedly condemns the murder of innocents, and a woman who has an abortion is committing a murder, since she is deciding for the life of someone else, who is only in her body for a while. In addition it must be taken in consideration that, the baby did not ask to be born, that it was because of his mother’s actions and for that reason, and it is not possible that now she wants to get rid of him. It is impressive how in our current society the values and principles that are taught at home, at school, and in the church have been lost, just a few part of the population maintain their customs and beliefs. However, it is something that we must keep in mind every day.

Currently, people only make and use the word of God to their benefit, saying that the bible does not mention anything about abortion, but do not think that the bible teaches us through its verses and stories, that something not accepted by God, people maybe expect to find "you will not abort" and that is impossible, because God made us able to analyze his word and understand his meaning.

On the other hand, according to (Lee, 2003) the possible psychological effects of abortion that a woman could have are: numbness, sadness, guilt and shame, a sense of loss, emptiness, grief, anger and depression. Most of the women use to present this problems, even after practice an abortion, a woman feel guilty and all those emotions before mention. I have a friend who has had an induced abortion, and another who has done it twice, I remember having a conversation with them, before they had an abortion, and their corporal expressions, gestures, and their words were only emotional suffering, they thought what they family, friends and society could say, if they had a baby. They did not care about anything more than finish their studies at those times, and not be bad for their parents. When a woman makes this decision it is difficult to make her change, no matter how much advice and suggestions you give to the person. Now my friends have a normal life and they do not remember it at every moment, but when they come back to remember it , for reasons of discussion of a class, they see a baby, or a similar situation to be surrounded by all these maternal contexts, they feel bad, for what they did in the past and fall into a depression for a few days, sometimes my friends have called me to talk about it, and so they can feel better, even they say that after that it is difficult to have a stable relationship with a man.

According to, (mujeres, 2005), who tells us about experiences of Honduran women, who had made an abortion, they said, even after having a new life, children and husband, always remember that bad time, when they decided to have an abortion. The feelings of guilt are always for the rest of their lives, because their minds question their decision. They think what would happen with the child, if he was born, and what would be of their own lives.

When an abortion is performed on a woman, she becomes subject to many physical complications that are: bleeding, many women will experience bleeding after an abortion. During this time period, they may experience days with light to heavy spotting. Also there are normal side effects after an abortion include: abdominal cramps, light vaginal bleeding, nausea and vomiting, sore breasts and fatigue, (Chi, 2016). That means, that women have to pass many situation after an abortion, they have to live suffering those illnesses that are the consequences of their actions, and these diseases can be developed in the short or long term on their lives, so, at some point their body will transmit the induced abortion reaction. And a

Birth Abortion is a procedure in which the abortionist pulls a living baby feet-first out of the womb and into the birth canal (vagina), except for the head, which the abortionist purposely keeps lodged just inside the cervix (the opening to the womb). The abortionist punctures the base of the baby’s skull with a surgical instrument, such as a long surgical scissors or a pointed hollow metal tube called a trochar. He then inserts a catheter (tube) into the wound, and removes the baby's brain with a powerful suction machine. This causes the skull to collapse, after which the abortionist completes the delivery of the now-dead baby. (Partial-Birth Abortion Q and A, 2016)

Everyone has had the right to be born, and nobody has the right to eliminate it, due to deficiencies that it may have, a woman has to be responsible for her actions, if a woman is going to have sex, she has to know that she can get pregnant, a woman need to be aware that the baby did not ask to be born, if she did not use contraception method the only thing that can way is a baby. A woman need to remember that she was in the same position, and what could happen if her mother had decided abort her. Other aspect is that, Many families seek to adopt, to give them education and protection that their parents cannot give them.

Currently, induced abortion is a method for those women who do not want to be mothers. Nowadays, this is a debated issue around the world, young population is asking for the legacy of abortion without know, what are the effects that they can face in the future. They are thinking that is need for their life because if one day, they were presented with a similar situation, of an unplanned pregnancy, they will have the option to abort and follow their lives normally. Although they follow a normal life, these women always face social and health situations. In a social context a woman is seen as someone who has lost her values and principles, and at the same time defrauding their parents and their religion, people are aware of the changes that are currently in society, but they do not fully accept these issues, such as abortion, the majority of the population still maintains their beliefs and customs, although many say, they agree, but they still point out people who commit an act of abortion.

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Psychological and physical effect will be present in the life of the women, the mental health is always affected, even making it conscious, being surrounded by maternal contexts, produce in their mind, returns to the moment in which she committed the abortion, and face situations such as sadness, guilt and shame, emptiness and depression act. And also most of the women suffer diseases that can be presented short or long term, coming to the risk of not being able to have babies when they deceive it, living with diseases the rest of their lives, or they could even die. Everyone has started as a fetus and thanks our mothers who respected the right of our life, now, we stay here. And that is one of the fundamental reasons why a woman should say no to abortion, regardless of the circumstances, a woman should give birth to the baby and if she does not want to have it with her, she can seek help in adoption institutions, but the main thing is not to kill a life, because that's what an induced abortion is a murder.

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