Discussion on Whether is Social Media Beneficial Or Harmful for Society

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Published: Mar 14, 2019

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Words: 1014|Pages: 2|6 min read

Published: Mar 14, 2019

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Social media means social networking. Now-a-days, the usage of this media is enhancing rapidly. The communication system via social media is one of the greatest wonders of modern science. By the time, the users of social media are raising more which indicates the rapid development of modern technology.

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Social networking system includes various sites on apps. These, social sites are popular for the social interaction. The most commonly used apps such as Instagram what’s app, facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Imo, email etc are surely opening the door to the mass communication.

In this modern era, we can communicate easily by using different social sites. We may have the apps not only in the computer but also we may use them in mobile which works without wires. If we are talking about social media, then we cannot but admit the contribution of mobile phone which is actually a blessing in this era of technology moreover, it has added a new dimension in the communication system. In the twinkling of an eye, we can exchange messages in distant places; we can be familiar with new culture, fashion, festivals by browsing internet.

Another way of exchanging messages is Email. It is also a computer-based network. Email reduces the hazardous use writing. In a swift second message can be sent to many people without consuming much time. At a time, it saves our valuable time and reduces the consumption of handwriting on the papers.

Google is a blessing for us in this modern era. We can get all kinds of information in Google by just clicking on it. Within seconds we get millions of solutions of a problem. Jobs, study, planning, research, news from all over the world can be found here.

Sometimes, Google serves us wrong and false information which makes hamper in our life. But it’s not the fault of Google actually; Because Google doesn’t run by itself. Mistakenly those who run Google, get wrong information which provides to others. But comparatively it is just a little in number.

Now coming to the most popular site, face book. This social networking site has made the life easier, smoother and of course more enjoyable. Face book is popular to the people of all ages as it connects people worldwide. We may find our old friends back by searching their profiles. Through face book, we may share our ideas, happy moments; exchange our views or our conditions. What’s app, twitter are also equally popular such social sites helps us to remain connected to our friends in no time. Social Medias are also protecting us from different kinds of misunderstanding. Sometimes someone is in an important meeting that s/he can’t accept the call that time a simple text can solve the problem easily.

Undoubtedly, science made our life more interesting. But not all the time it appears as blessing. Sometimes, it brings negative consequences. These social apps have some drawbacks. For example, excessive use of electronic devices can be fatal. It causes cancer, insomnia, or less of eye sight, high blood pressure, heart attack etc.

Social Medias are also important in the field of education. One can find any important information about study over internet. Now-a-days we see that many institutions offer online courses. These courses can be completed through online by doing assignments and submitting them on online. So there is no need to go the school for attending in the class. Besides, any kinds of information that are related to study, students can get from Google which is a blessing for us as mentioned before. It increases their knowledge about various things. They can know the outside world so easily which makes their lessons easy.

Face book, what’s app Twitter, Imo, Viber these apps hamper the students most as they are more fond of using social media. We spend most of the time in face booking instead of reading textbooks, newspapers magazines. Students think, what is the use of reading textbooks in the reading room, if we can go through the texts or topics in the mobile phone. Because of such thought, they neglect their studies. As a result, students are unable to know what is in the textbook. Students have to keep it in mind that textbooks are the great source of knowledge. Question out before exam is a great problem now-a-days in the developing countries. It is just because of bad use of internet. Students get set of questions before the exam day. By this, they passed the exam but they are not going to be educated properly. Recently in Bangladesh, almost in every public board exams questions are being leaked before the exam.

Social media is very much popular to the teens. They upload their pictures in the social Medias, the main purpose behind it to become popular in the friend circle and everywhere. Instagram is the most popular social media to the teens.

For the young generations, social media has a good impact in their life. They can get job interviews, search jobs and can choose how to build their career. If one opens a business s/he can get the tutorial from YouTube. Now-a-days outsourcing is a popular income source to the young generations. Young people become addicted to it. Such social media can be dangerous if one’s privacy is not ensured. It is now very easy to blame an innocent by creating rumors, uploading nude pictures or wanted comments. These things can severely affect the young. Sometimes, because of the leakage of personal videos or photos, people commit suicide, some innocent people may get the under charge. It also contributes in spreading terrorism. They are engaging in cyber crime. But still, besides some drawbacks, social media is useful to us. The modern science has blessed us with the advantages of video conference, fax, telex, web phone etc which now broaden the use of social media. We can’t think our life without it. It is a way of quick communication. In spite of some demerits, social media brings revolutionized communication system in the modern world.

Is Social Media Good? Thousands of people are using Social Media in today’s world without knowing the consequences of using it. Everyone wants to be the best one. Have you ever wonder what Social Media can do to one’s life? Does it make the life better or worse? Does it benefit the user or harm? If you ask me, then I would say that there are more risks than benefits of social media because it decreases the amount of social interaction of people, increases the amount of cyberbullying, and violates privacy.

Social Media can decrease the amount of social interaction of people with others. People are just active with their friends online, but when it will come to connect with them personally, they will not have a single topic to discuss about. It might destroy their relationship that they had before. Some might oppose by saying that people can present themselves in a way that they want people to see them (George). If the users can present themselves on the Media, why can they not present themselves to the people personally? If the user thinks that the society will judge him or her for showing his or her true self, then people are going to do that one way or other. If we have courage to show ourselves on Social Media, we should have some courage and self-confident to show it to the society. Cyberbullying means insulting or harassing a person on the platforms of Social Media. Cyberbullying appears easy to the bully because the person who is bullying cannot see the consequences or the victims’ reaction to the bully in person. The consequences to the bullying can be very small to the bully, but in a meantime, it can also be life changing to the victim. It can change the victim’s personal and professional life and behavior and even make him or her mentally weak. Because of cyberbully, people can end up committing a suicide. According to Suren Ramasubbu, “Pew research found that nearly 39 % of teens on social network have been cyberbullied in some way.” Some people cyberbully others because it makes them look powerful or popular, whereas several others just do it because they have seen their friends do it; however, few others cyberbully because they have been a victim before.

Millions of people share their whole biodata or important personal details on Facebook like where they work, when they were born, where they live, and small details about their life. “Many people reveal everything from their musical tastes and political and sexual orientation to their drinking and drug habits and their inner thoughts and feelings” (George). If we do not share our phone numbers or date of birth to some total strangers, then why do we share personal details like those on the web where it can get loose very easily? What social network users post on their Medias can be used against them in future even though it was not that big of the deal when they posted it. For instance, before giving a job to the employees, employers look them up in Google or Facebook and see if they are qualified for the job or if they have posted something that was not supposed to be posted. Some people might say that social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram can help build a relationship with the ones who are far away and cannot be reachable. Even though social media can bring you closer to those people, it destroys the relationship with the people who are reachable. It disconnects the user from the reality. Some might oppose by saying that they can learn abundant new things from social media.

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Social Media is not all about bullying or insulting, but it can be about exploring new things by reading someone else’s blog or posts from a news reporter. You can learn things from it that you have never heard of. I cannot argue with that; however, looking at the screen can affect your vision poorly. Looking at the screen for a long period is not good for the eyes. Social media can lead to too many risks such as lack of social interaction, cyberbullying, and loss of privacy. There are many other risks on top of those like Facebook depression, Sexting, sleep deprivation, and obesity. To prevent the loss of privacy, what I did is I sat my account on a privacy mode. I would highly recommend other users to do that if they keep want to use the social network. The privacy mode setting is available in all the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. In addition to that, we can also prevent it by relieving as less information as possible on the platforms.

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