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Why My Worldview is Pro-choice

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Worldview is the way which you interpret the world based on our personal experiences and beliefs. In “Developing a Worldview” Deanne Spears argues “You grow intellectually on what you read, learned and experienced firsthand you develop a worldview”. Your worldview affects the way which you think, feel and live your life. Our worldviews are highly impacted by people like our family members and friends. But to become and independent thinker we must develop our own worldview. Our worldview is developed and shaped by factors like our economic status, education level, racial and ethnic background as well as our religion and morals. We should be aware of our worldviews as they do have an impact on our thinking. When we are comfortable with our opinions, we choose to ignore the possibility of there being any other belief correct other than ours. But we should allow our worldview to change. Our opinions do not always provide us with the best knowledge when it comes to more complex topics and discussions.

The worldview I identified with the most is the traditional worldview. The world view which I identified with the least was the modern worldview. Something I highly value is my faith which I was taught by my grandparents and parents. My whole life I have been raised in a household with Christian values. This has shaped my life because I feel like it has given my life a greater purpose. I believe in God and that he is the creator of our world. The Bible is a scripture in our home which we learn from and in a sense live by. I believe in doing good on this earth because our actions do have consequences. Another personal value I believe in is respect. Respect should be given to every individual no matter their race, gender or beliefs. We are all humans and have the right to have different opinions and disagree with one another. I choose to respect every individual whether we share common beliefs or not. I believe that in order to be treated with respect you must treat others the same way.

Honesty is value which I believe to have great importance. Honesty is what relationships are built from. You should always be honest with people like your family, teachers, friends, boss, and coworkers. If there is no honesty there can’t be trust in any relationship and your credibility will be damaged. My religion has greatly been the influence behind my worldview. I have been raised in a Christian household my whole life. I believe in God and that he is the creator of our world. He gave us life and brought us to this earth and has given our lives a purpose. The Bible is a scripture that serves as proof and as a tool with how we should live on this earth. My beliefs have helped me learn right from wrong and highly influence the decisions I make for myself. I believe that what is said in the Bible is the truth and it should be followed. Every decision I make is influenced by my beliefs as I always try to do what is morally right.

My family has also greatly influenced my worldviews. I come from a large traditional household. I am the oldest child of 6. I have 3 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers. We share a strong bond and are united. Being the oldest child means I must set a good example for them to follow. I want them to look up to me as their older sister. I try to set a good path for them to follow and help them out as much as I can with any problem they have. My family’s morals have taught me to do the right thing and be a good person and have influenced my worldview. Being able to pursue my education has also greatly impacted my worldview. I feel lucky to be able to attend college and pursue my dream career to become a teacher. Throughout high school I worked hard to be able to get into a 4-year college. I took multiple AP and IB classes which were offered at school. As well as being in the AVID program to help me through high school and with the process of applying for college and financial aid. This is a great accomplishment as I am a first-generation college student. This has greatly influenced my traditional worldview.

An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy which results in the death of the embryo. There is 2 methods of abortion being medical abortion and surgical abortions. A medical abortion is terminated by taking medication, while a surgical abortion requires a doctor’s visit. The type of abortion a woman has depends on how far into her pregnancy she is. There is great controversy in the U.S. as to whether abortion should be legal. Many Americans believe in women’s pro-choice although Republicans and may others against it. The Title X is a federal family planning program which serves about 4 million women a year. It helps provide affordable birth control and reproductive health care. In 2018 President Trump proposed a “gag” rule, which makes it illegal for doctors, nurses, hospitals, and health providers to give patients information on abortions. Prochoice advocates like planned parenthood are one of the many groups to fight against this law and promote women’s right to abortion. My stance on abortion is Pro-Choice. A woman should be allowed to make the decision on when and if they want to have a child. No one should be able to make the choice for them. Abortion should be an option for all women to have. My stance on pro-choice is because of a friend who has had to make the decision of aborting or going through with a pregnancy twice. As a 15-year-old she became pregnant. She was far too young and knew that she was not prepared to be a mother. She had to decide on whether they want to terminate the pregnancy. The choice she made was to continue with the pregnancy. After giving birth she gave the child up for adoption to a family that couldn’t have children of their own. Although she was not ready to be a parent, she gave someone else the opportunity to do so. At the age of 19 she became pregnant again but this time around her pregnancy was causing her to have health issues. She was told by doctors that if she chose to carry on with her pregnancy, she would be at high risk of dying during labor. This time she chose to abort and terminate the pregnancy. Since abortion is legal, she was able to save her life and safely terminate her pregnancy. Although in many circumstances I consider abortions to be unnecessary there are life or death situations in which I believe abortion should be an option.

In “I am pro-life. Don’t call me anti-abortion.” By Charles C. Camosy shares an opposing viewpoint then my own on abortion. She believes in the rights of prenatal unborn children. In society this is seen as anti-abortion and not pro-life as she claims to be. Camosy believes that the use of language allows critics to generalize her based on her beliefs. It enables people to understand what she truly supports and her stance on why she is pro-life and not anti-abortion like many believe she is. She argues “This language allows critics to dismiss me and pro-lifers as single-issue obsessives.” Words and phrases are being used to manipulate and change the opinion of others on how to view those who support pro-life. Another example she gives is the way in which abortion supporters consider abortion to be a “family value”. This conveys the idea that abortion is an idea accepted and implemented by families. She believes that with their choice of language critics of pro-abortion are controlling the ways which pro-life advocates are seen by others and use world choice to their own advantage.

My second opposing view article is “Anti-abortion groups take new aim with diverse strategies” by Julie Rovner. In the article Rovner argues that anti-abortion groups are changing their strategies and objective. For many years they had been focused on enforcing stricter rules on abortion facilities claiming it was for the safety of the women. But opposing groups saw it as way of targeting clinics that performed abortions. The Supreme Court is currently supporting pro-abortion rights. “The provisions that were struck down required abortion clinics in the state to meet the much higher safety standards for facilities that do much more advanced surgical procedures.” Portions of the law were far too extreme to be accepted and approved. The Susan B. Anthony List will now focus on legislation that bans abortion at 20 weeks and are focused on having more anti-abortion candidates elected into office. But not all abortion groups have the same objective. The National Right life to Committee is focused on “the humanity of the unborn”. Although these groups have different strategies, they share the same objective and belief. They are currently in the lead against pro-life and fighting to become stronger and remain dominant.

Something that I learned about pro-life groups is that they heavily care about the wellbeing of the fetus. They are not against abortion because of health risks or complications that may occur or because they all believe it is morally wrong. They care about the life of the fetus and the fact that abortion enables a woman to terminate that pregnancy. I still choose to support abortions and making the choice yourself. I do not believe that in any circumstance a woman shouldn’t be allowed to make the decision on her pregnancy. Many times, woman must make the choice as it puts their own life in a threatening situation. Having an abortion does not mean you’re inhumane. It is a hard decision which many women must many times make. It should not be harder for someone to make this decision simply because others don’t support it. As they may not know or understand why you are making this choice. I think my stance as pro-choice will remain the same as I consider myself to be an open-minded person. Although having an abortion may not be the choice, I’d make for myself. It should be something everyone is allowed to make their own decision for.

I have learned that my worldview is very traditional being that I come from a very family-oriented household who shares many Christian beliefs. But this does not affect my stance on certain controversies such as abortion. I can make a choice for myself, but I do not believe that it should be the only option. We live in a diverse world made up different people who all share some similar but also different beliefs. I do not let my personal beliefs and morals blind me from being open-minded and considerate of those who see things differently than me. Now that I know my own worldview, I will be able to compare it to those of others and view the diversity there is within them.

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